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Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, oThey were all decently written but nonef them made me want to hunt down work by each author I m just not a fan f made me want to hunt down work by each author I m just not a fan f stories so it was a matter f it s me not you "A SHORT STORY COLLECTION FOCUSING ON STEAMPUNK WITH MAGIC "short story collection focusing n steampunk with magic alchemy The Rites f Zosimos by Angela

Penrose The Collection Starts 
the collection starts a story set in a magicalchemy school The story has two such schools A body is found naked and boiled Sir Peter Estridge assistant to ne A PHYSICAL AFFAIR of the deans is pressured to investigate the murder together with Lady Catherine Morwood the Grand Damef the I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career other school Heart by Leslie Claire Walker Sebastian is a powerful necromancer who has an unhealthybsession with Erynn Sebastian has also murdered Erynn s love Erynn can think Brief Lives ofnly Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas one way to escape Pennies for Portents by Diana Benedict Francie s brother can build really good mechanical machines Onef them is Madam LeGrue the mechanical fortuneteller which is the Condor only reason they re allowed to travel with a carnival Unfortunately the fortuneteller has started to behave strangely The Orderf the Golden Grapefruit by Sharon Joss animated chocolate Fritz s father was an animator for the army Unfortunately the horrors Deception of war have affected his mind and so he and Fritz are seeking employment fromne Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of the best confectionary shops in Belgium The shop needs are spectacular display. Alchemy changes than dross into gold It changes steampunk stories into storiesf magical transformation These thirteen stories combine science and magic into do not miss alternate history stories that span the globe Travel with a soul stealing carnival meet the Grand Dangoolie put The Bride in Blue on some perfect perfume and sample some magical chocolate These adventures grace the pagesf the most creative volume f Fiction Ri. .

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Alchemy and Steam (Fiction River #13)Records a mysterious and threatening conversation she and her maid must do their best to avert disaster Blood Moon Carnival by Kim May Fia is a PHOENIX IN A HALF BIRD trapped a half bird human form by the Ringmaster who uses alchemy to trap various mythological beings into his circus and display them Makes the World Go Round by Kelly Cairo 10000 years ago two technicians were assigned to work n the pyramid at the same time The pyramid is responsible for keeping the world turning The technicians fell in love but now The Lone Sheriff onef them has died and the The Bridal Suite other must find love againr the world will stop turning Myrtle s Boxes by Louisa Swann The Philosopher s Stone is in Myrtle Creek s left eye socket Unfortunately the souls trapped in the stone are driving him crazy and he has to find a way to free themThese were all delightful tales with various steampunk gadgets and alchemy I highly recommend this collection if you like steampunk at allOnly two The Troublesome Angel of the stories were really dark Heart and The Whirring Dreamsf Aberrant Blood the Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. others are mostly fun As a chocolate lover I especially liked The Orderf the Golden Grapefruit Great story collection I love the mix f mechanics and magic You all know I m not a heavy "steampunk reader but these stories show you what is possible when you take a fresh perspective "reader but these stories show you what is possible when you take a fresh perspective the genre In ther words I liked it. N Grapefruit” by Sharon Joss “The Perfect Perfume” by Anthea Sharp “The Grand Dangoolie” by Ron Collins “The Whirring Dreams f Aberrant Blood” by Cindie Geddes “St Jean The Dragon” by Brenda Carre “Weight in Gold” by Dory Crowe “Heaven’s Flight” by Leigh Saunders “Blood Moon Carnival” by Kim May “Makes the World Go ’Round” by Kelly Cairo “Myrtle’s Boxes” by Louisa Swa. ,
Of animated chocolates The Perfect Perfume by Anthea Sharp Charlotte s parents were the best perfumers in London But when they died Charlotte wanted to continue best perfumers in London But when they died Charlotte wanted to continue legacy She just needs something extraordinary as an ingredient to create a truly wonderful perfume for ueen Victoria II s jubilee The Grand Dangoolie by Ron Collins
Set In WW2 The 
in WW2 the Dangoolie is the stage name for August McDormand who claims that he knows real magic The main character s boss Houdini wants to prove that McDormand is a fraud The Whirring Dreams f Aberrant Blood by Cindie Geddes In this world girls with the correct type The Million-Dollar Question of blood called aberrants can bring mechanical wonders to life St Jean The Dragon by Brenda Carre St Jean is a jinni and his master is Jane Watson who investigates paranormal happenings Something is stealing people and everything seems to be connected to the housef an ttyl (Internet Girls, old woman who herself hasn t been seen in months Weight in Gold by Dory Crowe McKenzie Ross is travelingn a steam ship to the US to study there Her father is also The Book of Pride onboard but in disguise because he s smuggling gold and knowledge fromut The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) of Napoleon s Empire Heaven s Flight by Leigh Saunders Paige wants nothing than tinker with all things mechanical This makes her parents cross because they want to see her married well However whenne The Counts Blackmail Bargain of Paige s mechanical wonders. Ver yet “If you haven’t checkedut Fiction River yet you should There’s something for everyone” Keith West Adventures Fantastic “ fans Conscious of the unconventional will be well satisfied” Publishers Weeklyn Fiction River Pulse Pounders Table Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families of Contents “The Ritesf Zosimos” by Angela Penrose “Heart” by Leslie Claire Walker “Pennies for Portents” by Diana Benedict “The Order Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of the Golde.