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Posted at HeradasTerrific essays a little repetitive in some spots and slightly sarcastic than I m used to But reat stuff nonetheless At the very least read We have always fought the essays on Mad Max Die Hard and True Detective as well as In Defense of Unlikeable Women I ve never read any Kameron Hurley fiction but I would really like to after reading this It sounds like she has a fantastic Sister of My Heart grasp on writing real living breathing characters She also clearly understands and opened my eyes to the monumental power that storytellers have to change the world and how our worldview is flavored and interpreted through the lens of fiction This is the 5th book I ve read of Hurley and out of all of them I moing to have to rate this the bestWhy Is it because it s full of rage at the real injustice in the world Or because it s a call to action for every one of us to do and think better than we have beenBoth of these I think But because I m a White Male of traditionally acceptable sexuality Who has read Adrienne Rich and has King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies generally read voraciously about feminism and the problems of the culture we live in thinking and believing that women s studies are not only for women but is everyone s responsibility to consider seriously as we are responsible adults living lives that we can be proud of I m honored to take up Hurley s call to action or at the very least continue the dialogue in all seriousness Feminism isn t only for women It s just as important that men understand what s at stake here We re either all victims lashing out or we canrow the hell up and treat everyone we know with respectThat being said I also loved these essays for Hurley s honesty her story and even the redefinitions of her life I respect her for passing through the Rescuing Gus gauntlet of those bad times and refusing to back down when she sees things that are wrong We should all be this brave and stand up to fight for that which we honestly believe rather than fall back on the trap of politeness when it s notetting the job done I think this book out of all of this year s Hugo Nominees for Best Non Fiction work is best suited to win and it s not only because it deals with the writing process issues with storytelling in culture or even because it drills down into Gamergate and SadRabid Puppies but because it s plainly excellent and cohesive writing that packs a punch A well written well researched and well argued critiue of Class of 92: Out of Our League geek culture through a feminist lens Kameron Hurley definitely has the ualifications for this being a sci fi and fantasy author herself and I loved the perspective she brings to different aspects ofeek culture even though I believe that Mad Max Fury Road is a feminist masterpiece and will defend it to the death Hurley s essay on the movie made me rethink how some of the minor female characters function in the story and how they could have been presented better Geek culture is one that has always been openly hostile to women even though women created many of the foundations that it rests on coughMary Shelleycough and it s truly sad that even in the year of our Lord 2019 there are still men whining about how they shouldn t have to allow women and POC Into What They Ve what they ve believed should be a Straight White Boys Only clubhouse So I m lad that we have peo Footnotes Get your footnotes hereThese footnotes annoy me A Lot As In If There As in if there 22 footnotes labelled 1 they should at least be at the bottom of the page And if not at the bottom of the page perhaps an annotated bibliography at the back rather than just a citation Maybe a URL shortener PleaseAND SO I ive you the current links valid until they re deleted or modified in shamePART I LEVEL UP1 Bury Your Gays1 The Spoon Theory by Christine MiserandinoPART II GEEK1 Dale Cooper1 Clarion s 2014 Literary Pin up Calendar2 Courtesans and Fishcakes The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens3 Do the successful How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead get a free pass1 Joan Slonczewski but it was the bio linked1 Sideways2 Young Adult3 An Unseemly Emotion PW Talks with Claire Messud4 On Persistence And The Long Con Of Being A Successful Writer by Kameron Hurley5 Not Here to Make Friends by Roxane Gay1 Wonder Maul Doll2 The Women of Our Occupation3 Why I Write Masculine Stories by Paul S Kemp1 Blood Rites Origins and History of the Passions of War by Barbara Ehrenreich1 Some Men Are More Monstrous Than Others On True Detective s Men Monsters2 One Bloke to Rule Us All Depictions of Hegemony in Snowpiercer vs Guardians of the Galaxy1 The Science of Storytelling Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains by Leo Widrich1 Books About Women Don t Win Big Awards Some Data by Nicola GriffithPART III LET S GET PERSONAL1 A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names by Laura Mixon2 Am I being catfished An author confronts her number one online critic by Kathleen Hale3 The following is an open letter to my friends and colleagues who are established members of the science fiction and fantasy community by Elizabeth Bear1 John Green Responded On Tumblr To Accusations Of Sexual Abuse2 Justine Sacco Is Good at Her Job and How I Came To Peace With Her3 Anne Rice signs petition to protest bullying of authors on 1 Bin Laden Comes Home to Roost2 Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in AfghanistanAnd now I need yet another break so I ll continue with Part IV citations next timeBut you can see what I mean about all the 1 footnotes right Reminiscent. A powerful collection of essays on feminismeek culture and a writer’s journey from one of the most important new voices in enreThe Geek Feminist Revolution is a collection of essays by double Hugo Award winning essayist and science fiction and fantasy nove. The Geek Feminist RevolutionEy o on deep alcoholic benders they d best repent and sober up at the end If they abandon their spouses and children they d best end tragically or make ood Women must above all show kindness Women may be strong but they must also importantly be vulnerable If they are not readers are likely to push back and label them unlikableOverall recommended to anyone who wants to learn about feminism in particular its intersections with science fiction and internet spaces Some of Hurley s essays in the latter half of the collection feel a little repetitive and lack the depth of her critical externally focused pieces Still her courage and tenacity inspire the heck out of me and I am confident this book will rile readers up in the best possible way To end this review one uote from that stellar essay I have uoted twice above Like it or not failure of empathy in the face of unlikable women in fiction can often lead to a failure to empathize with women who don t follow all the rules in real life too I see this all the time in conversations with men and women alike It s these same uestions that et brought up when women who have been assaulted dare to report abuse What was she wearing Did she provoke him by talking back Was she a bad wife A bad Moonrise girlfriend Was she aood woman or a bad woman This line of uestioning and the assumptions that prompt it is one we would never apply to their male counterparts unless they are men of color This justification of violence against those who step outside of the roles of the dominant culture puts them into can be reinforced or challenged by the stories we tell Stories tell us not only who we are but who we can be They paint the narrow behavioral boxes within which we put ourselves and those we know They can encourage compassion and kindness and acceptance or violence and intolerance and reprisal It all bleeds from the page or the screen into the real world Who deserves forgiveness I d hope we all do My first Kameron Hurley book and it s a book of essays about writing sexism feminism racism capitalism injustice personal rowth and llamas Such a potpourri seems like it would be a little choppy in execution but it flowed very well Turns out Hurley is a very smart and interesting writerOne would think that a book written in 2016 and steeped with pop culture would be starting to feel a little stale but this did not I don t know if it s the times where it feels like civil rights and the causes of justice are in regression or that the increasingly technological continuously evolving world of social media 5 years later is still untamed so the issues discussed are still prevalent Online bullying is still a major issue and we have legions of embittered and entitled tribes either trying to change things or trying to maintain some PRIVILEGE THE UGLINESS AND MISINFORMATION AND the ugliness and misinformation and the one sided edits the proliferation of websites that help people to reinforce their beliefs it s all still here on blast Hurley is a brash sensible wise and youthful voice combating all kinds of isms and social injustices specifically in the publishing world She really is an activist and she is determined to make a differenceFor me this was a timely read Hurley speaks of issues she had coming to terms with her own place in the online and the publishing worlds which are vicious and how she learned of her own defense mechanisms and immaturity in initially dealing with basically awful people Legions of them Through her writing it felt like I was reading actual rowth and self awareness When to be combative and when to live to fight another day In our virtual presence by virtual presence I mean online presence as well as digital personas that are extended through texting and Messenger ect We humans can be fairly oblivious to what we put out into the atmosphere A meaningless jibe can be received as a hurtful judgement to someone else and because there is no nuance it comes across as deliberate Our reactions can be eually hurtful and disproportionate We can be unaware of how much vitriol and nastiness comes through And in Hurley s online world the hurtful comments are often uite deliberate and intentionally mean and vicious Thick skins these authors must have All of those attacks inevitably take a toll on the psyche That and the isms of real life are a lot These essays were like therapy with Hurley figuring things out and taking the reader through her processing of what is happening in the world and how the heck does a female scifi writer et herself published She is very perceptive very smart a bit of a eek and seems to have a little Karmic bloodlust that she apparently vicariously lives through her characters I find myself uite anxious to read her fiction There is definitely Hurley in my future 4 StarsRead on kindle One of the best essay collections I ve ever read Truly revolutionary I ll do a full review soon Reuired reading for everyone whether you re a woman man eek a non eek or just simply human This book will make you angry and frustrated but with ood reason It will make you want to you angry and frustrated but with ood reason It will make you want to against the machine and the man and society and make you want to et off your butt to change the world Kameron Hurley sheds light on all the things one should be angry about but also lets you know that all is not lost This collection will allow you take a step back and reassess the world the media and the people around you So much to think about Highly highly recommend So feature several entirely new essays written specifically for this volumeUnapologetically outspoken Hurley has contributed essays to The Atlantic Locus Torcom and elsewhere on the rise of women in enre her passion for SFF and the diversification of publishin.

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Of Roxane Gay s Bad Feminist in that it framed feminist concerns in relation to representations of pop culture I found it very engaging and accessible although as it was a collection of previously available essays naturally the content could be somewhat repetitive Also as a postgraduate historian and I believe Hurley is too I couldn t help but wish there was a little theoryresearchcritical engagement in there In saying that that might be a little unfair as Hurley has repeatedly acknowledged that she disavows academic writing because she wants her book to be accessible to as many people as possible Still this is absolutely necessary reading for anyone who s ever been concerned about the representation of women in sci fi and fantasy and for those people out there who dismiss Hurley s concerns as irrelevant she is completely successful in demonstrating how fictional narratives are inherently linked to uestions of power ender and sexuality Great work Thank you so much to Netgalley and Tor Books for the advanced copy iven to me in exchange for an honest reviewPre reading This better be Tor Books for the advanced copy iven to me in exchange for an honest reviewPre reading This better be feminism Tired of being disappointed by whitewashing in femlitPost reading Well I shouldn t have worried about the whitewashing Hurley definitely tried to be inclusive She was very vocal about acknowledging the need for diversity and in her own shortcomings as a white writer who sometimes makes mistakes with representation in her fiction I didn t love this collection however And maybe it s because I read it on the back of the phenomenal Bad Feminist but the essays in here just didn t move or educate me I actually feel like 23 of the book is falsely advertised this isn t a collection with feminism at the core it is a collection of autobiographical tidbits with feminism as a strong undertone If I had one in expecting to mainly be reading about Hurley s life and her process as a writer maybe I wouldn t be so disappointed If you are a young female writer penning SF stories then this is for you Hurley ives a lot of advice on how to write although I often felt that the essays came across as an infomercial for her own books and she shows how she has failed in the past and how she persevered until she succeeded This is all reat but when a book is sold as being about feminism but is actually a how to autobiography on becoming a successful SF writer in a male dominated world it is a bit frustrating I did ADORE her final essay We Have Always Fought but it was written a few years before The Geek Feminist Revolution and is available for free online I also loved her essay on what it was like to o from able bodied to chronically ill and her first hand experiences with the mess that was the pre Obama health care system I found both essays eye opening and extremely well written I think one of my issues with the collection is how thin it all seemed Hurley mentions a few things over and over I know she won a Hugo award because she mentioned it way too often for it to pass my notice and I know she lived in South Africa but as a South African it was really disappointing to read another thin stereotypical representation of the homeland I know she is passionate South African it was really disappointing to read another thin stereotypical representation of the homeland I know she is passionate feminism and standing up for women on the internet and in the Geek sphere but there was no meat to the bones of her experiences The essays in this collection left me wanting so much Hurley is talented and seems like someone I would love to have at the dinner table if only to have the opportunity to et out of her brain A fabulous fierce essay collection that uplifted my soul in the busy season of A Year in 120 Recipes graduate school applications Double Hugo Award winner Kameron Hurley writes about the intersections of feminism science fiction and fantasy and the struggles she has overcome in her personal life She sheds light on the sexism women encounter online and in the writing industry in a way that conveys strength and hope Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite essays of hers In Defense of Unlikable Women which I will include various snippets of throughout this review I see this double standard pop up all the time in novels too We forgive our heroes even when they re drunken aimless brutes or flawed noir figures who smoke too much and can t hold down a steady relationship In truth we both sympathize with and celebrate these heroes Conan is loved for his raw emotions hisut instincts his tendency to solve problems through sheer force of will But the traits we love in many male heroes their complexity their confidence their occasional bouts of selfish whim become in female heroes marks of the dreaded unlikable character I loved two things most about this essay collection Hurley s big heart and her commitment to discussing intersectionality Throughout the book she advocates for compassion toward women and men kindness on the internet and justice for those who suffer because of circumstances outside of their control She writes with idealism without sounding naive Her awareness of intersectionality shines as well as she emphasizes the importance of supporting and strengthening the voices of minority writers Here is another uote from the same essay again about the double standard within writing male and female characters Male writers and their male protagonists are expected to be flawed and complex but reader expectations for women writers and their characters tend to be far rigid Women may stray but only so far If th. List Kameron HurleyThe book collects dozens of Hurley’s essays on feminism F. Scott Fitzgerald geek culture and her experiences and insights as aenre writer including “We Have Always Fought” which won the 2014 Hugo for Best Related Work The Geek Feminist Revolution will al. ,