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Her inner voice is funny full of irony she is I would ike to be friends with The writing style is good the story flowed to be friends with The writing style is good the story flowed a good pace from the author s pen probably keyboard but still The editing is prime too the book is practically flawless Even though English is not my mother anguage it always annoys me if a book is full of typos and mistakes So another good point hereThe suspense just about killed me I m usually good at guessing the bad guys at movies and books but I was full of doubt here Everyone was suspicious aside from Yasmine I didn t trust Shyam at first but he uickly become my favorite after that I was afraid when Chai brought her grandmother back thinking she was going to cause problems I even A New Reader's Guide to African Literature liked Ethan my intuition was unreliable here and Ioved every minute of itAnd what the hell was the deal with the pack What happened between Marci and Jarret What was the deal between Chai and JarretChai su Chai is a gypsy matchmaker she inherited the family business from her grandmother and has worked hard to have a perfect 100% success rate When a recent client ends up pregnant and her husband is claiming he s not the father she s pulled in by the alpha werewolf to figure out what went wrong Chai has never had a issue before where the Bandhati Sacrament was preformed and this situation would come up She was so sure the match was perfect that after the ceremony they should have been bound together Arriving back home with her assistant Yas in hand they arrive at the alpha s home in hopes of uickly getting to the bottom of what s really going on However it s clear something happened because the groom is clearly interested in than just Chai fixing his marriage After speaking to the bride who has just delivered two healthy baby boys she s admit she hasn t been with anyone Will Chai be able to figure out what is really Ializing the sacred art of matchmaking Chai has a near perfect success rate in helping supernaturals find Story Alchemy Authors Craft Book 2 love Except for her current clients Jarret Reynard a werewolf that can’t shift and his allegedly unfaithful wife Marci Nothing can prepare Chai for the chaos that ensues when Marci’s allegedover.

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Forbidden AlphaOing on What about the blast from the past that just shows up to win her attentions I adore Chai not to the past that just shows up to win her attentions I adore Chai not to confused with the drink but don t call her Latte either While she may be a matchmaker who wears designer shoes that doesn t stop her from doing what needs to be done Like traveling into the spirit world to bring her grandmother back to give her some help with a spell She s also joined by Yas her assistant who is the only reason that Chai has her ife together I wanted to dislike Jarret but the we get to know him the harder it is after all he s smitten with Chai and clearly things didn t go as planned with his marriage I ve had Forgotten Alpha only on my kindle for a short time but have been curious to check it out for a while When the chance to read it came up for my SS game I just had to go with it after all I ve not read many Gypsy books so it was calling my name The concept for a matchmaker who pairs up supernatural beings was really uniue and I BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) loved the idea that someoneike Chai was doing it Forbidden Alpha is an action packed novel Digital Griots loaded with supernatural beings good guys and bad guys plus a mystery that could cost Chai herife I really enjoyed the authors writing style it s smooth creating a hard to put down novel that captured my attention right from the start I think the author did an excellent job taking the supernatural world and putting her own twist on it I can t wait to check
out books in 
books in series Perfect for fans of the Urban Fantasy world with just enough romance and mystery to keep you wanting I just couldn t finish itThis story tries to mix the snarky female PI stereotype think V I Warshoski or Sunny Randall with paranormal elements What we get is a self centered careless fashionista who manipulates people and truth to suit her whims at any given time She s abrasive and unpleasant devoid of the self Turns up dead With police detectives pack The Handbook of Academic Writing leaders and nosy roommates all demanding answers Chai must find a way to get to the truth without implicating her clients ruining her reputation or destroying her business Forbidden Alpha is the first book in the edgy yet romantic urban fantasy series Love Sex Magi.