Der totale Rausch Drogen im Dritten Reich) [Pdf Read] ê Norman Ohler

Ear that between autumn 1941 until the end Hitler did not enjoy a sober day all the time he insisted in his arrogance that he be the Supreme Commander of the Army The drugs Ohler insists do not diminish Hitler s guilt his objectives and maniacal commitment to genocide and world domination his complete self absorption all were present from the first and just solidified through the drugsThe manic search for a miracle drug to help the army with a push to The Final Victory in a time when it was clear they were inevitably defeated came to DIX a combination of Pervitin crystal meth cocaine and Eukodal but by then it was too late to count on a pharmacological final solution if ever it was even possible Some of the drugs were tested on concentration camp inmates Nazi medical experiments and drug trials known to me are well documentedFascinating and compelling research story from Ohler a best seller in Germany and possibly at some point here I know I ll never see this period of history in the same way Hitler was a meth head Seriously A genuine meth headNot content with merely being a genocidal maniac a rubbish tactician and the twentieth century s biggest asshole the Fuhrer was also a methamphetamine and oxycodone addict getting both drugs and sundry other dodgy chemicals regularly mainlined into his track marked arms by his personal doctorsycophant Theodor MorellThis addiction and Nazi Germany s generalized abuse of powerful uppers and downers particularly uppers is the focus of Ohler s intriguing book Blitzed Drugs in Nazi Germany which presents a Germany where soldiers and workers alike uaffed buckets of what are now strictly controlled drugs I m always willing to believe the worst about the Hitler and the Nazis but the revelation that drug abuse was widespread in the Reich was surprising considering their constant harping on about racial and bodily purity Exactly how widespread this abuse was is genuinely shocking I knew that tank crews were given amphetamine laced panzerchokolade and that modern militaries have done similar things with pilots but the level of hard drug use across both Germany s military and civilian public was epicSubmarine crews were given cocaine oxycodone and methamphetamine tablets to keep them awake for up to four days causing delusions paranoia and disorientation Soldiers and tank crews were hopped up on meth to the point of having heart attacks and psychological issues Doctors students factory workers housewives pretty much every part of German society was represented among the ranks of meth users and abusers The drug under the band name of Pervitin was easily obtained over the counter and people were free to down as much of the stuff as they likedSoldiers lives and health both physical and psychological were given scant regard in the pursuit of enhanced performance and Ohler thought provokingly links the char It s not often I think of drugs being anti but when I do it s things like breaking bad Ewan Mcgregor swimming in a toilet to retrieve his fix in Trainspotting Al Pacino in Scarface snorting half of Bolivia or Sid Vicious holed up at the Hotel Chelsea wondering what planet he is on But the worst human being of the 20th century tops the lot of them Or at least according to Ohler anyway Prior to the bullet entering his head that sent him on a rendezvous with the devil Hitler had something else entering his body His bloodstream to be precise along with most of the German forces a staggering amount of drugs This the man who strongly believed in purity of body and mind A teetotaller and vegetarian living on a diet that included Spinach soup and herbal tea The funny thing is he was concerned about Joseph Goebbels smoking than he was about his own organs which were destroyed in the second half of World War 2 by an concoction of chemicals that turned him into a super junkie all thanks to his Physician Theodor Morell who barely left his side You could even say Morell played a big part in Germany s failure to win the war Hitler so overly confident whilst pepped up on god knows what giving orders that drastically resulted in huge losses left right and centre Had the bullet not killed him then no doubts his love for Narcotics would have done that or executionNorman Ohler s book was uite simply astonishing one of the best pieces of non fiction I have had the pleasure to read Packed to the rafters with facts and statistics I couldn t believe The narrative not a page wasted demonstrating than ou can turn a history lesson from a borefeast into afull on intoxicating gripping and enthralling eye opener Along with the text the book contains some great images photos and actual medical records that just add to what was already there One of my faves being an advertising campaign for methamphetamine chocolates featuring a housewife with a big smile on her face gazing into the box of chocs with the slogan underneath Making housework fun Hildebrand chocolates always delight Starting of with a history of how drugs slowly started to creep into German society to the Manufacturing process on an epic scale of drugs believed to give Germany the edge in battle to the war itself and an in depth look at Hitler and Morell throughout the latter ears of WW2 spent in various bunkers Ohler records the Nazi public image of clean and healthy living like so many other aspects of Nazi propaganda as actually the reverse of the truth Most of the statements released saying the F hrer is fit and well were blatant lies I always thought Hitler was either mad or on drugs turned out it was both He took to the needle like a duck to water The use of methamphetamine for example was the norm Ohler argues particularly in the form of Pervitin The drug he says was manufactured in huge uantities millions of tablets were ordered for the western campaigns This does seems an impressive figure until ou recall that than two and a uarter million troops were involved making an average of around 15 tablets per soldier for the entire operation which doesn t seem that great Of course although the book was researched well using reliable source and historical text no one will ever know the true extent of how rife drug abuse was within the Reich during the war leading to some critics to call Ohler s work total nonsenseFor example whenever Morell notes that he had injected Hitler with an unnamed substance marked X in his notebooks Ohler assumes it was an opiate or some kind Yet Dr Morell concerned to stay alive should Hitler end up dead always made a effort to record when he supplied the F hrer with opiates These occasions were very few or so it says anyway Would Hitler not have voiced his contempt for G ring s well known morphine addiction had he been an addict himself NOT NECESSARILY TRUE AS WOULD HE necessarily true as would he spread the news like wild fire he was a junkie whilst raging a war and trying to keep the spirits up within his ranks Nor is there any solid evidence that the physical deterioration Albert Speer and others perceived in Hitler in the last months of his life was the result of his having to go cold turkey when the drug supply ceased His tremors were the result of Parkinsons As Many Writers Have Concluded many writers have concluded again the Parkinsons theory is sketchyWould prolonged excessive hard drug use result in tremors and blurred speech a resounding Nam yesHitler s ranting and raving certainly points to something interfering with his earlier calm selfGaunt with weak limbs a hunched over F hrer was lost in oblivion As the world closed in on him some within his inner circle claim he had aged about 20ears between 1943 and 1945 You know what I don t care if it s partly historically inaccurate The most important thing for me was loving every minute reading it I like to believe it all true I like to think of Hitler getting shots of Animal glands and other genetically modified substances I like to think of the pepped up "German Forces Staying Awake For Days On "forces staying awake for days on fighting against an invisible army even after the war was declared over because they couldn t stop moving I like to think of housewives doing the hoovering and washing up whilst high as a kite and most important of all I like to think of Hitler losing his rag shaking and sobbing like a baby when he couldn t get his fix Ohler oblivious had one eye on making it as readable as possible it might seem over the top in places but was written superbly well. 1944 seine letzte Offensive befehligte war er längst süchtig nach Eukodal einem Opiat stärker als Heroin Täglich erhielt er von seinem Leibarzt Theo Morell verschiedenste Dopingmittel dubiose Hormonpräparate und auch harte Drogen gespritzt Nur so konnte der Diktator seinen Wahn bis zum Schluss aufrechterhalten. Ss flow of wordsThis really is a very readable account of a fascinating period in history The amount of drugs that Hitler was taking by the end of the war is truly staggering indeed when he travelled by train there had to be regular stops so that Morrell could administer injections Side effects of drugs used by both Hitler himself and the armed forces who had tablets doled out to them like sweeties eventually saw the initial excitement of enthusiasm energy and excitement collapsing in paranoia and exhaustion This is an interesting and little explored aspect of the war which really leaves ou reeling in disbelief I highly recommend this as a very engaging read Nowhere were the 1920s roaring than in Berlin cocaine and morphine were available over the counter and cheaper than alcohol and everyone was escaping reality particularly since life in the Weimar Republic with its mass unemployment and hyperinflation was such a nightmare Then these drugs started to be outlawed for obvious reasons physicalmental health damage addiction death etc and the Nazis came to power in 1933 supposedly ushering in an era of abstinence and sobriety mirroring their Fuhrer Adolf Hitler In Blitzed Drugs in Nazi Germany Norman Ohler reveals the shocking extent with which the Third Reich was riddled with hardcore drugs from Hitler to the ordinary German hausfrau and what a major factor certain drugs like Pervitin played in the war Pervitin or crystal meth as it s known today was seen as a performance enhancer to help ou become productive and overcome fatigue Two tablets would keep ou wired for 48 hours which proved enormously useful once war broke out and the Wehrmacht began advancing on France German soldiers kept popping Pervitin and went days without sleep marching endlessly round the clock towards Paris Ohler doesn t claim Pervitin was behind Blitzkrieg s success but the implication is there it certainly seemed to help a great deal and it would explain the speed with which the Germans conuered France The most fascinating part of the book is Hitler and his escalating drug use thanks in large part to his enablerprivate doctor Theodor Morell Hitler went from vegetarian teetotaller at the start of the war to full blown junkie at the end who was having 8 to 10 injections and 120 to 150 tablets a week The list of drugs he was on is incredible cocaine morphine strychnine Pervitin meth and Eukodal a powerful strain of heroin to name just a few He was also being injected with all manner of bizarre concoctions derived from animal parts hardly vegetarian Hitler s treatments began in 1941 which is coincidentally when the war started to go south for the Nazis After the surprising triumph of Blitzkrieg which he had no part in and was as astounded as the Allies Hitler demanded he have full control of the armed forces and his decisions may not have been improved by making them on a cocktail of Class A drugs Morell may have inadvertently helped the Allies by turning Hitler into a drug addict and destroying his health Again Ohler isn t foolish enough to make drugs the singular cause for the major turning points of the war but he does make a very strong case for their importance when considering them The book is filled with remarkable stories One of the most memorable is the creation of the Neger combat vessels one man U boats which were intended to be hit and run attackers and which turned out to be little than metal coffins for most of their German pilots who re still at the bottom of the sea Some of the survivors almost went mad from chewing cocaine gum and popping meth pills to stay awake for 10 days in a row in order to navigate their near useless subs in the underwater blackness It was an insane plan only the desperate and strung out could ve come up with Norman Ohler s Blitzed isn t just a meticulously researched and informative read but also utterly compelling written in an accessible style with a novelist s eye for pacing More than that it s an important book that will undoubtedly change the way historians and the public view Hitler the Third Reich and the Second World War going forward An absolutely outstanding and first rate book Blitzed is a must read for anyone interested in learning about the sensational and little reported on druggie underside of the Nazis Hitler and the Third Reich From Teetotaller to JunkieWhat are the images we have of the German army from WWII Manic Blitzkrieg attacks rolling over neighboring countries For while the whole world thought they were a superior fighting force as Hitler claimed The element was surprise shock and awe and a kind of audacity And what images do we have of the war time Hitler Ranting raging increasingly out of control a dictator and a despot possibly insanely evil But how is it these two sets of images are connected Novelist Ohler in a sense researched the answer to this uestion but instead of writing a novel about it as he had originally intended he writes a non fiction account of The Third Reich as both accomplishing astonishing military achievements and spectacularly crashing to defeat fueled by drugs Particuarly the drug Pervitin which was distributed nation wide among manufacturers needing to ramp up production 247 and the military that needed to march at breakneck pace trampling Belgium and France and Poland and many others on little or no sleep Pervitin essentially a version of the crystal meth that Breaking Bad s Walter was cooking up both energized and finally enervated Hitler and an entire country though this drug was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Der Fuhrer apparently as in his later ears he was being injected sometimes multiple times a day with a fairly crippling dose of than 80 substances many of them mind altering History books sometimes barely acknowledge Hitler s increasing dependence on drugs but it s essentially a footnote as ideology trumps pharmacology and reasonably so I think Mein Kampf alone makes it clear what his murderous and twisted intentions are And of course without claiming ideology is irrelevant to the process Ohler s claim is that drugs were an important part of the cocktail that first emboldened and enlivened Germany s war effort and then poisoned Germany as it poisoned the world mid last centuryBlitzed has a best seller title like Mary Roach s Gulp Or Bonk he credits Michael Stip of REM for the title and it has some occasionally sensationalized and purple prose Remorselessly the needle penetrated his skin the plunger was pulled back the stuff shot into his veins and he escaped again into self delusion and it sometimes feels like a cross between novel and scholarship but on the whole he is mightily persuasive and has the sources to back him up in his sensational claim The focus of the story is actually Otto Morel Hitler s personal physician who increasingly attended even top secret meetings in case The Boss needed a boost Ironically Hitler was known as a attended even top secret meetings in case The Boss needed a boost Ironically Hitler was known as a totaller a vegetarian the very image of German purity demanding the same of his people But Hitler made possible the addiction to Pervitin of his fighting army and increasingly Hitler and his high command also became addicted We get a good look at Hitler s rampant drug use and 3 hour a night sleep schedule and increasingly manic bunker isolation losing energy and his mind and eventual physical collapse but Morel was there as his main Man his hook up the very person who both kept him alive and nearly killed him That Hitler would fail to fully understand the effects of the toxic stew he was ingesting is amazing That it influenced his military and political judgement is undeniable Hitler shot up by Morel with a stew of vitamins and hormones and drugs needing an even greater boost eventually got hooked on Eukodal whose active ingredient is an opiod called Oxycodon synthesized from the raw material of opium As with any addiction it feeds Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you and feeds onou in the process of AddictionIn The Process Of Detailing The Decline the process of detailing the decline sometimes gets tiresome but it iis peppered with numerous anecdotes taken from the medical diary of Morel and other umpublished sources Some of them are sensational too Leni Reifenstahl given morphine enemas by the good doctor Morel Morel also helping to addict Hitler s Impossible Things young lover Eva Braun hiding the physical effects On Hitler of theoung Eva Braun s violent sexual practices and so onBut Blitzed makes cl. Eholfen Als Deutschland 1940 Frankreich überfiel standen die Soldaten der Wehrmacht unter 35 Millionen Dosierungen Pervitin Das Präparat – heute als Crystal Meth bekannt – machte den Blitzkrieg erst möglich Auch der vermeintliche Abstinenzler Hitler griff gerne zur pharmakologischen Stimulanz Als er im Winter. Der totale Rausch Drogen im Dritten ReichWith thousands upon thousands of books written about Nazi Germany and its Fuhrer Adolf Hitler one wonders if there is a relevant area of research that has not been mined thoroughly The appearance of Norman Ohler s BLITZED DRUGS IN THE THIRD REICH provides an affirmative answer A regime that prided itself on its anti drug mantra was led by a man usually pumped full of drugs by his personal physician Dr Theodor Morell The premise of Ohler s work first published in Germany in 2015 is that the Nazis provided the world with a chemical legacy that remains a major problem today opioid methamphetamine addiction The Nazis allowed the use of Volksdroge the people s drug unencumbered until the passage of the Reich Opium Law in 1941 Today the substance is known as crystal meth and is consumed by over 100 million people worldwide though in most places it is illegal or strictly regulatedOhler s thesis presents the Nazi dichotomy It publicized and demanded that all should possess a constitution pure of drugs that could affect the mind and body Hitler was portrayed as a vegetarian teetotaler who would not allow any foreign bodies to enter his system On the other hand the Furhrer would become dependent on a series of short term stimulants from 1936 on that would progress to an intravenous diet of animal extracts and after 1943 hard drugs like Eukodal whose active ingredient is oxycodone These pseudo medications were administered by Dr Theodor Morell a specialist in skin conditions and sexually transmitted diseases who would pollute the Nazi leadership with his concoctions and use Hitler s dependency on his treatment to try and construct a hormonal industry called the Ukrainian Pharma Works in areas seized by the WehrmachtAccording to Ohler the original rise of crystal meth took place in Nazi Germany The German chemical industry received a major boost in the 1930s under the direction of Dr Fritz Hauscheld the head of pharmacology at the Temmler Chemical Works who job was to discover a performance enhancing drug for the Third Reich The discovery of morphine made a different scale of war possible as men too injured to fight could now return to the battlefield Temmler s research would patent the drug Pervitin speed Germany s first methamphetamine that produced feelings of euphoria energy self confidence and strength Temmler s successful marketing campaign would result in the drug as a panacea for a number of issues from fatigue to a low sex drive The drug became a fixture in German society in the late 1930s The drug was a perfect match for the spirit of the age By 1936 Hitler had successfully overcome many of the limitations placed on Germany by the Versailles Treaty Unemployment was a thing of the past and by 1938 Germany had seized the Rhineland achieved Anschluss with Austria and stolen the Sudetenland from the Czechs at Munich For Hitler his burgeoning popularity was like a drug addict who could not give up his expansionist drug and by mid 1939 had moved on to Danzig The German people had to maintain this pace of change Fresh demands were made on the labor force and the military the slogan Germany Awake needed methamphetamines for the country to stay awake According to Ohler spurred on by a disastrous cocktail of propaganda and pharmaceutical substances people became and dependentPervitin allowed the individua Guardian articleOpening Methamphetamine the Volkesdroge 1933 1938 National Socialism was toxic in the truest sense of the word It gave the world a chemical legacy that still affects us today a poison that refuses to disappearHow dirty one feels at the end of certain books would love to be able to scrub my brain clean with a hard brush This is a very good rendition of the chemical factories and how Hitler s rants were drug fueled affairs Blitzed is worth a read but it weighs in at slightly a less affair than the hype would have ou believeAffects German generational families trying to inflict fascist culture on today s willfully ignorant AmeriKKKans First of all despite the author s infectious zest and admirable research I m not sure I share his conviction of the importance of his findings in influencing many events of world War Two This essentially is that Nazi Germany was fuelled by narcotics and in particular a drug called Pervitin which essentially was crack cocaine in pure form The argument that the blitzkrieg of France couldn t have happened without Pervitin is probably the most convincing of his arguments though eually it might be said it couldn t have happened without the colossal ineptitude of the French general staff or without it couldn t have happened without the colossal ineptitude of the French general staff or without Tiger tank When he extends his argument to the Luftwaffe I found it hard to imagine how crack cocaine might help a pilot in a dog fight Not that I ve ever taken crack cocaine The author also states as part of his argument that the Spitfire was far superior to the ME 109 which it wasn t Most agree they were well matched in terms of capabilities with the German aircraft HAVING BY FAR THE SUPERIOR FIRE POWER UNTIL LATER by far the superior fire power until later the war I was far less convinced by his argument that all the old biographies of Hitler need to be revised to include his drug habit The author tends to exaggerate Hitler s loss of reasoning after he became hooked on morphine citing the decision to counterattack the Allies in the Ardennes as one prominent example However this wasn t an especially crazy decision given the circumstances and his insane history of decision making and the counterattack was even succeeding until the skies cleared and the RAF was able to operate again Hitler s reasoning was insane long before he took any drug into his body I m not convinced drugs made him any insane Nevertheless a fascinating read Well written and fascinating I ll review it tomorrow after I take some pills Blitzed Drugs in Nazi Germany AcknowledgementsBibliographyReferencesPicture CreditsIndex In this fascinating account of drug use in the Third Reich author Norman Ohler takes us on a journey through the history of Germany and explains how and why it became a centre of pharmaceutical research Although the National Socialist Party presented themselves as clean cut and Hitler praised abstinence it is clear that much of the Nazi hierarchy including Hitler himself were very reliant on drugs and indeed that their use was widespread both in the armed forces and in civilian life Between the wars Berlin in particular exploded in cultural excess and escapism with drug use becoming prevalent Ohler examines the use of a drug called Pervitin in particular So widespread was this drug that it was even included in chocolates advertised for housewives needing a little help to cope with the housework It was known as the people s drug and was said to banish sleep and hunger while promising euphoria Now it is better known by the name of crystal methPervitin is linked to a senior staff doctor named Professor Dr Otto F Ranke director of the Research Institute of Defence Physiology Ranke was involved in suggesting the drug could boost the performance of the army which were under incredible pressure to perform with Hitler making unprecedented demands Indeed the author suggests that the real enemy were not the British or Russian troops but tiredness and Pervitin offered a cure for exhaustion Too Late Ranke Saw The late Ranke saw the signs of addiction and side effects but by then the army were marching for days and while witnesses saw the invaders as virtually super human the troops themselves also began dangerously to believe in their own imageSpeaking of delusion a large part of this book looks at Patient A or Hitler and his relationship with his personal physician Dr Theodor Morrell Unlike Stalin who was happy to leave running the war to his Generals Hitler wanted to be in charge of everything He gradually lost touch with reality his delusions and fantasies causing him to be dangerously reckless Meanwhile afraid of being ill and unable to attend meetings Hitler demanded that Morrell keep him healthy and active He may have failed at helping Hitler stay healthy but he was always there with a pick me up in the form of an injection if Hitler felt tired unwell or out of sorts Ohler tells of one meeting with Mussolini when fortified by medication Hitler ranted incessantly for over three hours calling the meeting a resounding success when in fact nobody else had managed to interrupt his endle. Drogen im Dritten Reich Norman Ohler geht den Tätern von damals buchstäblich unter die Haut und schaut direkt in ihre Blutbahnen hinein Arisch rein ging es darin nicht zu sondern chemisch deutsch – und ziemlich toxisch Wo die Ideologie für Fanatismus und »Endsieg« nicht mehr ausreichte wurde hemmungslos nachg. .