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The teleportation nonsense And they

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t have because he came to them on his own again out of screen and again we are not informed about it until it s all over Once the author builds tension and has it resolving itself with no effort And now people can use together Mathieu instead of stealing ideas Frommers Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World from Dragonball why don t you bother to explain essential stuff such as why wasn tusion mentioned so ar or why don t the gods stop the villain rom destroying the world and thus themselves Keep downvoting my book you weebs that s how you prove why the Garbage You Watch Are Not Garbage Gravity you watch are not garbage Gravity be stronger than usual Throwing artificial suns When you kill a dragon he disappears and you absorb his powers Someone needs an arrow to the knee They capture monsters in cards Is this cardcaptor Sakura You also steal names and ideas rom other games You haven t had a single original idea and you are using whatever you steal as character gimmicks instead of parts of the plot or personality traits Terminology does not excuse battle shonen bullshit You can give any ancy name you like to sudden power ups and they will still be nothing than shonen heroes becoming stronger when their riends are in danger This is not plot it s using magic or doing pretty much anything you like I mean by combining wood with ire you can start a campfire Why not burn down the whole orest Where is the consistency Then the heroes have to play a stupid videogame battle And they do that by cosplaying so they can role play in a role playing game story which is an imitation of other role playing games Roleplayception Most of them die during the challenge but turns out it was all Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks fake suspense because it was just a game and thus they all come back to life Hurrayor reset buttonsAnd if you think that was tensionless when they move to the next challenge it doesn t even exist I am not joking they passed the test and got a seal without doing anything because Mathieu got lazy with Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets finding thingsor them to do and wanted to get over with it as soon as possible More villains appear towards the end of the book and the only thing we ever learn about them is their name Mathieu didn t even bother to give them a backdrop or even explain why they hadn t done a thing all this time Why did people pay 80000 dollars or the adaptation of this garbage One of the most dramatic parts of the story is Misty not wanting to be a goddess because she will be immortal while the person she loves will grow old and die Well turns out that wasn t much of a problem either because you can simply stop his internal clock Because that s how aging works You have an internal clock you can stop it and that will keep you young orever Instead of I don t know Clawback freezing you in time because your clock is stoppedAnd then out of nowhere the cat person reveals that he is the protagonist s brother kidnapped as a child and turned into a cat Nooreshadowing no build up and no investment in the characters or this to work That s the kind of writer Mathieu is and got over one million subscribers by making top ten loli tentacle porn listsTo make a long stupid story short after that they complete the challenges a bunch of time travel bullshit happens and it s revealed that the leader of all villains wanted to control destiny by ulfilling a prophecy concerning the chosen one Who of course turns out to be the protagonist So yeah just like all bullshit stories do it all comes down to being destined to do something and not because you chose to Everything was predetermined So why did the villain reveal all this destiny bullshit if he planned to kill the hero all along For personal satisfaction he says Geez I sure hope that is not going to lead to his downfall Whom are we kidding of course and it did Some convenient bullshit happens and they lived happily ever after not since it actually ends with a cliffhanger This was just the irst of three books Pay Mathieu money ends with a cliffhanger This was just the irst of three books Pay Mathieu money read those as well and see him running away with you money That s exactly what he did with the adaptation He made a Cooking for Company few minutes of horrible animation canceled the project and is now laughing with the house he bought with your bucks Well done anime community Well done Based on what the author has said he wrote this novel when he was a teenager From that standpoint he did a good job writing it especially since he states that English is not hisirst language However the editing problems get in the way of the story It is a decent idea but the tropes are numerous which makes reading it tedious It does get better as the story progresses but it is still in need of careful editing and rewritin. Isty's new ability will help them along the wayA compelling novel that juggles action adventure plot twists and cliffhangers masterfully A story that's been tightly twine and where the smallest details can create tremendous impacts. Sult The town will be unharmed but all its citizens Will Dead From A Heart Attack What Kind Of drop dead rom a heart attack What kind of is this Why you need to color code all the seals on the map You think we are too stupid to recognize the elements without colors Why is everything in this world named after elements Why did this horrible book sell a thousand copies while my superior book with a much better map sold a hundred Whoa explaining how strong someone is with numbers instead of showing it through their actions You make Toriyama so proud How do they even measure mana do they cast scan or are they wearing they cast scan or are they wearing power scoutersWhat do you mean you can t come with them because you have too much work You are an elite warrior and there is a maniac out there killing all your riends and Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China family Dammit Mathieu what kind of lazy excuses are you giving us so the battle won t be easy And why do they even have this stupid uest so one of them can become a goddess Their uest is to stop the villain in the next town not deification These two things are not connected in any way and there is a lot of urgency so why are they sidetracking all the time And now they go shopping Why do they need to pay money when they are on a uest to save the world Tell that elite who saved the world so many times to let them get everything they need so they won t all die if the heroesail And what happened to the urgency They were running to stop the villain in one day they lost a whole day in recovery and now they are shopping How the hell did the villain appear just now Was he doing nothing all this time And My Wife's Affair from where did all those demons comerom all of a sudden Why does the villain even need demons to destroy the town He destroyed the previous one all alone by simply loading a meteor Since when do windows explode when you jump out of them And why is the villain Chicken, Chicken, Duck! flying away again without killing his enemies None of this makes any sense Gods do no die until their plasmic points become zero Do they get stronger by tingling backs too Why does his book have a bigger average than mine What do you mean you dislike killing The reason you are in this damn uest is so you can kill the villain Also you can t become a goddess without killing the monster in the uest and you will die if you don t So why are youlip Inspirations flopping than aancy pair of summer shoesAre you seriously telling me your main characters learned how to ight by training with toys You don t learn how to ight like that A golem jumps out of a pirate ship and attacks them What the hell is a golem doing on a ship Why are the pirates renamed to barbarians The golem is male I don t know what the hell is going on any They are Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You fighting barbarians on a pirate ship that has a male golem or somethingTwo women arrive to provideirst aid They have slanted eyes huge boobs and cyan panties I guess this is the author manifesting his erotic Slo Mo! fantasies One of them is named Suling so I guess we are in some sort ofictional China But wait the other one is called Asuka Isn t that Japanese The author is manifesting an erotic threesome Well what a coincidence rom all the places in the world the villain appeared on this exact location even though he never said he would go there next Oh and the Japanese imitations can summon Greek gods or some reason Oh and one of them gets poisoned and needs an antidote Oh and none of that has any consistency They Pirates, Ships, and Sailors find a cat person and theyight each other with numbers that are going up and down in whatever way suits the plot The duel is interrupted when the villain appears out of nowhere once again breaks havoc and teleports away The cat person then reveals he is after that villain as well and becomes an ally Well done villain if you hadn t appeared your enemies would have killed each otherAfter all this uss they try to ind the antidote War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for that poisonrom before But it doesn t matter because someone else A Boy in Winter flew with a giant bird and brought it back in time All of which happened out of screen and without anyone being informed about it until it was all over Meaning the author got lazy and threw in a cheap solution Then they teleport with magic to their next destination Meaning all this time they could have used giant birds or teleportation to go anywhere they like in seconds but didn t because the authororgot about themAfter that we have a typical Frost at Midnight fighting tournamentull of cheesy clich s we have seem countless times accompanied with women s clothes being ripped apart and revealing underwear Why are weebs making Princess Baby, Night-Night fake accountsor downvoting my book but nobody cares about hisAfter that they need to The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post find one of their companions who got lost during. School Unfortunately his travel begins a bit abruptly than he originally planned it when an enemyrom the past makes its returnIt's now up to Tom Misty Noemi and their traveling companions to put a stop to this madness Hopefully .
Video version a cover that is TOTALLY OTAKU BAIT AND IDEALS AIMED otaku bait and ideals aimed elementary school children when the book is otherwise a teenage geek bait and ideals aimed at elementary school children when the book is otherwise a teenage geek Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution faniction Chronexia and the Eight Seals is a perfect example of what happens when you don t give a shit about uality When you begin your story by infodumping the basics through narration only serves to prove you are incapable to wave exposition through the plot Also narration becomes meaningless when your world building is basic as On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock fuck The most generic setting with the most genericantasy races doing the most generic magic stuff You might as well not bother at all with such descriptions The anime adaptation was so ucking boring when trying to depict that it had to resort to an service or preventing the weebs rom ZONING OUT ALSO THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN TRYING out Also there is nothing wrong in trying have some sort of reasoning in your antasy world The thing that sustains the planet is a huge unprotected sphere in the middle of nowhere How the hell this world was not destroyed a I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) few days after its creation when enemies are constantly attacking it and there is absolutely no protection around its weak spot Even those who protect it don t live next to it theyly there Flight, Vol. 7 from the other side of the planet every time it gets attacked Where is the logic in that And the thing is I pointed that out to Mathieu and told him toix it in the damn adaptation only or him to not give a uck and keep it the same Because he didn t give a shit about his own story If you plan to kill someone two pages after she is introduced don t expect the reader to care no matter how dramatic you make it seem to be We know nothing about that character you never mention her again or the rest of the book you didn t bother to lesh her out through Camp Rex flashbacks therefore she was a wasted character Also how can a corpse still be moving WTF Mathieu she wasn t a zombie and she wasn t dead yet A goddess appears out of nowhere says she won t revive the woman and leaves immediately Why did she even bother to appear if all she did was saying no before leaving That s what happens when you don t know what to do with a character One of the heroes calls his team lame because they just saved billions of lives butailed to save a single civilian What is this a war with only one casualty This is unacceptable you all suck There shouldn t be repercussions or sacrifices in an empowerment antasy story The editing is horrible since entire paragraphs are constantly repeating throughout the book I pointed this out to Mathieu and he didn t bother to ix it I mean why would he It s not like this is his passion project and people pay money or it Don t give a uck about your own stories and never correct spelling and grammar mistakes like I do Feedback is When Dads Don't Grow Up forools The Miles from Kara first thing you read about one of the major characters before she even gets to appearor the Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, first time is a stupid sex joke Theirst shot of her in the adaptation is her ass That s how you make your audience to instantly lose respect or herHow can the impact of an explosion be small when it shakes the whole house Also why do the people inside immediately jump to conclusions and assume it s an invasion It was just a single explosion not the war cries of an army of orcs How do you load a meteor in your hand Why does it instantly change its name to a burning ball The villain loves to torture people and a ew lines afterwards he says that he loves to kill people Make up your mind Also why do you leave and invite your enemies to chase you by revealing where you will go next when all you want to do is torture them or kill them Make up your mind Why do the heroes need to walk or half a day They have giant lying birds with which they can travel to the other side of the planet They were also in a village High Heat full of people horses and wagons Why don t they just take a wagon Why doesn t anyonerom the surrounding towns go there in wagons to see what is going on After all the black smoke could be seen or hundreds of miles And even if they do walk all the way to the next town what exactly is their plan They are weaker than the enemy way slower than him since he can ly there is no way to warn anyone before he arrives and even if he waits or them to arrive before he does his shit they are only heading towards a trap What is their reaking planWhy are they speaking Greek This is a antasy setting it has nothing to do with Earth nobody speaks earth languages Holy shit you can also travel in time That s the ultimate plot devise But you can t save someone s life like that What does that mean If you go back and stop that meteor rom being loaded what will be the re. Days were pretty average A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas for Tom Watson a seventeen year old swordsman in training Along with his bestriend Misty and his aunt Noemi he bored himself to death That's why Tom has wanted to travel the world once he'll be done with. Chronexia and the Eight Seals