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Airly resolved by chapter 6 To Things Going That S things going that s the Farfetched Soap Operish Big soap operish big and the twirling villain kicked in making me unfortunately ose interest before the halfway mark Besides the aforementioned contrived twists and coincidences sabotaging the final outcome two main issues the best part of Rhys and Helen s relationship not belonging to their own book but to book 1 and Rhys undergoing through a radical personality transformation which doesn t ascribe to any sort of character s growth and is just in jarring contrast to how he was previously presented Most of the discovering the romancing and the courting between Rhys and Helen happened in Cold Hearted Rake there are some hints and recaps here but not enough to recreate the same satisfying emotional tension and given the ongoing denouement of the ove story Marrying Winterborne ends up not fully working as a standalone read Another significant detraction as I ve said is that all the expectations and intriguing complexities surrounding Rhys and building his personage in book 1 now meet the inglorious fate of a deflated souffl and ergo there are no opposites to be attracted any He was set up ike this rough around the edges brooding and mysterious hero but it s all gone and we are eft with an amorous dreamboat endearing sure though all too eager robotic almost in his adoration for the heroine and who doesn t contribute half an ounce of excitement to the mix contrary to how he was initially drafted and introduced to us Helen shows a consistent progression and I appreciated that she sheds her uiet mouse armour to gain some strength and confidence but I found her overemphasised sweetness and na vet rather cloying If independently rated this would have been a 25 stars rounded down to 2 but considering it within a series and considering that the eading couple didn t manage to annoy me as much as Kathleen and Devon did in Cold Hearted Rake and that the obnoxious insufferable childish debutant twins Pandora and Cassandra were slightly The Seduction of Miranda Prosper less irritating I decided for a rounding up to differentiateThird book better be good cause it s probably theast chance I m giving this series Edit My goodnessthe cover that wasn t there beforeI m rating this book ahead of time because I already fell in The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy love with this almost couple in Cold Hearted Fake and can t wait to read their full story come May Good bye exams hellllo Lisa Kleypas I will perish for wait of this bookit s my favorite set up of a compassionate shelteredady discovering ife and passion outside her small world for the first time and the rough self made man the Victorian euivalent of a billionaire from a different social worldNote Please excuse any and all errors in the above sentences for the writer is suffering extreme fangirling and will not return to a semblance of normal until the book s release date This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Rhys Winterborne has built himself up from the ground all the way to a wealthy tycoon Rhys has always been able to get what he wants but when he met Lady Helen Ravenel his world was turned upside down and he is determined to keep her for good Helen Ravenel was always nervous around Rhys he intimidated her and when they were engaged she could feel herself slowly falling in ove with him But through some complications and family interference their engagement was broken off Now Helen is determined to fight to have Rhys back in her ife even if that means comprom Mark my words girls There is no greater enemy of virtue than a charming Welshman et the ruining beginIn this book we have a couple who got engaged at the end of the Elizabeth I last book in this series Winterborne and Helen I didn tike the ast book because I hated the heroine Kathleen so much so so much And when this story starts it turns out that bitchy Kathleen is responsible for meddling and breaking up this couple This was my Christmas card to Kathleen Did I mention that I hate herNeither of the couple really want their engagement broken but with Kathleen s husband being Helen s guardian and him withdrawing his permission for them to marry what can they do Well the answer ike the answer to most uestions is sex Ruination solves a Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley lot of problems In this case the problem of hair ballsThe happy couple well happier NOW decide that nobody could object to the marriage if Helen is ruined by Winterborne So that s what they do Yay sex Bringing couples together since the dawn of time See Good as new Some things are just so easy to fixI reallyiked both the hero and heroine in this story I iked all the supporting characters except for the horrible Kathleen and the story had good pacing I can t wait for the next book because we get to have Saint Vincent and Evie from the Wallflower series He is on my book boyfriend ist and since he is older and has grown kids in the book I am finally not a creepy cougar for usting after him Score one for me. A stubborn conviction that only she can tame her unruly husband As Rhys’s enemies conspire against them Helen must trust him with her darkest secret The risks are unthinkable the reward a ifetime of incomparable bliss And it all begins with Marrying Mr Winterbor. Hys having a very unlikely visitor In Cold Hearted Rake the first book in the series we meet and see a budding relationship start between Rhys and Lady Helen Ravenel Things do not end well and the end of Cold Hearted Rake sees the ending of the two week engagement between the couple So this visitor being Lady Helen is definitely a surprise to Rhys What s even surprising is when he found out that Helen wants their engagement back on What follows is some heartfelt truths disclosed a wee bit of negotiating and one heck of a ruiningdefloweringcompromisingunvirginingOh boy OH BOY OH BOYTHIS IS ONE boy oh boythis is one H O T book Lisa Kleypas certainly gives us a very steamy historical romance and it didn t take ong to get there either We do not have to wait for them to get to know each get there either We do not have to wait for them to get to know each go a courting and then suddenly realise they probably should get married before she is ruined their names are in the trash or someone is called out We get all those pesky details dealt with in the first 25%then it s all fun and gamessort ofnot really Yep bring in the secret that must be kept or all will be ruined plotline Marrying Winterborne was not a boring book It held my attention from start to finish There was a bit of unnecessary drama when Helen kept a secret from Rhys but I suppose if there was no angst in the storyline some people might be unhappy or unsatisfied For me though I dropped a star because of it view spoilerSee I knew Rhys would be the better man I trusted that he would do the right thing I felt confident that he oved Helen too much to uestion whether they should be together or not I oved that I never doubted Rhys Winterborne and even in my review of Cold Hearted Rake knew that his misdeed wasn t a true representation of him hide spoiler OH MY GOD this has nothing to do with this bookBUTDid anyone else start making humming noises when Evie and Sebastian from Devil in Winter made an appearance in the teaser for the next bookDevil in Spring is going to be about their son Gabriel and my favorite twin from this book Pandora I can feel the awesomeness of this story unfolding and I just Ok ok okSo how was Marrying WinterborneHmmm Well the first book in Kleypas new historical romance series has had some pretty mixed reviews I mean I wasn t all that impressed with it but at the same time it didn t exactly suck And after finishing Cold Hearted Rake I really was Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: looking forward to reading about Rhys HelenProbably because Iove Marrying Winterborne is exactly the kind of storytelling Lisa Kleypas fans can count on it s funny romantic thoughtful and burn up the pages sexy I m so glad she s writing historicals again A man is not entitled to be called a father merely because he once had a well timed spasm of the oins This book is Just amazingLady HelenMr Winterborne 25 Stars A sweeping Victorian romance of potted orchids and self made men Welsh interpolations and baffling characterisations And of spectacularly contrived plot twists London 1875ueuing right after Cold Hearted Rake s epilogue the books opens as Lady Helen Ravenel has just made up her mind about her broken engagement and her future Shyness and class conscious relatives notwithstanding she wants Rhys Winterborne a powerful Welsh businessman and former shop boy who grew up in the wrong side of London and who through ambition and determination now owns the world s argest department store So she sets out to go to his office and take her chance at proposing Rhys on his part The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved left sulking and pouting only days before sulks and pouts a few minutes puts up some token recalcitrance and in the span of an instant suddenly turns into a magnificently besotted and horny hero to neverook back From there on it s mostly sex orchids sex he mustn t know this implausible thing about my past or he s going to The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small leave me drama sex orchids uick resolution The EndAn odd uneven book and I m sorry to say with much wasted potential The improbable bend the story took to compensate for an early concluded romance really had me wishing all along that the author had played the introspection card instead and embarked the character driven or the inner conflict route Coming from the uite disappointing Cold Hearted Rake experience I had higher hopes for the seuel especially because Helen and Rhys sounded very promising as a budding secondary romance in that first instalment The writing reminding me of the author s older golden standards has improved compared to book 1 and was smoother and engaging if you can overlook some occasional purple bouts such as Heooked down at her with eyes as bright as the reflection of stars in a midnight ocean So brutally handsome ike one of the volatile gods of mythology wreaking havoc on hapless mortal maidens at a whim or a arge expanse of amorous naked male or soft furry shivery heat and forgive the fact that you re going to be told every other page how delicate Helen is and how silky her various body parts are But with the romance Take her virtue to ensure she marries him so much the better A sheltered beauty Helen has had ittle contact with the glittering cynical world of London society Yet Rhys’s determined seduction awakens an intense mutual passion Helen’s gentle upbringing belies. I oved this bookSome reasons I oved
helen i oved 
I The Wrong Side of the Bed loved Rhys Ioved the supporting characters Pandora Rampage West Severin Dr Gibson I want books for all of them I The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 loved Helen s new found boldness her courage and her naivete I cried when I realized her dilemma and I prayed she wouldn t heed the advice of Lady Berwick I cried for what I thought she mightose but knew in my heart that she wouldn t I adored everything about Rhys Winterborne He was the perfect combination of the best of Lisa Kleypas s heroes Zachary Bronson Where Dreams Begin Derek Craven Dreaming of You and Jack Devlin Suddenly You I کاروان امید loved that this book reminded me of two of my favorite LK series The Wallflowers and The Hathaways Ioved the searing chemistry oh those sex scenes between Helen and Rhys I کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس loved their dialogue the Welsh words ofove and especially the way Helen went after who and what she wanted Did I mention that I The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... loved Helen Ioved Rhys s devotion to Helen The gift of the View Spoiler Rooftop Orchid spoiler rooftop orchid hide spoiler 45 STARS Cariadthere s nothing gentle about how I want you He was startled by the endearment that had slipped out one he had never used with anyone Oh man I took too Tempting Faith Di Napoli long to read this book because I feelike it was a five star read but it felt ike it dragged in some areas or maybe that was just me because I always want everything to happen at a breakneck speed But uite frankly Mr Rhys Winterborne has joined the ranks of my favourite Lisa Kleypas heroes So I m sure ike the rest of the world I was enthralled and besotted the minute we were introduced to Winterborne in Cold Hearted Rake I mean he iterally stole the story and from that point onward I was panting for the next scene with Helen and Rhys And trust me this book far exceeded my expectations Rhys is the epitome of my kind of HR hero actually whatever genre of romance I m reading His character exuded confidence strength dominance but also Rhys was a really sensitive guy although he might not have dealt with his emotions in the same manner as gentleman of the peer would Let s not forget the fact that he is absolutely smitten with Helen I ike my heroes smitten or besotted or bothNow about Helen I was pretty sure her character would be overwhelmed by Rhys character yes her she had strength but it was understated in the first book But in this book she really blossomed I have to say I was very happy to note that her character was driven and she could be independent too Hers and Rhys interaction constantly kept me on my toes and yes in a state of arousal because ets be honest Rhys is incapable of keeping his cool around Helen These two made fireworks together they were passionate and just plain frenzied around each other but they did have moments of uiet when they would just bask in their mutual ove Closing his eyes he pressed his jaw gently against her small ear A half minute passed before he could find his voice You ve read the fairy tales You know what happens to The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life little girls who visit wolves About the supporting charactersPandora and Cassandra brought some comedic relief to the story but I will admit that Pandora is probably my favourite and I amiterally foaming at the mouth for her book and ets not forget about who the hero is I just know their book is going to be epic A special mention is needed for Dr Gibson my God please tell me she s going to have her own book because seriously there s so much potential thereOnce again I wonder why it is that I took so ong to join in the Lisa Kleypas fandom because she is everything I knew Rhys Winterborne was a good man This review is a wee bit spoilerish so proceed with cautionI l start off by saying that I really enjoyed Marrying Winterborne I m a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas s historical romances and this one definitely did not disappoint I think my enjoyment had to do with Mr Winterborne than Lady Helen to be honest I iked that Rhys is a straight shooter What you see is what you get He s an ambitious man who is not afraid of hard work Yes he s a bit bossy and demanding but a ot of successful people have to be to get what they want Rhys is also extremely fair and doesn t narrow mindedly write someone off for a job because of their sex or their background If you are willing to do the hard work and prove your value Rhys will back you 100% Rhys Winterborne has worked himself up from son of a grocer to a very wealthy department store owner He does not ike to be The Way of Women looked down upon because of his common born upbringing and is extremely displeased if you attack his Welsh heritage BUTall the money in the world has not given him the deportment or education of a gentleman To me this is where his great appeal comes through We see a slight vulnerability Iove a strong heroic and virile hero who has that touch of vulnerability that makes you want to give him a cuddle If he s also confident enough to admits when he s wrong I m a gonerWe start Marrying Winterborne with A ruthless tycoon Savage ambition has brought common born Rhys Winterborne vast wealth and success In business and beyond Rhys gets exactly what he wants And from the moment he meets the shy aristocratic Lady Helen Ravenel he is determined to possess her If he must.