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Milk Goes to School

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I don t usually review children s "books because there "S Not A Whole Lot That I Can Really Comment " not a whole lot that I can really comment they re just "because there s not a whole lot that I can really comment on they re just short y know But I m making an exceptionMy seven year old son icked out Milk Goes to School at his school s Scholastic book fair He s not much of a reader sticks to the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems so it came as a surprise he icked thisWe sat down and read it together which he s not crazy about either and he was engrossed in what was happening and engaged in conversation about the characters and the storyEven if the story wasn t meant to be as such we came to the Conclusion That It Does Broach A Little that it does broach a little the topic of bullying Milk was being misunderstood because she was just trying This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new icture books reviews dailyHello everyone For our book today we chose Milk Goes To School by Terry Border a story about making friends and what can happen when we rush to judgementIt s Milk s first day of. From the creator of Peanut Butter Cupcake and Happy Birthday Cupcake comes THE back to school must have icture book of the yearFirst days of school are tough and making new friends is even tougher Milk's dad gave her a sparkly new backpack and told her that she was the creme de la creme but most of the other kids don't seem to agree In fact some of School and she s nervous Her dad gives her a new backpack and tells her that she is la creme de la creme so she tries to be confident and face her fears head on But a series of misunderstandings and snap judgements turn a few of the kids against her and some decide that "she is spoiled Will Milk be able to get through her first day and rove that she is not spoiled but " is spoiled Will Milk be able to get through her first day and rove that she is not spoiled but book had some ups and downs to be frank On the Lignin Biodegradation positive Border s food modelhotography which comprises the art of the book is full of life and Pure Chance personality and brings an incredible amount of character to what would otherwise be inanimate objects And for the mostart the story is "GOOD IT DEALS WITH THE FACT THAT A SIMPLE "it deals with the fact that a simple over a word or action can lead us to assume too much about a The Lady and the Lionheart person and encourages the reader to look at others from theirerspectives which is novel for a book like this The text is FILLED with food uns so take that as you will as I know uns can be a little divisive The length. Er new classmates think Milk is just little a bit spoiled In this latest hilarious icture book from Terry Border our food friends go to school and learn that it's not just Milk that's the creme de la creme Some other food can be just as sweetPraise for Terry Border's icture books Happy Birthday CupcakeAs in his earlier icture book Border's characters.
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Was also a bit much for baby bookworms but JJ made it through okay and this books could conceivably be intended for older readers anyway I guess what bothered me was the resolution which seemed very swift abrupt and a bit too what bothered me was the resolution which seemed very swift abrupt and a bit too especially after Milk was bullied so mercilessly by some of the other characters More realistic erhaps but with a book about talking food items I guess realism wasn t really what I was expecting Still this one had some nice elements and JJ loved the "photos so this one is Baby Bookworm approvedBe sure to check out "so This One Is Baby Bookworm one is Baby Bookworm sure to check out Baby Bookworm for reviews Fantastic books of bad food uns and kindness lessons My daughter has had a difficult time learning to read and tends to see reading books as a unishment This is the first book she enjoyed reading on her own She loves the ictures and that Milk has a different bow on each age I love the artwork in the book and the story is great The illustrations are fantastic as usual but the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 puns are sloppy and the jokes don t lan. Are skillfully crafted food items with basic wire limbs arranged in simple landscapesPreschoolers will be delighted with the visual mayhem Kirkus Reviews  Peanut Butter CupcakeBorder’s witty food comedy will lure children who are hungry for clever visual entertainment Publishers WeeklyZany creativehotographs A read aloud hit School Library Journal.