Tegen Justice Tegens #2 E–pub READ

A spoilt brat if she doesn t get her way she throws deadly tantrums I must admit that I didn t warm to this character She tested not only Sara s patience but mine too I liked Agnes Sara s hired Grandma she is a kind lady There is also another intriguing character introduced His name is Kendall He is a Tegen enforcer and is uite mysterious He sent shivers down my spine The heat between Connor and Sara is still explosive though there is not much intimacy in this book compared to the first oneOne thing I will say about this book is that the story is wonderfully written The characters are lifelike and the storyline gripping I reached the end of the book which ends with a slight cliffhanger with mixed feelings Now I can t wait to find out what is in store for Sara in the next bookInge Lise Goss has written an intriguing horror full of mystery and suspense I love her writing style which is fast paced and the flow was wonderful I am curious to see what this author comes up with in the futureI do not recommend this book to ounger readers due to some violence and to readers who have arachnophobia or have a nervous disposition However I highly recommend this book if The Concubine you love horrorsuspense genres Lynn Worton Book 2 Won t DisappointGoss s superb writing style will haveou flipping through the pages with ease and anticipation following Sara Jones uest for vengeance The main character is dead set on destroying an organized crime empire and she ll use all her super human powers to do dispatch all who stand in her way Albeit her plan is complicated by a former lover a crazed Tegen and the reverberations of violating Tegen rules A maelstrom of slaughter arises as she tries to outmaneuver her archenemy This spell binding fast read is full of twists that will have ou waiting impatiently for the next page as well as the next book in the Tegen series 5 stars Admittedly book I was not for me It was not bad but If it were not for the fact that I have read other books in another series penned by this author I might have skipped this book Boy am I glad I did NOT MY ISSUES WITH BOOK ONE My issues with book one not a factor in book two and Sara our protagonist really comes into her own in this book She gets her own voice with far less angst Far experience and a clear objective The book still has a lot Of Spiders But This Time They Are spiders but this time they are cagedis that what it is called Any way It has romance but no triangle This time common sense is the problem not another possible lover Action galore Where super powers hardens the job not ease it This book is a page turner Drug running Organized crime Murder Mayhem love and lust A bite of the paranormal Really This is one ou should not skip I did read book one so I am not totally sure I am correct in my next statement but I feel ou can read this book perfectly well as a standalone as well Happy reading WaAr. Execute her plan to wipe out that criminal element she is faced with her former lover an out of control Tegen and the repercussions of disobeying Tegen rules Death and mayhem ensue as Sara tries to outrun and outsmart an enemy she knows all too we. Stunning opening where the heroine Sally Visiting Her Adopted Parents visiting her adopted parents views from afar Connor her ex lover who is himself or so he thinks visiting her own grave She had faked her death in order to escape from Connor and his organized crime family We also learn that she is a Tegen a species which never ages and is only powerless before one enemy fire This is a great tale of the supernatural and paranormal but also centred on a crime busting theme where Sally sets out to destroy a succession of criminals in her mission to bring down her ex lover s family empire There s also another romantic lead Brett a fellow Tegen and a host of twists and turns dependent both upon her unearthly attributes and talents and on the tussle between her and her foes Tense original and exciting Tegens and Spiders and DrugsOH MYThis was a fast paced thriller with the coolest elements The author gives us a society called the Tegans to which the heroine Sara belongs They re ageless self healing feed a LOT and can t use their powers for certain things like revenge Oh and creepy crawly spiders factor into this euationI think the author did an amazing job in grabbing our attention from page 1 I loved the heroine Sara She was determined to bring down drug ring run by her exe s evil family and even took on another identity to do soI read text to speech on my Kindle during my daily work commute and this is one of those books where I on my Kindle during my daily work commute and this is one of those books where I myself having to take the long way home no pun to SupertrampIf ou love an original story that is fast paced and jam packed full of action and suspense this is a darn good readI realized that this was book 2 in a series so I ll now read book 1 to see what I missed Tegen Justice was a new world to me as I don t usually read this type of genre however I was uickly pulled in to this strange world I was glad this book was so descriptive in what a Tegen is and the spidery characteristics that SaraSally has since I did not read book 1 It was fast paced and extremely easy to get swept into with all Of The Action And Suspense The Writing Was Seemingly Perfect the action and suspense The writing was seemingly perfect I will definitely be going back to read book 1 IntenseI m basically reading these books out of order because I started with book 2 this book but I so have to go read the first book in this series I m soooo hoping there will be a next one soon if it isn t already out because I can hardly wait to see what happens next this series does need to be read an order for better understanding the author truly has an amazingly uniue storyline that pulls ou in at the beginning and holds ou until the end in this addition Sara become Sally and we follow her on her secret mission if ou have not read book one the followings will be a spoiler since we know that Sara is a Tegan we know that she cannot live without her spiders or her ring and has to feed freue. After embracing her new Tegen existence Sara Jones is determined to destroy her ex lover’s organized crime empire one link at a time Along with her newly acuired skills of spider climbing agility self healing powers and the ability to eject poiso. Ntly This story is action packed suspenseful has a touch of romance not to mention that uniue paranormal Tegan I love this addition to the story and hopefully get to see especially since there something big coming towards Sara it has been a long time since I refused to go to bed because I wanted to read a story however that happened last night I would not put it down until I had finished it This is a sci fi gang crime busting thriller which is crisply written well edited and fast paced As the action moves along from her faked death to the destruction of the Thurman family criminal business we are taken right into the moment as if we are there through scary scenes in the undergrowth and in warehouses and this makes Tegen Justice a gripping read Sally formerly Sara can t be disco ou haven t read book one then I would highly suggest Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series you do that wayou will understand the powers the character has why she has to have a black ring along with why her spiders have to be with her why she is investigation a certain family and why she has feelings for ConnorIt all comes together perfectly The book is pretty much fast paced from the get go Sara is undercover trying to figure out a way to destroy her ex boyfriend s family and his crime organization The only thing is she does not want her ex boyfriend to figure out she is alive as she is suppose to be dead Sara pretty much has went with the name Sally Jablon but will Connor know exactly who she is by the end of the storyWhile Sally or Sara whatever ou want to call her is busy investigating she is also trying to help Wendy who knows she is not suppose to use her Tegen power for revenge It seems that SallySara has her work cut out for her While balancing the act of undercover and babysitting a Tegan who might be breaking the rules There is plenty of action the plot line goes at a steady pace which is awesome We also learn of Tegan enforcers which I think are pretty cool in this world of people having spider like powers I do hope there is a book three as cool in this world of people having spider like powers I do hope there is a book three as want to know what exactly will happen to SaraSally when she returns home This is the second book in the Tegens series I really enjoyed itSara Jones is a wonderful character When I first met her in The Tegen Cave I wanted to shake some sense into her I felt she has grown and adjusted well into her new life as a Tegen Now using the name of Sally Joblon she is still determined to break up an organised crimedrug *Family However Finds Herself Being Pulled In Two Directions Emotionally *However finds herself being pulled in two directions emotionally will win her head or heartI started this story and was hooked from the first page It is told through the eyes of SaraSally and the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of action adventure mystery and danger I love the way the story unfolded There are some interesting characters introduced Wendy is a oung Tegen who comes across as. Nous needles came the haunting need to consume blood and flesh tainted by Tegen deadly spiders Armed with her skills and using the alias Sally Jablon Sara has tracked some nefarious associates of her ex lover to Baton Rouge But before she can fully. Tegen Justice Tegens #2