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Burn Baby BurnBecame afraid to be out after dark A time when young women with long dark hair wanted to hide their hair And yes there was a stray dog in the neighborhood Again an excellent capturing of that summerI originally gave this book 4 stars because I didn t want to like it but after pondering this story for awhile the truth is I really enjoyed it And a nod to the author who at the end in the author s note states she was not out to exploit the victims and their families with this novel congratulations to you Highly recommend I try not to read books too ahead of their publishing date because then I m shouting at people that they have to read a book that they have to wait to read BUT this book had too many boxes checked off for me that I couldn t wait I tried and failed especially after doing the just one page because I ended up not being able to stop turning the pages I was hooked from the beginning with Nora a high school senior about to graduate living in New York during the summer of Sam 1977 And while there s a serial iller on the loose outside illing girls with long brown hair like Nora s at home Nora is dealing with her younger brother s violentpyromaniac behavior and her mother s refusal

To Accept How Bad 
accept how bad have gotten which leaves her no place to feel safe This was such a great coming of age story perfectly set during one of the scariest times in New York city history Jamie Canavesfrom The Best Books We Read In November NO SPOILERS Burn Baby Burn promises to be not just any young adult tale No this one is set against New York s worst summer 1977 when Son of Sam was on a illing spree It s an exciting angle except it takes a back seat to other big issuesMedina s goal was to bring this terrifying time to vivid life by depicting likable teen narrator Nora Lopez living amidst this chaos with some notable adjustments to her normal routine to ensure her safety It s unfortunate therefore that the Son of Sam angle is weak never feeling terribly threatening Nora finds herself in unsafe situations plenty of times Clearly Medina was going for the highest level of suspense but at no time does Son of Sam feel like he s just a hair s breadth away Medina could have worked some real magic here mixing nonfiction with fiction putting Nora at the scene of one of the crimes and making Son of Sam of a character but alas this is no young adult combined with a generous dash of crime thriller This is decidedly young adult and what s given the most attention is the narrator s sweet romantic relationship and her struggles at home with her mom and brother Hector Burn Baby Burn does go deep by touching on the issue of race but that s very much only touched upon an opportunity suandered when the narrator is Hispanic The book does a much better job portraying suandered when the narrator is Hispanic The book does a much better job portraying hardship of life in a poor and dysfunctional family The mother character is well drawn as a scared helpless figure who expects her daughter to act as mother to combative Hector who s also very well drawn The hopelessness and fear in this little family is palpable It s odd then that Burn Baby Burn ends the way it does For a story rife with so much worry pain fear and sadness how Medina wrapped it up is ludicrous Here she wrote something that s very much grounded in hardcore ugly reality but ended it all on a happily ever after note The result is a story that s not nearly as powerful as Medina was aiming for If read for its characters and not for any thrills this is an engaging story The situations and real world conflicts feel real and honest The characters have chemistry and are enjoyable to read about It s particularly heartwarming to see a lifelong friendship portrayed as with Nora and her childhood friend The romance is functional and realistic The Son of Sam storyline has nothing at all to do with any of this That s a separate story that Medina tried to mesh with Nora s to give Nora s edge to educate her readers to bring 1977 to life The real star of this book is Nora and it should be read to April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers know her NOTE I received this as an Advanced Reader Copy from LibraryThing in January 2016. When theiller likes picking off couples who stay out too late Award winning author Meg Medina transports us to a time when New York seemed balanced on a nife edge with tempers and temperatures running high to share the story of a young woman who discovers that the greatest dangers are often closer than we like to admit and the hardest to accep. ,

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E problems he s facing But when he becomes criminal in a way that she can t deny any things fall even harder on Nora for not speaking up when she had the chance It s nuanced and thought provoking with a side of a deadbeat father that resonated in a hard way for me There aren t many YA books set in this time period and Medina adds a really great one here HELLO FROM THE CRACKS IN THE SIDE WALKS OF NYC AND FROM THE ANTS THAT DWELL IN THESE CRACKS ANDFEED IN THE DRIED BLOOD OF THE DEAD THAT HAS SETTLED INTO THE CRACKS Poem sent to the New York Daily News by Son of SamI was close to Nora L pez s age in 1977 though tucked away as I was in a Pennsylvania suburb the Son of Sam murders seemed a world away For 17 year old ueens resident Nora the shootings might easily be happening on the very street where she lives And considering the iller has a penchant for girls with long dark hair Nora is terrified to go out at night What if he s out there Kathleen says suddenly which surprises me Where s her safety in numbers theory Eddie puffs himself up I ll protect #you He puts his arm around Kathleen s shoulder but she hardly looks comforted Your #He puts his arm around Kathleen s shoulder but she hardly looks comforted Your deflects bullets I ask himNora doesn t seem to realize that the real threat to her well being lies within her own household her violent and increasingly volatile younger brother Though the story looms large in the background this isn t really a book about the Son of Sam Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome killings for that look to Jimmy Breslin s44 Instead we have the story of an unforgettable senior year in the life of one urban teenage girl and I liked it way than I thought I would With no money saved up for college the future is looking bleak for Nora after graduation Her father is out of the picture spending all his time with his second family Her mother holds down a manufacturing job that could disappear at any moment And her unstable brother looks to be headed for prison Luckily her best friend lives nearby several of her teachers believe in her and then there s a budding romance with a new guy at the deli where she works part time If only there wasn t the constant worry over the murders As Sam played his games with the NYPD summer roared in and the temperatures begin to rise Things came to a head in mid July when a blackout hit the city resulting in widespread looting and arsonMedina made a bold choice by placing her character in the midst of the panic that occurred that night and it paid off in a well written compelling scene that moves the story to an inevitable conclusion The book wraps up rather uickly after this We allnow that David Berkowitz is caught I like THAT NORA IS DISAPPOINTED WHEN THE MONSTER IS UNMASKED Nora is disappointed when the monster is unmasked a paunchy mail clerk with frizzy hair and girlish lips Still in a wise beyond her years statement she manages to correlate the Sam story with her own life Maybe the things that scare us seem powerful that they truly are when we eep them secretThis was an interesting read for me an old lady revisiting some of her formative years The book will be going on our young adult shelf at the local library and I ll be curious to see what some actual young adults think of it Who nows maybe they won t read it Maybe it ll become a cult favorite with old broads like me Whatever happens it deserves to be read Whew I have now exorcised my disco demons Let s hope I ll be able to get Disco Inferno out of my headBurn that mother down When I heard of this book I was very eager to read it Hey I was around during this time 1977 and living in Philadelphia and remember #The News And The Terrifying #news and the terrifying created by the Son of Sam murders I wanted to read how author Meg Medina covered that time periodAs I started this book I was caught realizing the main character Nora Lopez was a teenage girl of seventeen almost eighteen and Nora was realizing some very hard truths My first reaction was oh great a young adult book I don t hate YA but I don t read very many YA books This book is described as historical fiction and in the end that was very true Author Meg Medina did capture the times very well A time where young couples. Ily life isn’t going so well either her bullying brother Hector is growing threatening by the day her mother is helpless and falling behind on the rent and her father calls only on holidays All Nora wants is to turn eighteen and be on her own And while there is a cute new guy who started working with her at the deli is dating even worth the risk. ,
Going into this I wasn t sure What To Expect But I Was Pleasantly to expect but I was pleasantly The thriller element wasn t as stone as I d hoped it would be but that ended up not to matter It was the characters their relationships their private lives and uncertainty of it all that had me totally hooked I really enjoy each character and thought the different levels of relationships portrayed throughout were so interesting to follow and to be a part of I loved the scope of different topics this book discussed From race to love to family murder to friendships to poverty it had it all and and neither subject was neglected or smoothed over Overall this was an enjoyable reading experience of a story I hadn t expected I loved this book 35 starsLatina main character troubled family romance feminist movement disco 70s New York a serial The Habitat Guide to Birding killer a blackout fires This is a perfectly fine YA novel that hits all the right buttons and checks all the right boxes and teaches all the right lessons hence I guess 4 starred reviews in major publications The family part was probably the most interesting to me However this is not theind of book that I would ever be compelled to read again No aspect of it was truly memorable The air is hot and even heavier than it should be in the summer of 1977 Heat seems to emanate from the streets of New York City The collective tension of the people is palpable The threat of the serial Space Kid killernown as Son of Sam hangs over everyone s head Nora Lopez tries to ignore the utter madness of the outside world She wants only to stick to the routine that s yielded the best results for the latter part of her seventeen years Working at Salerno s deli hanging with her best bud Kathleen and Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town keeping her head down Occasionally hoping that things at home haven t gotten worse Hope may spring eternal but it s not nearly enough to change her younger brother Hector Mami fully expects for Nora toeep her demon spawn sibling out of trouble Without being tough on him His senseless vandalism and pyromania tendencies are just symptoms of growing pains after allNora new that Hector was into than mischief but even she was stunned to discover how devious and diabolical he really is Misplaced responsibility moves everything in Nora s life to the back burner at first but soon balloons out of control and becomes wholly consumingIn a situation where there are options but none of them are good and others are downright dangerous Nora refuses to choose Instead she goes her own way with an entirely unexpected brilliantly brave action Maybe that is one small fire extinguished Or perhaps she s only fanned the flames and is about to be engulfed in an inferno I read Ms Medina s Burn Baby Burn a few years ago and I absolutely loved it I didn t review it then because I was too affected to articulate all of the reasons I wanted everyone else to read it too In spite of how much time has passed and how many other books I ve read parts of Nora s story continue to pop into my head I recently re read it and realized that I would be remiss if I did not finally take the time to properly recommend this historical fiction phenomenon This review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore Read for the second time Enjoyed it even this go around While I found the historical setting interesting what I enjoyed most were the characters complex and honest I m not usually a fan of New York novels I think for the most part they reach a really niche market Medina though takes this in a place that made me really invested as it s about the historical summer of 1977 when the city was burning and a serial iller named Son of Sam is on the loose Nora our narrator is Latina and her best friend is a white girl Both of them are deeply invested in feminism but what Medina does is offer a look at the ways feminism isn t necessarily inclusive either in the late 70s Or Now It S Smart In The ApproachBut The Thing now It s smart in the approachBut the thing Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water kept me reading was Nora s family Her younger brother Hector is getting himself in trouble and their mother doesn t seem to care She s doting on him rather than looking at th. While violence runs rampant throughout New York a teenage girl faces danger within her own home in Meg Medina's riveting coming of age novelNora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous New York summer of 1977 when the city is besieged by arson a massive blackout and a serialiller named Son of Sam who shoots young women on the streets Nora’s fam.