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Ngs want their own bean tent no matter the time Of Year. Yard Vera year. Yard Vera all for it Of course as beans and vines grow so too do babies and who knows where that might leadIn her signature style Vera

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Vera's Baby Sister
Pookie-Pie: A Sweet Bedtime Story Pookie-Pie

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A nice book about needing a spot to yourself with a ne. Vera heard the baby crying as passed her bedroom window how could they passed bedroom window How could like that loud smelly thingWhere can Vera Find Some Peace And some peace and with a new baby in the houseNow that Vera's baby sister Ruthie has arrived Vera. W baby in the house #Although I Worry It Will #I worry it will sibli. Feels there's no place left in the House For Her The Is Loud And Smelly And for her The baby is loud and smelly and fills up room Vera wants nothing to do with Ruthie When Grandpa comes up with a plan to make a special bean tent for Vera out in the. .