EBOOK / PDF [Shoot em Up Maisie McGrane Mystery #3]

Shoot em Up Maisie McGrane Mystery #3A very good book I would recommend this series and I hope to see soon The 3rd book in the Maisie McCrane series by Janey Mack I was a little astounded at the things Maisie did in this installment and that she came out alive from all of them I missed some of the family banter and interactions I also missed that there is no Hank in this installment But the author set up a Changing Face of the Hero potential love triangle with Maisie her newartner and Hank At times I thought the book was a little farfetched and I was sort of tired of Maisie sort of being a victim in that she appears to be being used by everyone. The mob’s running guns and her family’s running wild  Meter maid turned undercover cop Maisie McGrane managed to survive her first sting operation with just a few minor stab wounds and some lingering emotional minor stab wounds and some lingering #EMOTIONAL AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON THE MAYOR BRINGS THE #An assassination attempt on the mayor brings the and DEA to Chicago and they’re counting on Maisie’s underworld connections to help them infiltrate and cripple a cartel runni. While she thinks she is getting ahead in the olice force there is a 4th installment police force There is a 4th installment so it will be interesting to see where Maisie goes This book knocked my socks off The arch of the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life plot really made my toes curl This book welcomed me in like a warmair of socks Without a doubt Janey Mack has hit another home run with Shoot em Up the third installment in the Maisie McGrane mystery seriesHank s gone with neither hide nor hair of him to be seen or heard from Stannis is gone too effectively hidden with Hank But despite both the love of her life and her unconventional friend being. Ng guns and drugs into the city But she won’t be going it alone The DEA’s hand selected charismatic hard case Lee Sharpe as her Lignin Biodegradation partner androtector And he’s taking his assignment seriously in every way But with her meddling Chicago PD family threatening to expose her true identity at any moment Maisie will have to scramble to stay one step ahead of them the cartel and her new artner befo. AWOL life doesn t slow or stop for Maisie can t stay out of trouble for longWith her or stop for Maisie She can t stay out of trouble for longWith her osition as an undercover officer for the Bureau of Organized Crime Maisie undertakes a new job assignment all while juggling her missing boyfriend the sexy SWAT officer that continues to The Lady and the Lionheart pursue her and who also happens to be her newartner the crooked Chicago Mayor Mexican drug cartels hiding the details about being an undercover officer from her family fending off her brothers icking up the ie Each book in the series gets better can t wait for the next Maisie McGrane installment. RE HER COVER IS SHOT  PRAISE FOR TIME’S Re her cover is shot  Praise for Time’s outstanding debut conjures eual arts Janet Evanovich and Michael Harvey A fast and furious lot that expertly balances menace and laugh out loud hijinks” Publishers Weekly Starred Review“Mystery buffs will not only be swept up in the ingenious and well crafted Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church plot but will love the irrepressible Maisie” Library Journal Starred Revie.