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As they have moved n One feels like they have become friends I do hope this trend continues A gloriously romantic tale Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (Critical Heritage) of dark secrets scandalous passion and love lost and found Saved by Scandal s Heir is the latest dazzling Regency romance from fast rising star Janice PrestonWhen childhood friendship had given way to a love that simply could not be denied Harriet had thought that she was going to be spending the restf her life with Benedict Poole the man who had captured her heart But when a cruel twist f fate had torn them Apart Harriet Had Found Herself Harriet had found herself vulnerable and alone Forced to marry a man who made her flesh crawl Harriet had endured years f anguish and pain at the hands Escaping Me of a husband whom she despised and feared in eual measure However despite the many years that had passed she had never uite managed to forget Benedictr to put their passionate affair behind herNow widowed Harriet has thrown herself into her charity work and puts all Goodbye Marianne of her time and efforts into fighting for young and vulnerable girls society had rejected and cast aside after they had been taken advantagef by rich aristocratic men Harriet has put all thoughts The Maxx: Maxximized Vol. 3 of romance and relationshipsut Il cacciatore of her head and is adamant that she is going to keep her heart firmly under lock and key until a chance encounter propels her straight back into the pathf her first and nly love Benedict PooleEleven years ago Benedict Had Been Absolutely had been absolutely when the woman he loved with all f his heart had turned her back Therapy on him and their relationship and proceeded to marry another With his business interests flourishing and having just inherited a baronetcy after the deathf his cousin Sir Malcolm Benedict needs to restore the family name which had been dragged through the mud in recent years and find himself a suitable wife. Poole the very man who deserted her returns Harriet's safe world threatens to unravel Believing Harriet left him for a wealthy lord Benedict must fight to uncover the true. ,

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I didn t particularly like the MAIN WHICH MADE DIFFICULT characters which made difficult continue reading Excellent can t wait to read by Janice Preston Miniseries Men About Town Miniseries Men About Town New to me author I ve been looking for a few authors who write solid Regency books without crazy and anachronistic Disney princess anticsSo I really enjoyed this The Hug oneThe HarleuinMills and Boon Historical line isften joked about and so underratedFull review to come GOODREADS GIVEAWAY WINA page turning soap The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories opera style romance fuelled by the narrative satisfaction in seeing decent people at last find mutual understanding in a social world hobbled by the imperativesf propriety I enjoy a good romance This story has all the characters you love and hate It is a book you do not put down till you read the ending It is rich in detail and characters You like romance you will love this novelI highly recommend this bookI received this book as a free giveaway from Good Reads This is Janice Preston s fourth Regency novel and I am amazed that each Autostop con Buddha: Viaggio attraverso il Giappone of her plots is so different In this novel we return to a minor character from her second novel From Wallflower to Countess Harriet the widowed Lady Brierley and a character from her third novel Returnf Scandal s Son Benedict Poole As the saying goes Harriet and Benedict have a history As youngsters they fell deeply in love but their elders conspired to keep them apart With each believing the Speak the Ocean other was the betrayer when they meet again sparks begin to fly As always the dialogue between Harriet and Benedict sparkles as they circle warily round eachther In addition Harriet s controlling stepson tries to get the spirited Harriet to conform to the stereotypical retiring widow something she is not prepared to do I loved catching up with characters and learning Newark's Little Italy: The Vanished First Ward of their lives. Can he awaken dreams she thought lost foreverHarriet Lady Brierley is a respectable widow determined to keep the secretsf her broken heart deeply buried But when Benedict. .

The last thing Benedict was expecting was to find himself face to face with Harriet and to have all those long buried feelings and emotions resurfacing with a vengeanceBenedict s head might be telling him to put as much distance between him and Harriet as possible but when fate intervenes and throws them back together again he soon realises that he will not be able to continue to keep temptation at bay Giving into his feelings for Harriet seems inevitable but will him and Harriet ever manage to find a way to be together again Or has too much water gone under the bridge for the two f them to ever have a future togetherSaved By Scandal s Heir is a searingly emotional historical romance written WITH GREAT DEPTH SENSITIVITY AND COMPASSION great depth sensitivity and compassion is sure to delight fans f Mary Balogh and Jo Beverley Janice Preston is a wonderfully talented writer with a splendid gift for plumbing the depths f the human heart and creating stories that linger in the reader s mind long after the final page is turnedHer characters are colourful richly drawn believable and honourable Harriet was a terrific heroine whose spirit generosity and kindness is to be admired and Benedict was an absolutely gorgeous and multi faceted hero readers will just fall hopelessly in love withSensuous emotional and impossible to resist Saved by Scandal s Heir is a spellbinding historical romance from a writer with a very bright future ahead f her Janice Preston Although I romance from a writer with a very bright future ahead f her Janice Preston Although I liked the first with a very bright future ahead f her Janice Preston Although I really liked the first in the series Return Strife of Scandal s Son I did not care for thisne I felt sorry for Harriet she was a victim in so many ways Communication was practically non existent between Harriet and Benedict each preferred to believe the worse Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath of thether And then still say they loved each Baby Colossus (Short Story) other Almost DNF but finished The writing was very good just not the story. Conseuence and tragedyf their affair years before But with his family's name now synonymous with scandal can he hope to win back the trust f the woman he has always lov. ,

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