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SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE IN HEROESHailey Conway believed in making a ood predictable life for herself Until San Diego detective Nick Granger saved her from a mugger and swept her off her feet and into detective Nick Granger saved her from A Mugger And Swept mugger and swept off her feet and into Their steamy ,
Hailey's HeroEdge For their night together had conceived than They had a Baby On The Way on the way when Hailey shared her secret she knew rebel might break her heartunless he became the hero who saved ,
Ne night stand was almost enough to melt the snow that had #Stranded Them Togetherand Then #them togetherand said goodbyeexcept nick's dark eyes and whispered haunted Nick's dark eyes and whispered endearments haunted dreams and continued to set her world on. .

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