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Humanism eIld up and the big reveals at thend that helped set up the next book were perfect So you have been warned if you pick this one up you will not want it to "end and you will be wanting to grab the next book right awayunfortunately it s not out "and you will be wanting to grab the next book right awayunfortunately it s not out but fortunately you have lots of time to wait in anticipation and to be Smokin' Hot eager for it s release Injoyed it lots I just had to put that out there because I really did I was a book fanatic from the first time I realized I could open a book sound out the words and the story came alive inside my head I created the pictures yet the author created the characters and adventures My mom couldn t keep up with books fast Placing Memory enough for me to read through I was always at the library bringing home stacks upon stacks of books andvery time that scholastic book order was sent home or the book fair came around well I m sure you can guess who was circling Lasombra every book in the catalog or who was first in line with a stack of booksyep you guessed it ME So with that little background about me I have to say this book reminded me of one of my absolute favorite adventure series that I picked up when I was about 9 and over 20 years later I am still waiting for the final book of the series to come out The book series is Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites and if any of you are or aren t familiar with it uick recap for you A brother and sister and another boy search for a cave in Wyoming and find a time portal back to ancient times The adventures they have arepic and continue throughout their lives and their children s lives Great fun captivating adventures with the similar setting and time period as LakhoniIf you re looking for a fun series for any age I highly recommend that one Ok that little blurb over onto of my thoughts about LakhoniLakhoni is a perfect xample of the hero s journey The struggle the hero xperiences and how he learns and grows and ultimately conuers Lakhoni lives in a village far from the main city of the kingdom he is happy and loves his family and the close knit lives of the village members The beginning of the book starts out with very descriptive and fast paced wording Lakhoni is out hunting and happens to see the king s men who are assassins and tries to race them back to his village to warn his people He is then hit over the head and left for dead When he comes to all that he knows and loves is gone The author Jared Garrett does a great job of showing the depth of Wanton Nights emotions that Lakhoni is feeling and going through I reallynjoyed his use of words it s amazing how powerful simple things as letters combined together to create words and how those words put together just right can voke so together to create words and how those words put together just right can voke so motion and understandingLakhoni realizes his sister Alronna is missing among the villagers bodies and realizes that he is going to go after her Another step along his hero s journey comes at this point when a group called the living dead find him and force him to return with them to their hidden home in a large cavern Lakhoni comes to realize that he does not belong with this group and plays it smart by learning verything he can from them how to be a strong warrior how to be stealthy and how to bring justice *to his people Lakhoni plans his scape and leaves this group *his people Lakhoni plans his scape and leaves this group the separatedanother name for them in the book He runs out of provisions and is close to death when he again comes across another group of people They are unsure of him and his allegiance to ither the king or the usurpers of the landanother major part of the story group of brothers who divide when the father dies and the two groups want to lead the people but the people divide and follow the two different groups of brothers Lakhoni is nursed back to health and becomes very close to the village healer s daughter Shimra Once again he must struggle against the constraints of others to try to keep him from his mission of rescuing his sister and seeking justice for the death of his whole villageMan can we say that this hero really has verything thrown at him and many obstacles that continue to get put in his way and through his desire to do what s right and save his sister he shoulders on through verything I love the moments in the. Assassins all in order to save his sister's life But along the way he discovers the truth about his parents they were not the simple villagers they seemed Instead they were hiding a great secret that goes back to the First Fathers and may determine the fate of the kingdom itself But ,
I received a complimentary copy of this from the author through For Voracious Readers This was a great pic adventure If you like பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் epic tomes along the lines of Tolkien you llnjoy this The characters are well developed the plot and story are well thought out well organized It was a joy to read I actually found myself slowing down to really savor the moments in this book I m usually a bit of a speed reader I work full time and have a six year old so *Speed Is Usually A Reuirement *is usually a reuirement me to finish a book I would definitely recommend this book it s well worth a read or two I The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 enjoyed reading this novel Clearly not intended to be a standalone work itntails the triggering lement and subseuent stages of a uest for Lakhoni I found that the story moved along at a pretty good pace I think there were some scenes and characters that are likely important for future installments but they didn t really add much to this particular tale I do understand the choice to include them it allows the chronology to make "sense but I think it did sacrifice some tautness in the main "but I think it did sacrifice some tautness in the main for this volumeThe main characters are vividly rendered and well fleshed out considering that we only really xperience them through Lakhoni s or Ree s perspectives I think that certain usually those with smaller roles characters were a little flat some ambiguity would have helped them seem less like caricaturesMy biggest concern was in the world building I found it very difficult to settle myself into this universe The cover art and Lakhoni s name as well as the fact that it was advertised as historical fiction led me to believe that this was featuring Mayan or Aztec cultures and for a long time I though the Usurpers were Colonial xplorersinvaders but the descriptions and cultures portrayed really didn t match with my understanding of those I mentioned I spent much of the novel trying to determine where and when this was set Once I accepted it as a fantasy or speculative fiction novel I was able to just njoy it for what it is I think the marketing choices were the culprit behind most of my discomfort but I do feel that intense and clear world building would have overcome the notions I was led to developI think this is an interesting series although distinctive world building would Travis elevate it to a whole other level I would be interested in reading as the plot was interesting and while the twists were straightforward they were well written and the author did a good job ofnsuring they weren t bolts completely out of the blue I received a copy of this book through Voracious Readers Only LOVED IT Give me Cliffhanger AlertReally loved and njoyed this book but to leave the reader hanging Not fair Now I will wonder what the check happened to the characters in this outstanding book Well done I received a free copy of Lakhoni from Future House Publishing in xchange for an unbiased reviewThis is the first book in a seriesThe story is set in a world that is reminiscent of Ancient America The author creates a world full of different tribes mystical artifacts and secret conspiracies It is a story of a boy Lakhoni and his rite of passage to become a man On his way he AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 encounters people that will become his friends and some who might be his foes but you can never be uite sure who is which andxperiences thrilling adventures that will lead him to the secret he never knew The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? evenxisted in the first placeThis first book introduces all the important characters and sets the basis for a story full of deceit the uest for justice and the rekindling of family tiesOne thing I believe the author could improve on in the seuel is the pacing The story was a bit slow though some important vents felt rushed while other incidents that were not ssential to the plot were too detailed for my tasteI do believe though Lakhoni s adventures will lead him to uncover The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online even secrets in the future and willmpower him to become a hero for the people he cares about and loves I received a free copy of Lakhoni from Future House Publishing in Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet exchange for an unbiased reviewHonestly I did not want this tond The whole lead up to the nding was great action packed andyes a major cliffhanger But the bu. Lakhoni has been left for dead When the King's guards attack his village and slaughter his people he regains consciousness only to find his sister has been taken captive Armed with only a bow Lakhoni must traverse a brutal wilderness face deadly warriors and battle legendary tattooed. .

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Book when Lakhoni realizes that he needs to calm himself and have a moment of inner focus to realize what s important as well as how to solve problems He again scapes from this village with lots of regret at leaving behind Shimra and vowing to return to her somedayone Design Research: Methods and Perspectives early setup for the next book I m guessing here As he once again runs out of supplies he comes across a caravan and uses his skills and knowledge to join them and make his way to the king I m trying not to make thispically long because yes you should read the book but I know I Your Everyday Art World enjoy reviews to know if I am going to want to put the time into certain books So I will wrap this up soon I promiseLakhoni arrives in the kingdom and still must have trials until he can be reunited with his sister Without giving away any spoilers I will say that he sees her and maybe talks to her before the book is finished you ll have to read it to know for sure There is a big reveal as to why his village why his sister and connectionscoincidences for the plot line of him meeting certain people in his journey Thending is really fast paced and full of action and intensity I was turning pagesok finger swiping on my digital copy very fast the paced and full of action and intensity I was turning pagesok finger swiping on my digital copy very fast the um probably 30 minutes of the book I am really looking forward to the next part in the book I can t wait to see how the characters that were grouped together continue forward how some secondary characters from this first book will want revenge in the second Will they find what they are looking for Duh Duh Duuuuuh This is definitely a read that is fit for pretty much anyone but I think the YA age group will probably Why Photography Matters enjoy it mostok I am definitely not a young adult any and I reallynjoyed it so it s up "for anyone to njoy If you need a good adventure with intrigue mystery "anyone to njoy If you need a good adventure with intrigue mystery hero s journey and Duty Free Murder even a little bit of sweet budding romance it s there grab it and let me know what you thinkHappy Reading Anpic tale of courage beyond imagining Fast paced and full of action this story takes us in a great journey that will begin with our main character Lakhoni getting struck and left for dead while his village is destroyed and his sister taken A young boy must become a warrior to avenge his family and save his sibling Enduring training from and unusual source he will struggle to keep up and use his wits to save himself from all the obstacles that he will Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag encounter This story is very appealing for young adults and the plot twists will keep you guessing till thend I really wanted to like this book It seemed like a fun departure from my norm But for me the character and backstory development wasn t uite deep Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute enough and the writing was basic I mean I couldn t write a book so I can t really judge too much but the whole time I just kept having flashbacks of high school teachers saying show don t tell Now if this story was written by Sarah Maas with all her twisty plottyvil amazing genius it would ve been great The plot was absolutely ripe with opportunity to make some great twists or develop relationships I wish the author had capitalized on those chances some it would have made a huge difference for meIn the nd I just rushed through to the finish because it was a book club book If it hadn t been I would ve put it down Fabulous and fun adventure story It s set in an interesting world like maybe an alternate history It seems like a fantasy landscape but there s no magic in the story unless you count how some of the characters have special training so they can fight and jump like characters in a Chinese martial arts movie or something Very ntertaining I m waiting for the next installment This is an adventure based on ancient America It feels like a fantasy but there s no actual magic in it so that s why I call historical fantasyThe story follow Lakhoni lone survivor of his village s destruction He ncounters several different historical fantasyThe story follow Lakhoni lone survivor of his village s destruction He ncounters several different of people as he journeys toward the capital where he hopes to take revenge on the king I was less interested in the journey and survival parts but the scapes and fights were very suspenseful and xciting as was the Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 endingSome violence clean content otherwiseDisclaimer I know Jared personally But not too well Book Blo. Akhoni isn’t the only one who wants the king dead Ancientnemies are poised to strike while traitors poison the kingdom from within With the life of the king and the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance can Lakhoni avenge his parents’ death without becoming a murderer himse. .

Lakhoni The Guide and the Sword #1