[PDF FREE] (Contingency Plan Risue Contracts #2) By Fiona Davenport

N carriage ride AND some ice skatingI mean for fucks sake people I know I have the romantic sensibilities of a cockroach at a funeral despite my love of romance novels but still This just seemed

like it would 
it would a little over the top for any fucking body But no worries on to my next Fiona Davenport I m sure Find me AT 35 STARSI THOUGHT THIS ONE WAS BETTER THAN 35 starsI thought this one was better than first Still super asy no angst OTT alpha insta love Fun and short A little dialogue between the MCs helped make this book better Another wonderful read A short hot story about Brysen almost 31 and Elisa 25Brysen had severely injured his shoulder that caused the nd of his football career He talked to Madeleine book 1 H His Childhood Friend And She Told his childhood friend and she told to move out of his condo and buy a new house She gave him the information of her realtor Elisa and he went back to his hometown Hmm I kinda liked the first one better This was okay the H didn t really stand out to me But I m super stoked for Charlotte s story I love me a forbidden student professor relationship wink wink 475 Stars Just did a reread of my favorite from The Risu Contracts series Man Bryson is one hot alpha possessive man I loved him and Charlotte both What girl wouldn t want to be swept off her feet the way Brysen did the sweeping lol A good uick HOT instant love read view spoilerand I mean instant The second the Hero sees the heroine he falls in love and knows that she will be his wife hide spoile. Her only option is to talk her baby sister into skipping the classes to hit the slopes and act as a buffer over the long weekend Or she can take Brysen up on his offer to be her contingency plan and bring him along instead a choice she’s certain will land her on her back and not because she’s fallen off her sk. I have such weakness for super fun uick and sexy read featuring an OTT Alpha hero and this one was no xception Brysen and OTT Alpha hero and this one was no xception Brysen and s story was pretty good and verything you could xpect from the smutoholic duo Fiona Davenport Well it s official I have a new author to stalk If Ms Davenport continues to write heroes like Brysen I will be snatching those babies up uicker than you can blink We meet Brysen and Elisa in book one Brysen is a former NFL football player and Elisa is a realtor They meet when she has an appointment to show Brysen houses and it s on from there I absolutely 100% loved Brysen He did verything right One look at Elisa and he s done He stalks pushes One look at Elisa and he s done He stalks pushes and obsesses just how I want my OTT heroes He was freakin awesomeI liked Elisa too Though she had moments of doubt she went with the flow and didn t resist too much Brysen has multiple ways of convincing her We get a sweet Black Heart, Red Ruby epilogue that I loved Now I just have to wait for Charlotte s story Keep it up Ms Davenportwe re counting on youSafety gangview spoiler safe Brysen was a manwhore but you don t hear anything about itxcept from Elisa lol She focused on it than he did It was mainly her insecurities
he never wavered 
never wavered all Elisa has an x she works with but she can t stand him Brysen helps her give him and his new bimbo a show I can t tell you how perfect Brysen is hide spoiler This was another super sweet and sexy read from this authorThough not as OTT. A career nding shoulder injury left football star Brysen Mariano at loose New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood ends Nothing seems to spark his interest lately notven a lucrative business opportunity and his upcoming move back to his hometown Then he meets his smoking hot real state agent and she has than his spirits lifting Elisa Young made the Alpha as Caleb Brysen held his own in the book boyfriend awards lol Loved both characters and the pilogue was SO sweet I m really impressed so far with this author and I can t wait for the next in the series 25 StarsSo I have been on a bit of a smutFiona Davenport binge lately and sadly this one is probably my least favorite to date It follows the same basic formula as all of her other stuff so far ie insta love insta smut insta verythingwhich is fine by me when I m reading smut However this one went a little overboard on the fairy tale romantic gestures for my taste Sorry Ariel but it s true So how OTT you ask That s Pocahontas speak for A fucking lotYou need xamples you say SureIn this story not only did we have the wealthy dude s private plane ride capped off with the helicopter ride to their final destinationWe had oral sex in the ski lift cause you know ROMANCE novel followed by some romantic skiing A romantic gondola ride complete with the reuired romance novel list of fancy shcmancy romance food and beverageDirectly followed by a horse drawn carriage rideAnd all topped off with some ice skatingInterspersed in there between all of These Romantic Snow Bunny romantic snow bunny of course was some of thisAnd thisBut I gotta sayafter the private jet and the helicopter I was a littleAnd after the oral sex fest of a ski lift the actual ski trip and the gondola ride I was wellBut after that gondola ride segued right into a fucking horse draw. Olossal mistake of getting involved with a work colleague a blunder she’s than paying for since she’s stuck seeing her ЯED ex and his younger and brainless girlfriend on a regular basis It’snough to make her swear off men leaving her without a date to bring to the mountain retreat she needs to attend for work. .

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Contingency Plan Risue Contracts #2