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and together had to overcome a lot of obstacles to become each other s estiny I admit I was expecting a explosive climax compared to what happen and I was a little Facial Action Coding SystemInvestigator's Guide Part 16701 disappointed by that But this author reallyescribed everything vividly and with clarity it made for an enjoyable read The language and manner of speaking in this book is Alchemy for Women different than I had expected but I really enjoyed the plot It took a little while to get there but once itid I found I enjoyed the book I was impressed with the way the author use the cunning of the main characters to bring about their successes rather than by using brutal and raw force It was certainly an interesting read and I enjoyed learning about some of the native American customs Loved it great to have an American "INDIAN STORY WITH A HAPPY ENDING. FACE WITH "story with a happy ending. Face with Wolf the sensual half breed whose passion will set her free yet whose love can never be hers.
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againThis is favorite book so far from Janelle Taylor I have read just about every book she has authored I will continue to explore her writing This books make the reader feel as though they are truly in this place and time a great romance novel and a great story line I loved this book The manner of speaking was very off putting to me I know she was trying to get across the language barrier but it etracted "From The Book In "the book in opinion I ve read this book maybe 7 8 times over the years It s one of my favorites I ve always enjoyed Native American history and culture and while Kionee s tribe is fictional parts are based in fact It s a neat story to see a woman just *as strong as a man not as good *strong as a man Not as good some of her old Native American novels Too long winded particularly when it comes to explaining the so called cunning in ial. By the age of 20 the maiden called Kionee can ride fight and hunt better than most men Yet she feels a secret .

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Ogue I remember that even some of Taylor s Ecstasy series suffers from "This Problem The Dialogue "problem the ialogue far too long to be realistic but I liked the characters well enough to overlook it I could not overlook it in this one though Maybe because I hated the male image of the heroine Kionee and found it ifficult to identify the romance aspect when her image was so ecidedly male I liked the hero Stalking Wolf well enough but none of the other characters stood out All in all I have to say this novel left much to be esired I was intrigued by this story because of the plot I ve never read an indian story whereby sonless families forced their eldest aughters to train hunt and become men to be the provider of that family This is what happens to Kionee She had to become a man to be the hunter guardian for her family but her feminine urges and feelings neve. Oneliness knowing she can never marry or know a lover's touch Oneliness knowing she can never marry or know a lover's touch an extraordinary vision brings her face to. ,