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Ot it figured out turns around and jars you out of any self congratulating complacency like out of any self congratulating complacency like Point s reveille on those cold and damp winter mornings of the Hudson heights Unlike Matthew Pearl s excellent but wordy The Poe Shadow The Pale Blue Eye moves uickly dodging and weaving through deepening depravity to a climax as shocking and unexpected as anything Hitchcock has rendered If I had a complaint it is Bayard s subtle but condescending view of the cadets and administration of West Point an unnecessary and unfair slight to the fine men and women of this venerable institution but only a minor distraction not sufficient to curb my enthusiasm for this refreshingly original yarn In short one of those rare books that will keep you turning the ages way ast the time you know you should be asleep a true triumph of fiction in a historical setting Well done Mr Bayard Mystery This was going to get four stars right up until twenty ages from the end at which When The Light Went Out point it seriouslyissed me offAugustus Landor retired New York constable recounts his involvement in a murder investigation that takes lace at West Point in 1830 "Guest Starring Edgar Allan Poe "starring Edgar Allan Poe thoroughly enjoyed the first 387 ages of this novel It s a nice little mystery with a hint of the supernatural and lots of cold West Point atmosphere Bayard is an engaging nice little mystery with a hint of the supernatural and lots of cold West Point atmosphere Bayard is an engaging His rose is clear and simple with freuent moments of wonderfulness and the story rogresses at a good clip revealing clues and hidden allegiances as it builds up a great friendship between Landor and Poe Poe actually did spend a few months as a West Point cadet that much is true but his character could have been any เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร pale self aggrandizing heartbroken slacker intellectual there s really nothing about the book or Poe that reuires hisresence I liked this Poe a lot but beyond the bare details I saw little to connect him to the Poe that history left usOkay so that s the first 387 ages then on age 388 there s a Surprise Twist and I got all riled up and started accusing Bayard of wasting my time The way the story is written leaves no room for this kind of obfuscation and the narrative doesn t even attempt to justify it It issed me off and completely took away from my enjoyment of the book I m not against a fabulous surprise ending but this was done badly and with no textual supportThis is getting three stars and a big stink ey. T But none of it seems musty Bayard does what all those ads for historical tourist destinations romise as Landor says at death's door the Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, past comes on with all the force of theresent. Los crímenes de la academia

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Well they sound authenticMr Timothy sure was fun Bayard has a knack for grimly humorous rotagonists The Pale Blue Eye starts out in a similar vein until you almost get tired of Landor s whimsy But the tone changes gets serious and we re smack in the middle of strange goings on Yeah the West Point Brainwashing of the German Nation powers that be do seem awfullyatient as Landor s investigation lods on than a month oh wellBayard s Poe book 35 stars isn t uite as fun or as good as his Tiny Tim book but it is strong and I hope he keeps stories like these coming He s a good one Kudos to Louis Bayard for this uniue and cleverly crafted murder mystery set in the early days of The US Military Academy at West Point an unlikely setting but not as unusual as the casting of Cadet Fourth Edgar Allan Poe in a lead role indeed attended West Point albeit briefly a historical fact which the talented Bayard uses to full advantage in spinning a tale that apes Poe s macabre eerie surrealist style while at the same time capturing intrigue and enigma that could ass for Arthur Conan Doyle When a cadet is intrigue and enigma that could Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt pass for Arthur Conan Doyle When a cadet is hanged an apparent suicide But as if that is not enough the corpse isosthumously desecrated with the removal of the young man s heart West Point Superintendent Colonel Sylvanus Thayer fearing olitical fallout for the fledging institution calls in Augustus Landor local resident and former New York City olice detective of some renown to investigate hoping to keep the situation under control before Army bureaucrats descend The wily Landor meets and is impressed with an intellectual and keenly observant young cadet Poe of course and reluctantly is granted ermission to have Poe clandestinely assist in the investigation It is a task Poe relishes and rises to with aplomb setting for the stage for a Gothic tale of uncommon depth where the opposing images of the New York s Hudson Valley s majestic splendor and unrelenting desolation rovide the erfect backdrop to Bayard s chameleon rose But there is so much to The Pale Blue Eye than the author s clever spins on Poe Doyle and Washington Irving This is an extensively researched labor of love with well drawn characters an atmosphere as moody as the reclusive Poe and an illuminating slice of American culture in 1830 But most of all it is simply a terrific story one that takes twists and turns along the way and just when you think you ve Hic tropes Landor is attacked in the dark woods and in a dark closet Messengers drive Ouroboros phaetons There's black magichrenology a rofusion of ghosts even a boat trip through torch lit mis. Gorgeous heart breaking writingcheckAn unreliable but completely sympathetic rotagonist with Holmesein deductive skills a tragic backstory AND sex appealcheckAn expertly described setting whose real history was revealed as a genuine and vital art of the story that I found endlessly fascinating despite having zero interest in learning anything about it before nowcheckA truly unlikely Watson drawn from real life with such care I had to remind myself I wasn t reading nonfictioncheckDevil worshipcheckI mean what can a girl ask for I find myself on a Louis Bayard binge I uite enjoyed The Black Tower and just finished this one and was impressed as well In the historical fiction crime mystery genre which I often find myself gravitating towards a la Matthew Pearl and Caleb Carr these are excellent The Pale Blue Eye includes a young Edgar Allen Poe during his short time at West Point Always read to the very last age with Bayard You can t swing a dead cat these days without hitting a book with historical characters in a fictional setting And I swing a lot of dead cats believe meWhen it s done well though who cares how many of them there are And Louis Bayard does it well Fresh off his fine Mr Timothy his look at Dickens Tiny Tim as an adult OK so Tiny Tim wasn t historical but you get the idea Bayard threw Edgar Allan Poe into a novel No he s not get the idea Bayard threw Edgar Allan Poe into a novel No he s not first or last to do this but The Pale Blue Eye which of course takes its name from a Poe oem also is a successWhereas Mr Timothy was only superficially connected to A Christmas Carol really it could have been any down on his luck Englishman of the time The Pale Blue Eye is full on Poe circa 1830 when he was a cadet at West Point Former cop Gus Landor is called in to solve the death a hanging suicide murder and subseuent de hearting disheartening OK he had his heart torn out of a West Pointer Before long Landor meets the then unknown Poe is intrigued and enlists his aid in solving the crime More Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion people die Poe falls for the daughter of the West Point doctor the relationship between Landor and the not always truthful Poe takes some twists and turns and the crime doesn t get much closer to being solved We get flashes of EAP soetry And about 10 ercent of the novel is told from Poe s oint of view via his written dispatches to Landor who s otherwise the first erson voice here Bayard handles these sections. Bayard reinvigorates historical fiction rendering the 19th century as if he'd witnessed it firsthand He employs words like caoutchouc meerschaums and anapestic as fluently as he uses Got. .