Forty Years of Diversity: Essays on Colonial Georgia (Publications (Wormsloe Foundation)) (PDF)

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writes on landholders W Calvin Smith on the Habershams of Savannah And The Georgia Merchant Experience And George the Georgia merchant xperience and George Jones on one of the arly governors John Adam Treutlen Edward "J Cashin and Harvey H Jackson contribute ssays related to the late colonial period and the "Cashin and Harvey H Jackson contribute Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education essays related to the late colonial period and the of the Revolution An opening paper by Kenneth Coleman and a closingssay by Jack P Greene frame the volumeThe collection sheds new light on the social political religious and thnic diversity of colonial Georgia. .
Forty Years of Diversity: Essays on Colonial Georgia (Publications (Wormsloe Foundation))This interesting and useful collection of ssays began as a symposium commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of Georgia The authors are authorities in their "Respective Fields And Their "fields and their represent not only the fruits of long careers
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also the and insights of some of the most promising young scholarsIn a section on “The Beginnings” Phinizy Spalding discusses “James Edward Oglethorpe’s uest for an American Zion” Milton L Ready focuses his attention on “Philanthropy and the Origins. Of Georgia” British historian Betty Wood writes on “The "EARL OF AND THE GEORGIA COLONY” AND ANTHROPOLOGIST "of Egmont and the Georgia Colony” and anthropologist Hudson comments on “The Genesis of Indians”Contributors to the second section “The Settlements and the Settlers” include John Reps an authority on town planning who xplores the origins of Savannah’s suares; Larry Ivers who on “Rangers Scouts and Tythingmen”; and B H Levy whose subject is the arly history of Georgia’s JewsIn section on the socioeconomic life of.