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Electromyography for Experimentalists eNd Blake talked Cal into touring with him they slowly painfully figured out where they went wrong and Blake realized how he had unintentionally hurt Cal All looked like good times ahead unfortunately the band guitarist and song writer threw a monkey wrench demanding Blake get rid of Cal or he was walking with the rights to the music True love triumphs and let s just say Karma is a bitch Great story with lovable characters and an awesome HEA Copy provided to the reviewer inxchange for a fair and honest review Let me start by saying this is the first book by Sierra Riley that I ve read I have them all on my kindle but I ve had so many books to read lately that I hadn t had the chance until now but hopefully I ll be able to read of them soon because I loved this oneBlake is The Sinsation I don t like country music but I liked this book I wanted to put that first because when I got the ARC I was a little wary I was thinking maybe I d try thinking of them as rock stars instead I love a good rockstar romance but I really didn t need to The music is a big part of the book but you don t have to like country to appreciate it I promise I think That Tells To How tells to how done the book isI really njoyed this book I generally prefer getting together books over second chances books I think "because they often have of the sexual tension that I love This however was a really great second chances "they often have of the sexual tension that I love This however was a really great second chances I loved the way the prior relationship was handled I loved the snippets from the past I think they were worked in well where they weren t a huge part of the story just a little bit It didn t leave me wishing I was reading their first story like some second chances stories do I felt Cal Blake s connection I believed that they had been best friends and lovers I also felt how they still felt about achother There wasn t any lements to the story that felt out of place or that I didn t believe inThis was really well written It s kind of a simple plot but it has depth and substance to it I will say I wish I were leaving a better uality review I had some major life stuff going on in the middle of reading this book and I was delayed almost a week between starting and finishing this book I ll maybe try re reading it again sometime because I don t think I could really get my head and my heart in it nough when I finished it I feel like that s not fair to the book Given the uality of the writing and how much I was njoy. G home to Denver stirs up pain than nostalgia “He thought we were just fooling around but I pain than nostalgia “He thought we were just fooling around but I in love I had to run before it killed me” Bar owner Cal Lindsay is married to his job He works hard and takes care of his staff trying not to think about what could have been But when his best friend drags him to a Sinsationals concert he's face to face with the past he walked away from When Blake shows up at his bar the next night Cal isn't sure if he's there to make amends or flaunt his newfound wealth and success All Cal knows is the aching truth he never stopped wanting Blake But it's far too late to fix things isn. If you like Sierra Riley stories and the "Way She Writes Them You "she writes them you love Heartstrings because it does pull on them really hard make sure you have tissues I would highly recommend reading this story plus Sierra others books she is a xcellent Gay romance writer I Was given this story for a honest review This book was provided to me for an honest reviewThis book was Wicked Loving Lies entertaining and well written I liked both MC s very much and I was glad to see them giveach other a chance again The secondary characters were well written and added a lot to the story There was low angst but a nicely paced love storyThe blurb really captures the story and I definitely recommend checking it out He Needs To Take A ChanceAn ARC was given to me for an honest review This is a story about La heredera del mar ex lovers and friends getting back together after a five year lapse Their breakup hurtach of their hearts because they didn t have closure Since they ve decided to get back together musically hopefully they ve learned how to communicate this time around This is a well written ntertaining read Enjoy I did around This is a well written ntertaining read Enjoy I did time I skimmed many small sections of this book and I NEVER skim books The book s premise had all the trope y goodness I was hoping for friends to lovers second chance at love life styles of the rich and famous but the xecution of all of these potentially wonderful things was mediocre The story plodded along from the first page to the last pretty one note Even when things with Rhett reached their boiling point there wasn t a sense of urgency or real angst over what came next Like the words describing the turmoil and angsting may have been on the page but the writing wasn t vocative it didn t move me It didn t help the book that I felt as if the chemistry between Cal and Blake was lukewarm at best What s the point of reading a romance novel about two guys in a relationship that basically make you want to yawn the ntire timeSorry Sierra Riley but I m just not that into you and your form Blake and Cal have been friends since high school made incredible music together ven an album but cannot seem to tell the other how they feel causing their relationship to nd badly five years ago Blake went on with the band and hit it big Cal took over his father s bar back home Both missed the other but still neither reached out to the other until a tour brought Blake home and he decided to reach out With help from Cal s frie. “I just want to make music with you again” “It's been five years Why from Cal s frie. “I just want to make music with you again” “It's been five years Why he ven on my mind” Country music star Blake Bradley was born for the stage His band the Sinsationals is selling out arenas across the USA But a toxic cocktail of success substance abuse and personal conflicts threaten to tear the band apart Secretly Blake longs for the band's Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) early days Back when things were simpler He had Cal his best friend and guitarist in his corner Things were good Things wereasy But when they dared to test the boundaries of their relationship xploring something deeper Cal uit the band and left Blake hanging Comin. .

Ing the book before my life stuff went on I m rounding up my 35 stars to 4 view spoilerOne thing I really liked about this book was how the initial part of their relationship was handled It portrayed really well how they were young and stupid and I found that completely believable Being now in the my arly 30s and looking back at my relationship at 1920 years old we were young and stupid It doesn t mean we loved Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time each other any less we were just insecure and needed to live I completely buy that you can have thatxperience and then find achother again later on and reconnect that relationship and make it something of substance We see that there was miscommunication on both of their parts but at least personally while I was a little frustrated with the what happened to the characters I completely understand it and I think it would happen in real LIFE IT DIDN T SEEM TO BE A STUPID It didn t seem to be a stupid that would only xist in fiction nor was it over the top or unbelievable hide spoiler Terrific reuniting of lovers and the spark reignites Music is the background here We have an interesting story of Blake who plays and sings in a Country band and who USED to be in a band "with Cal Cal now runs
The Bar In Denver His 
bar in Denver his gave him when his Dad retired Blake s band is "Cal Cal now runs the bar in Denver his Dad gave him when his Dad retired Blake s band is town and they see Forgetful of Their Sex each other and then Blake walks into the bar They talk catch up one thing leads to another when Cal is offered a chance to play in the new band for the rest of the tour Their current lead guitar player song writer Rhett is becoming a problem Now on the road Rhett is spinning out of control he attacks Blake and Cal takes Rhett down Rhett s contract is solid and holding it over their heads The show must go onSexy times are happening and these guys are wonderful together After some hot shower lovin Rhett barges in with threats Then there is THE SPIDER realizations Rhett s a no show and once again the show must go on Complications arise We get terrific characters we care about great sex and a story we want to see through to thend and beyond Then there s the burgundy and blue Beta fish Roy I m not telling any because you will want to find out yourselves Fun stand alone story wonderful characters and some problems get resolved HFNENJOY an honest review for a generous free copy I didn t understand why any of this needed to happen lol Oo this was a good one Sooo happy to see Ms Riley s standard back Can t wait to read her newer books. 't it “If we do this you can't run off on me again” After a tentative reconciliation in the bar Blake invites Cal to travel with the band If Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing everything implodes at thend of the tour anyhow what's the harm Touring across the Western US the two men F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby explore one another with the tentative caution of strangers As they struggle to rebuild their relationship they discover that second chances arearned not given Can Blake and Cal let go of past hurts and learn to forgive Or will the band's infighting drive an impossible rift between them Heartstrings is a steamy standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhange.

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