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My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children

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K it seemed written for girls "I HAVE BOTH A GIRL AND "have both a girl and boy not bad probably better for someone of another race to read since honestly since i have been through this it was of a refresher for my daughter since its been a while since i "Was In Gradeschool I Adore "in gradeschool I adore book Compiled from her award winning blog My Brown Baby Millner describes the essence of parenting African American children The topics discussed in this book range from hair care and reality television to politics and racism As a mom I savored every moment Millner describes with her beautiful child. Ublishing almost 2000 posts aimed at lifting the voices of moms and dads of color Millner has now curated The Best of MyBrownBaby a collection of the website’s most important and insightful essays This one of a kind parenting book offers perspectives on the issues moms of color and mothers "OF CHILDREN OF COLOR FACE AS THEY RAISE THEIR "children of color face as they raise their from birthing while black to negotiating discipline to preparing children for racismThrough her website Millner has created a space for African American moms and parents of black children many of whom long to lend their critical but. ,
This book is good for what it "Is A Collection Of Blog Posts On "a collection of blog posts on it means to be a black mother raising black children I do wish it had a little substance though One day I was flipping through the channels and came across A Seat At The Table on PBS and saw
"Ms Millner As One "
Millner as one the hosts Later that week when I saw this book on the new book shelf at the library I knew I had to check it out It was an awesome read full of thoughts that I can relate to as a mom of a future black man I love the tip about power cleaning for 15 minutes each day Keep p the great wor. “The best site for thoughtful fierce advice about parenting from a Black perspective” EbonyFor almost a decade national parenting expert and bestselling author Denene Millner has published thought provoking insightful sometimes wickedly funny commentary about motherhood on her critically acclaimed website MyBrownBabycom The site hailed as a “must read” by the New York Times speaks to the experiences joys fears sorrows and triumphs of African American motherhood from pregnancy and child rearing to relationships and the politics of parenting black childrenAfter deep belief that though we may come from places and have different backgrounds all parents want the same things for our families and especially for our children.