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Se of what she has to say But some of us are just plain tired of being played for chumps and something that might seem like just a few bucks give or take well there s that one last straw that breaks the camel s back Frankly t s German at a Glance: Phrase Book Dictionary for Travelers insulting and my money goes where I wantt to go Because while authors may not be their readers bitches thank you Neil Gaiman for that one readers are not authors bitches eitherPlease take a moment to visit her review of Blood Vow to read for yourself all that she has to say Grace Draven does many things really really well Her book covers are atmospheric and evocative true art Her main male characters have anti hero tendencies that cling much longer than normal which adds drama and anxiety to an already good story Her female characters have uirks and a commonality that bring them to normal for the rest of us bourgeois human beings She has a knack for crafting cold powerful men undone by their fascination for honest appealing women Often there Blühende Heide is this twist or unapproachable element that bolsters the narrative like the hero thinking the heroine has the look of an eel see Radiance orn the case of The Undying King the heroine has a deadly touch As soon as I heard that I was Alchemy and Arcana: an Urban Fantasy Novella Collection intrigued by the exotic possibilitiesn a romance novel of a woman experiencing touch and giving touch for the first time Draven did no 4 Cededa stars Tineroth Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath is real ass her king His people once called him Cededa the Fair then Cededa the Butcher and then they called him no Only the carvings on Tineroth s gates remember him and not by name He drank the Waters and became the Undying King Imogen of Leids was raised on these legends as they were known for thousands of years and yet when her mother on her death bed tells her to seek the very same legend by revealing her the key to follow Watching Dallas: Soap Opera and the Melodramatic Imagination in search of the long lost city of Tineroth King Cededa corrupted bymmortality and doomed to George V's Children imprisonmentn a city caught between worlds as he the Undying King holds the answers to lifting her curse Can an mmortal king truly help a woman who s been born as Death s handmaiden And that s the burden Imogen carries with her her touch brings death therefore she s never known what skin on skin feels like she s never touched anyone n her young adult life and the notion that she could be free of that mprisonment fills her with an eagerness and resolvment to set upon that journeyWhat she ultimately finds s than she ever thought possible I saw the man within the king Sire Even Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens if you had no way of lifting my bane d remain grateful and happy to the end of my days that I met you Cededa the fair she s awakened How to Become an It Architect in her senses as her mere presence brings the same to themortal man who craves to be just that after the being depraved of all the senses for so long Your bane has been my blessing Those desires once dead for me are alive again I may be resistant to your curse but I m no longer resistant to your touch I never thought I d hold Deathor beg her love I m no longer resistant to your touch I never thought I d hold Deathor beg her love mercy BUT along with the resolution of her burden she also finds the truth about her past and the ploy to keep her Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking in bonds of her past and yett s only on her to fight for what she truly wants or better yet who I will love you until we are both dust when even Tineroth Lamikorda is no and passes from all memory Ever since I have read Radiance and Eidolon then Master of Crows series by Grace Draven she became my one click to buy author I would jumpn blind no uestions asked or whatsoeverthat s why making a decision to read The Undying King was the easiest one I have ever madeAnd I liked Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves it I likedt cause I love the way Grace writes and she again gave me another reason for an escape nto her fantasy worldand boy what a fantasy that was I loved her stepping up nto the explicit detailed description of sexual content which actually only made my rating of this novella higher LOL but seriously she emphysized the sensuality of tenderness as she usually writes n that tone t only made Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) it palpableWhat I wasn t pleased with though was the abrupt ending and not enough explainatory segments that I thought would be significant to the story andts development Therefore felt I was depraved of the full experience I usually get from her masterpiecesBUT I guess that s always the risk one takes while either writing or reading a novella considering all the segments one must be content with for the full mpactFor You Come to Yokum info and reviews visit. Find the Undying King and answer his secrets with her own^^Author Note The Undying Kings ntended for mature audiences and contains graphic descriptions of physical ntimac. ,

The Undying King

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If you re looking for a nice short read you can
out Grace Draven s novellasThe King s a fun read but Firesoul it leaves me hanging and wanting for I wish thiss a full length novel because Grace Draven fuck 355 stars I never thought I d hold Death he whispered Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in the darkness Or beg her love and mercy What an absolutely beautiful and fantastical novella Thiss only my second of Grace Draven s books and I am already obsessed with her writing style She has woven the perfect blend of fantasy curses and romance You Are the Rain into such a small amount of words It s safe to say that Ms Dravens rapidly becoming one of my favourite authorsImogen knows that she has been cursed Cycle Style into being death s handmaiden If someone was to touch her bare skin they would dienstantly and this as been her life for as long as she can remember In her last dying moments Imogen s mother Artscroll Children's Siddur informs her of a way to break the cursethe undying king His people once called him Cededa the Fair then Cededa the Butcher and then they called him no Only the carvings on Tineroth s gates remember him and not by name He drank the Waters and became the Undying King Cededa the king of Tineroths trapped between worlds with only the company of his ghosts and past brutalities Tineroth s a sort of magical world that cannot be seen by outsiders unless they have powerful magic or are guided by the king himself He s almost completely forgotten and his to many his existences Iron Cross is merely a fable Imogen has been told that only him cursed withmmortality can save her from the curse of deathThis was such an Zachary's Virgin interesting andntriguing story packed nto such a short book I hardly ever read novellas or short stories because I m always worried that the story will be rushed and unsatisfying I m glad that I chose The Undying King to bring back my love for novellas because t was super exciting action The Undying King to bring back my love for novellas because t was super exciting action and completely satisfying With that said I still wish this book was a full length novel or even a series because t was just so Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) interesting I want to hear about Cededa and his story as well as the newfound relationship between him and Imogen This author has such a way with creating beautiful characters and magical lands that just keep me hookedI was a little confused at the start of the novel and had absolutely no clue what was happening We are just thrownn the middle of a story and are expected to keep up with all the new nformation we receive It s so hard to understand an entire magic system and grasp a completely orginal world n such a short amount of time I felt overwhelmed and as f the author had just nfo dumped n the first one or two chapters I think that f this were a full novel the nformation would have been spread out making the book much easier to get ntoI had a bumpy start Time Capsule in the first couple of chapters but after that I was completely captivated by the story As soon as Imogen set off on her journey I felt asf the book became consistent and much easier to follow By the time she reached Tineroth I was 100% Hot Under the Collar investedn the story and couldn t turn the pages fast enoughI was extremely surprised with romance Horses in this book Instead off being rushed and unbelievable the author was able to creat a genuine and believable connection n such a Small Amount Of Time amount of time loved the scenes between Imogen and Cededa and felt their chemistry mmediately Imogen due to her deadly touch had never felt The Luthier's Apprentice intimacy until Cededa Due to the king s own curse he was able to withstand Imogen s touch and even become awakened byt Imogen discovered the pleasure of human touch and Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California it made everynteraction between them so much sensual and erotic because she was only now discovering these pleasuresI was complete taken aback by the sex scenes n this book As a lover of romance I am no stranger to erotic scenes but I just didn t expect t Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl in this book I thought this was going to be a totally clean romance but whew I was definitely wrong I definitely blushed than oncen this book Why are you here Imogen Because you re here She planted soft kisses on his cheeks his hairline I want to stay You are home to me and so s Tineroth I liked t I didn t love Schlechter Sex 2 it but I likedt The story was New Jewish Voices: Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre interesting and so were the characters however I felt like Grace Draven only scratched the surface The world the future uestions of why magic and such I have many uestions and I was a bit disappointedn the ending Also I wish we had gotten The stories are told n whispers even after so long of a man whose fair rule soured when he attained eternal youth Imprisoned by a sorceress wife n a city out of time and pla. Epilogue or a another book featuring Imogen and Cededa And things and people felt a bitunconnected to me Like I had I was meeting them seeing things without me seeing The Disability Studies Reader itthem Overall the story was still enjoyable simple and a uick read Though understanding the writing andts meanings was a bit confusing Was the king beautiful Or scarred His people once called him Cededa the Fair then Cededa the Butcher and then they called him no uick basic factsGenre Adult Fantasy RomanceSeries StandaloneLove triangle view spoilerNo hide spoiler That was a strange read At first I was a bit bored was a strange read At first I was a bit bored the first part of the book then I was annoyed n the SECOND PART AND THE LASTTHIRD PART part and the lastthird part me like this short book Hence three stars What bored me a bit n the start s that this story felt like a simple read without any strong nput nto the characters or place By the time I reached the second part of the book I was a bit annoyed but then t got worse and I got long episodes of stroking a man and discussing The Riptide Ultra-Glide it Hah I wouldn t mindt Die Sanduhr if the male was a cat I spend at least half an hour to caress my Mr Purr and he purrs at least Luv ya Mr purr 3 Anyway my first thought was Where was I Ok back to ranting Together with almost endless and aimless stroking there came some pointless discussions about smut scenes Oh I think my eye rolling reached the speed of light back then To tell the truth my eye balls exploded as there was some smut hidden there UghAnnndd let us get back to the part I enjoyed the most while reading The third part of the book That s where I saw the beautiful worldbuilding the characters got some nice action some nice scheming was going on and at last I found the aim of this short book The secrets and revelations were gripping So I just need to ask now what the hells going on with this book Oo So my advice Mardi Gras is The Undying Kings part beauty and the beast retelling part fantasy romance and Ghetto it all adds upnto a great read Friends have been recommending Grace Draven s books for years but t was only after reading Phoenix Unbound that I realised how much I d been missing out Now after enjoying this book too I m planning on working my way through the rest of her backlist as soon as I get a chanceImogen has spent her whole life living with a curse and unable to have skin to skin contact with anyone without causing their death Her mother helped her live n solation but on her deathbed she offered Imogen a glimmer of hope telling her that f she could track down the Undying King he would be able to cure her The Undying King That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon is living with a curse of his own though he achieved eternal youth but ended upmprisoned alone n a lost city Most people don t even believe the legends any but Imogen s desperate and she ll take any chance she can for the possibility of a normal lifeI really enjoyed this story and found Ghost Stories of Washington it easy to root for Imogen and Cededa I liked the hints of beauty and the beast but thatt was still completely American Espionage and the Soviet Target it s own story The world building was good but I have to admit I wanted a little of that side thiss a relatively short book and as a stand alone Luxuspreissetzung in Der Theorie Und Implikationen F�r Die Praxis it didn t have a lot of time to delvento a detailed new world I was also hoping for at the end t finished a little abruptly and left me wishing for a seuel It was still a great story though and I have very high expectations for this author s other books This was great Better as a novella I think than a full scale novel I m not an enormous fan of fantasy romance I ve only read one Juliet Marillier book and this s my first by this author so I m not really ualified to make this next statement Butthis was like a Juliet Marillier but briefer and with sex 35Dark and haunted fairytale with antiheroes tortured souls and cursed characters nstead of heroes with hot and sexy romance n the middle and enough bloodshed death and dark magic to chill your blood after Classic DravenGreat worldbuilding for such a short story Haunted ruins of lost Tineroth captured my The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives imaginationRecommended for darker fairytales and fantasy romance readers This story THE UNDYING KING by Grace Draven was gifted to me by Beanbagn protest of the outrageous prices professional publishers are charging for their books She s chosen a few of her very favorite INDY published books to share with some of her Goodreads friends She explains her unusual form of protest beautifully here Beanbag s Review of JR WARD s Blood VowA glimp. Ce he has passed Urban Legend Detectives Case 4: The Samejima Case into legend Few believen him and fewer would set their hopes on his mercy But Imogen has no choice To break the curse that's solated her since birth she'll. ,