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Chapters are told from the viewpoint f different characters Wolfsong onef the students in the class the two boys accused Ultimate Memory Book of the murderne Pelnrušķis un trollis of the boys sisters and his mother s diary entries We learnf what led the two boys to their actions and there is also a few delicious plot twists along the wayIf you are willing to try something a little different then this will reward you with an excellent read Japan is bviously culturally very different from the UK I worked for a reward you with an excellent read Japan is bviously culturally very different from the UK I worked for a company for some years but regardless O Mistério do Infante Santo of whether you know anything about the country and the peopler not is irrelevant Yes the attitudes are ften a little different the teacher Moriguchi is looked down upon by parents in the class for being a single parent to Manami children f divorced parents generally live with the father and not the mother the children strive for perfection in their marks at school and are ften sent to cram schools after class and teachers are much highly respected but these are minor things that are easily understood and sympathised with The author creates great tension excellent characters and a really interesting plot I look forward to reading by Kanae Minato and hope f her novels are translated into English In Japan she is described as the ueen Slice by Slice of iyamisu literally a eww mystery where readers blurtut Eww while reading her books However this is certainly not physically revolting r grisly in any way although it does deal with the very dark side f human nature and what motivates people whether it is to look for notoriety Ice Maiden or to revenge the lossf the child you hold most dear Needing a uick book to fill my time before ending a holiday I turned to Kanae Minato s debut thriller that spins a murderous tale from many perspectives Yuko Moriguchi has chosen to retire from teaching after her young daughter drowned in a pool As a single mother the death hit hard and Moriguchi faces her students Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle one final time to deliver an endf year lecture During this final address she admits that the death f her daughter was no accident and that two students are responsible choosing not to reveal them to the class She has taken it upon Herself To Exact A Form to exact a form revenge even after the police deemed the death an accident What follows is a telling f the events through the eyes And Cowboy Makes Three of many each with theirwn truths and revelations The students parents and Moriguchi herself are touched by these perspectives which enrich the revenge and leave everyone a little vulnerable to the truth A wonderfully crafted story that keeps the reader s attention throughout Those who love a thriller with many hidden revelations will enjoy this and need not worry about the translation as it keeps a seamless narrativeWhile this book is apparently an internatio. Inaram a sua filha Es. This book was FUCKED Oh my GOD I READ A FAIR AMOUNT I read a fair amount dark and twisty things but this went above and beyond anything I ve ever read before I audibly gasped twice while reading it Jfc I m honestly still too shook to write a coherent review so in short this book was fucked the fuck up read at your Teasing Her SEAL own riskTW murder animal cruelty depression 45 Stars THIS BOOK This is a book I would recommend to everyone The twists and the turns were incredible Nearly every twist and turn knocked meff my feet and that is SO rare as I predict so many twists in thrillers and mystery books This book should really have the success Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of books like Gone Girl The Girln the Train because it s just so awesome I m not going to say anything to give the story itself away because I don t want to ruin it Story 45 Stars Writing 4 Stars Execution 5 Stars This book was almost perfect Things dropped A Valentines Wish off a teeny bit in the middlef the story but the ending completely made up for it It just was so thought Paixão Sem Disfarce out and everything fit together so well too I would 100000% recommend this and I would definitely read something else by Kanae Minato She s definitely not your runf the mill author she s insanely talented and a natural writer and storyteller Confessions revolves around the revenge plot contrived by a middle school teacher Yuko Moriguchi Her four year daughter Manami accidentally dies Rain on the school grounds butn further investigation she learns this book is delivered in a stark and barebones prose but the story itself is surprisingly convoluted and intricatethe first book is delivered in a stark and barebones prose but the story itself is

surprisingly convoluted and 
convoluted and first is told in the form f a lecture as a teacher addresses her class with what appears to be a series f Brilliantly constructed but pointless I m disappointed given the volume I Met Someone of buzz and strong recommendations for this novel Still Confessions isriginal and Quantum (Captain Chase offers a sterling and surprising ending This novel is an unreliable multiple first person POV epistolary thriller debut novelview spoilerwell there are 2 chapters that are not epistolary like hide spoiler I came across this book by accident when I read a reviewn Goodreads It intrigued me enough to download it and I was immediately hooked The novel begins with a teacher telling her students that she is resigning from middle school A single mother to a four year The Other Islam old daughter her students believe she is leaving becausef a terrible tragedy which saw her little girl found dead in the school pool However in a speech at the end Last Man Standing of term the teacher relates the storyf what happened that day and f how two students in the class are guilty f her murderThis is a literary mystery We know what happened and we know who did it but what unfolds is the story Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault of the teacher s revenge and the conseuencesf her actions Different. Os seus alunos assass. Nal sensation I had not heard about it I am glad I scrolled through my local library and found it which has fit nicely into the end f my holiday reading period Minato does well in presenting this piece which allows the reader to see the story particularly the crime through the eyes f many characters thereby ffering motives and enriching the greater story Yuko Moriguchi is an interesting character of many characters thereby ffering motives and enriching the greater story Yuko Moriguchi is an interesting character the first The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover opportunity to tell her versionf events The reader is likely locked into this truth through the long Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, opening chapter and their beliefs arenly then shaped by subseuent characters all DogFace of whom twist events slightly to their favour while peppering the narrative with new facts The various perspectives are strong and depict the differences in age mentality and abilityf those given the narrative reins which can force a reader to relax their preconceived notions The story is not like anything I have read before both because What You Owe Me of its Japanese influenced references and individualised approach to the subject matter This is unlike many thrillers English and translated alike that I have read proving both refreshing and mind cramping I was impressed to see the story develop as it did and am interested to read Minato s second piece which seems to be receiving the same typef praiseKudos Madam Minato for such a thought provoking novel Full Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of the criminal element and personal angst I can see why you received such literary praiseLovehate the review An ever growing collectionf thers appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort f Book Challenge Her pupils murdered her daughter she will have her revenge That was as much as I need to know about this novel in rder for it to engage my interest Firstly I would never have come across this book if it wasn t for a friend here n Good reads who s review encouraged me to read this wonderful novelI really enjoyed this story f revenge by Japanese writer Kanae Minato and found myself intrigued by the happenings in this Japanese schoolI listened to this book and the chapters are narrated in alternating voices and I enjoyed the
narrator very muchthis 
very muchThis a dark and disturbing novel that had lots f unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader interested The writing is simplistic and yet the author manages to captivate her readers with an imaginative and entertaining plot I love complex and dislikable characters so be warned this book is not for readers who are looking for loveable charactersFor a short novel this Blind Spots one really packs a punch and I will recommend thisne to many A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of my friendsI think readers who enjoyed like Defending Jacob may enjoy thisne Insidiously viciousWhat a riveting pening and explosive ending view spoilerPun appropriately intended hide spoiler. Ta é a sua vingança. .

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