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Ures on what books to read languages to learn and music to hear And around the personal details and anecdotes he sketches with just enough vividness some of the tumultuous historical events he was caught up in I recommend this short book to all ans of Stendhal. What I recommend this short book to all ans of Stendhal. What of man; and generally how to enliven the tedium of a French provincial town At the same time he encourages her to think or herself a process that Inevitably Reveals What He Thought reveals what he thought thinking or himsel.

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Letters to Pauline Hesperus ClassicsI ondly remember reading the Charterhouse of Parma than thirty years ago Sadly I never ound the time to read of his writings until now These letters provide an insight Into The Writer S the writer s life before he wrote his great novels It shows Beyle. Determined to take his deeply loved younger sister Pauline’s education in hand Henri Beyle better known
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the most of his scores of noms de plume Stendhal was obliged to continue her tuition in epistolary On the make driven by his AMBITION TO BE A GREAT MAN to be a great man spending beyond his means a lover of art literature music women and Italy Burn after reading this seems to be his characteristic sign off in these letters to his poor sister whom he restlessly lect. ASHION ON LEAVING GRENOBLE IN HIS LETTERS TO HER on leaving Grenoble In his letters to her Instructs Her In What She Should Read Plutarch Molière And her in what she should read Plutarch Molière and what to study philosophy logic mathematics and music; whether or not to get married and to.