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Ed in several projects but not included "In The Materials Some Amateur Tools "the materials list Some amateur tools these half hammers that are really useless I saw a photo of handmade stamps and was hoping that there was a section on how to make your own but no Seeing how stamps could be combined or partially stamped was good but I was hoping for projects that were less crafty and artistic. Our way Discover the uniue looks you can achieve working with a variety of metals silver copper and brass while advancing your metalsmithing skills Whether you're new to metal stamping or your hammer is in need of fresh inspiration New Stamped Metal Jewelry has the Instruction And Inspiration You're Looking and inspiration you're looking This is not your ordinary craft book this is *Work Of Art The Book Features Lots Of Projects *of art The book features lots of creative projects range in style from elegant chevron necklaces to funky Day of the Dead skull pendants There are so many beautiful projects and besides showing different ways to stamp the book also shows different jewelry making tips using chain and jump rings The photos show eac. Cutting edge stamping techniues and designs Since the publication of Lisa Niven Kelly's first book on metal stamping the craft has undergone a revolution with design stamps available than ever before This hotly anticipated followup authored together With Taryn McCabe Gives You Even New Ways To Create Taryn McCabe gives you even new ways to create

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H step of the process and makes it easy ACCOMPLISH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS I VE accomplish highly recommend this I ve done metal stamping for jewelry so I excited to see this book I found it really light on basic working and finishing techniues those things that really bring one s work up to a professional looking level so that was disappointing Annealing is barely discussed Metal tape was us. Ized stamped jewelry Inside you will learn fresh techniues such as mandala stamping and find patterns for than 20 projects a trendy chevron necklace chandelier earrings garden themed cuff and Easy to follow full color step by step photos accompany all basic techniues as well as the jewelry projects to guide .
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New Stamped Metal Jewelry