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Nd how a person is process and prepared to go to trial I like the lawyer information After reading so many novels this year set in Goteborg Malmo Jakarta Dublin and London London London what a delight to read a book set in Eugene Oregon Reservations at SweetWaters driving down Franklin lost on Fox Hollow Road loved it Thanks for the recommendation Jane I njoyed getting to know the main character defense attorney Barbara Holloway And her father I m sure I ll be back for I registered this book at BookCrossingcom Holloway is a defense attorney with a small office at BookCrossingcom Holloway is a defense attorney with a small office a partner who happens to be her father She is married to a doctor who is in charge of an addiction center She is ngaged to represent a man who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Robert a former classmate and current state senator Not only that but he is also suspected of killing another person over 20 years arlier David Etheridge is the author of a few books and is on a lecture tour based on his latest Apparently the book is causing some ripples wherever he speaks in part because of his atheism After giving a lecture attended by Barbara Holloway and her father Frank David is attacked and lands in the hospital close to death Is the attack related to the two murders Or to his book Either way many in the police department are convinced that if he dies the case will be closed Etheridge s odd personality can rub people the wrong way He can be abrupt and rude So working with him is not always a dream Nevertheless Barbara believes in his innocence and is not willing to let the case die if he does The plot is a bit twisted and odd but I suspect in real life such cases xist However the procedural aspects of this case bothered me For one when Robert is murdered the police don t search his house or his room Especially considering he died in his house this seems strange indeed For another there are suggestions that Robert had influence on zoning decisions While a senator can advocate for a zone change he has no power to make any Such decisions are made at the local level by city Councils And Boards Of and boards of The police proceed on their case against David solely on statements made by a few people No physical vidence specially because they didn t ven look beyond the body Seems really weak to me and likely not to win any hearts in the District Attorney s office I also had some difficulty liking the characters and believing the riots at the lectures At times Barbara mentioned the prejudices some people have against atheists and how they believe that atheists have no morals I got the sense that she might have believed that too As an atheist myself I can attest that we are like anyone lse in that regard Some have morals and others do not Further riots at lectures Anyone who reads books and follows lecturers is not generally inclined to break out in physical violence Who would those people have been It s readable kept me interested but I like to see greater care taken in procedures and interesting and fuller development of characters. Ra must battle the prosecution and the court of public opinion which has already tried and convicted Etheridge for both murders As the pressure mounts Barbara ties the past and present together risking her own life to preserve justic. ,

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I do like Barbara Holloway and her Dad Frank This is Wilhelm s latest in the ntertaining Barbara Holloway series All set in Eugene OR Barbara This is Wilhelm s latest in the ntertaining Barbara Holloway series All Set In Eugene OR Barbara Very Likable in Eugene OR Barbara very likable bright I finally decided this morning why I njoy this series they re like a grown up Nancy Drew series with a circle of regular characters who are also competent and honest Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies even a very neat widowed and now retired father The main defendant character here is a pleasantly complicated liberal academic There s reference to the issues with of ideology the declining state of intellectual thoughttc As with all of the Holloway books I get into it and nd up finishing it asap I practically read the books courtroom scenes out loud Defense attorney Barbara is so very clever These later installments are uick reads Barbara herself brilliant attorney father retired brilliant attorney Frank who cooks like a dream and takes loving care of his daughter almost mythical private detective Bailey By now they all feel like my old friends in Eugene If you want some totally pleasant reading with a usually tricky murder or two and dramatic court room scenes start with Death ualified which is vaguely scientific and keep going Wilhelm is an absolutely famous and award winning science fiction author but Holloway is pure pleasure characters were hard to get into at first This was better than I thought it would be for hard to get into at first This was better than I thought it would be for low general ratingTHIS SUMMARYREVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYAnother wonderful visit with Frank and Barbara Holloway and Barbara s current boy friend and his son In this one Barbara is hired to defend David who it seems the police are going to arrest for the murder of a man who had been his college classmate 20 or years ago As Barbara investigates she realizes that the murder is very much connected to a party held after college graduation and a girl who was murdered the night of that party The usual wonderful gesticulations of Barbara s mind Frank s fatherly concern and advice and all the wonderful food Frank cooks I always want to move right into the Holloway house and have Frank Holloway as my father and mentor I love these booksWhen David Etheridge a controversial author and scholar returns to Eugene Oregon for a speaking ngagement he rents an apartment from Rob While as almost always I The Power Of A Choice enjoyed this book in Wilhelm s Holloway series my brain protested the whole way through about the amazing memories of characters who recalled in precise detail thevents of a party from 20 years before who left with whom at what time who drank what what was said who danced with whom who parked where or arrived on foot tc While I can usually overlook this kind of plot device for an instance or two under the willing suspension of disbelief reader s clause I found it a major hitch in the book that the whole plot hinged on this incredibly unrealistic point Still I don t read Wilhelm only for plot but primarily for the re. Twenty two years ago controversial author David Etheridge and ambitious state senator Robert McCrutchen were investigated in the death of a young coed But a circle of secrecy guaranteed the case was never solvedWhen Etheridge returns. ,

Al flawed yet admirable characters that she carries from book to book It s never asy to write a less than stellar review but I d be leading others to the wrong It s never asy to write a less than stellar review but I d be leading others to the wrong by recommending Cold Case Apparently attorney Barbara Holloway has appeared in 10 other Wilhelm novels surrounded by a regular cast of characters including her father Frank co attorney Shelley and her disfigured husband Alex an investigator named Bailey and Barbara s current sueeze Danner and his son Unlike Sue Grafton who seamlessly introduces familiar characters whether you re reading her for the first time or the 20th Wilhelm overwhelms the plot with so many people that the story gets lost in trying to remember who s whoThe book begins when 14 year old Amy McCrutchen and a friend try to slip into brother Robert s party Robert drunkenly hits on a pretty acuaintance ven though he just proposed to his girlfriend David Etheridge a classmate becomes involved in The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right either protecting the McCrutchen s potential conuest or using her as well As Amy sees it then and 22 years later David was a hero that nightBoth men are investigated for murdering the woman who s strangled not long after the party breaks up No one isver arrested for the crime and the death is forgotten until Robert McCrutchen is murdered 22 years later shortly after David Etheridge returns to town to give a talk on a controversial novel he s writtenBarbara Holloway and her supporting cast are hired to defend David who becomes a prime suspect in both murders though he s savagely beaten after his talk Why David becomes the prime suspect in the murders is the biggest mystery of the book Etheridge s guilt is a slam dunk to the police and Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling even to his attorney Holloway but I certainly couldn t figure out how he d get convictedspecially when a much obvious suspect appears Monsieur Pain early in the bookI made myself finish Cold Case though I was thoroughly confused why several over describedvents were included they had absolutely nothing to do with the plotPerhaps if I d read other books featuring Holloway I d have a better feel for why it was necessary to include so many other characters And though I had no xtra information as a reader than Barbara Holloway I m truly mystified why I knew who committed the crimesI m glad Kate Wilhelm has a following I ll just move on to mystery writers that give me of a thrill Nice comfortable read I was way ahead in who the suspect should be and seemed like a long time for the lawyer to get it But I like the characters and the story was interesting Love this series They just keep getting
Barbara Holloway and her father make an awesome pair when it come to solving cases and defending their clients This one was specially good I think Wilhelm is captivating author Not a great idea sometimes to skip books in a series but when others are not availablewellI njoyed the story Maybe not as xciting as some of the previous stories but well told A crime from the past and a crime in the present give a very compelling look at our justice system To Eugene Oregon McCrutchen is his grudging host until the senator is found shot dead Now Etheridge is back where he was two decades ago suspected of murder Only this time with the cold case reopened he's facing a double chargeBarba. .
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