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S story but then Kit was the hero and he was shown to be achieving that And then some things are best left on their own to be understood by the clever reader It s always hard for "Me To Review A Georgette "to review a Georgette book She s one of my favorite authors and I ve read most of her books many times Which makes it difficult to feign objectivity or even to avoid gushing like a little girlIn False Colours like other of her adventure flavored romances The Unknown Ajax The Toll Gate or The Talisman Ring for example the central romance is resolved between half and three uarters through the book 60% in this case I checked Unlike those others however the adventure side of False Colours is pretty tame indeed there isn t much for the heroes to do besides wait for Kit s missing twin to show up And there s no malignant force to contend against Indeed all the factors of the dilemma they must extricate themselves from are caused directly or indirectly by the Fancot twins themselves or their motherSo you d think this book would be less enjoyable than others of its ind As you near the end of the book there s no real urgency or threat or danger And the romance is resolved uite satisfactorily thank you very much Yet the ending while a threat or danger And the romance is resolved uite satisfactorily thank you very much Yet the ending while a pace than you d expect is not only not a dead bore but is really uite enjoyable all the way to the very end Indeed though I ve read the book times than I can confidently state and I now very well how things will resolve I m not even a little bit tempted to simply stop reading once Kit and Cressy declare their devotion to one another or when even Evelyn shows up to tell them where he s beenThe thing is Heyer has populated the book with such engaging characters that you really aren t ready to be done with them until everybody is reasonably well settled The magic of the book is that you like Lady Denville the Dowager Stavely and Sir Bonamy even as you have to acknowledge the faults that cause so many difficulties And Lady Denville shines as a character you can t help but love Her love for her sons and basic good natured care for others is endearing even as you understand that her inability to control her impecunious habits is at the heart of Evelyn s difficultyAdd Heyer s deft hand with dialogue and the book is fun to the very end While not her best work or my most loved this continues to be on my high rotation list because I simply enjoy spending time with these characters Love love loveThis novel was so cute Ah I just want to give it and everyone in it a big hug 3 False Colours seems to be one of those less popular Heyers because I had rarely heard of it new nothing of what was going to happen and generally did not Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. know what to expect beyond twins switching places and family shenanigans But it was all so much fun What a wonderful rideI just loved the feels of this book so sweet soothing heart warming and gentle all interlaced with Heyer s signature wit and humour The family bonds were so strong and so touching too The Fancots were such a united family wanting the best for each other and trying to outind the others it was so sweet Every scene was basically Lady Denville Oh my goodness. Inancial and social ruin and than alarmed to find that his twin Evelyn the new Earl of Denville has disappeared without trace Handsome and eligible as the Earl of Denville has disappeared without trace Handsome and eligible as the elder of the renowned Fancot twins was no one would forgive him if he failed to appear before his fiancee's family For even though they did not love each other he could hardly embarrass the charming Cressida Stavely at her own engagement party And if the match were wrecked it would dash the last hope of getting his lovely improvident mother out of debtThe incorrigible Lady Fancot persuades her younger son to impersonate his twin just for one night she promises Kit appeared at the party just in time to double for the missing Earl With his intellig. My sons are the best I feel SO sorry for all the other parents out there who can t possibly have sons as awesome as mine Ah I am SO lucky No joke though she really says that at some point Kit Aww I missed you Mama hugs Let me help you with anything I can even though I hate this masuerade of taking Evelyn s place Evelyn Mama hugs Let me settle your debts Let me help you And Kester thank you so much for helping me Lady Denville Oh my sons I love you both EUALLY Let s have some UAILS to celebrate the return of Evelyn Kit Eve it s okay bro I can handle Mama s debts Evelyn No no It s MY RESPONSIBILITY KIT NO SERIOUSLY I responsibility Kit No seriously I this Lady Denville Wait I have a better idea but let s not have uails after all Evelyn Oh oh Mama is wearing her mischievous face again Kit Oh by the way Eve sorry for falling in love with your fianc e I This book is about a cute set of identical twins no wait Cute and marriageable identical twins Something like this but in Regency costume fans self vigorouslyAnyway The younger and sensible twin Christopher Kit senses Something is Wrong with his twin and returns to London from foreign parts only to find that his brother Evelyn has disappeared without a trace and it s imperative that Evelyn show up at a dinner to meet his wealthy fianc e s family Unfortunately for Kit and Evelyn their charming lovely mother is a complete spendthrift and unless Evelyn marries Cressy he won t be given control of his own fortune and won t be able to pay off Mama s massive debts and rescue the family from certain disgrace and he and Cressy both understand it s going to be a marriage of convenience So of course Kit is pressured by Mama into pulling the old switcheroo except Evelyn Black Women in White America A Documentary History keeps not showing up and Kiteeps getting thrown into Cressy s company and you can pretty much guess where it s going from here But like most all Georgette Heyer books the fun is in the ride and the witty dialogue not so much in whatever surprises there are to be gleaned from a genre so littered with tropes Unfortunately the dialogue in this book didn t charm me as much as Heyer s dialogue usually does Partly it was because this book contained too much talk and too little action and romance there s 50 pages of exposition at the start But mostly it was because too little time is spent with Kit and Cressy and their budding relationship and way too much time is spent with their foolishly extravagant Mama If you agree with Kit and Evelyn and apparently pretty much every other character in this book other than their late and unlamented father that a lovely silly 40 something woman trying to act like a 20 year old who is utterly "unable to manage her finances and who spends money she doesn t have like there s no "to manage her finances and who spends money she doesn t have like there s no is charming and delightful and that she needs to be coddled and understood but in no case put on a strict financial budget then maybe you ll enjoy this book than I didIt s too bad because I thought the basic plot had real potential and I thought Cressy and Kit were a clever and entertaining couple other than his unfortunate tendency to indulge his motherA soft 3 stars There were some fun parts but too few and far betwee. Ence he succeeded in deceiving all present Kit is forced to continued the outrageous masuerade by the tangled affairs of his wayward family his rigid uncle Lord Brumby the surprisingly wily Sir Bonamy Ripple the formidable old Lady Stavely and Evelyn's betrothed Cressy But in the face of Evelyn's continues absence Kit's ingenuity is stretched to the limit And with his superb manners he not only charmed Cressy's formidable grandmother but made Cressy herself wonder if she could love her fiance after all The masuerade sets off a tangled seuence of events that engage Kit's heart far deeply than he'd ever anticipated with his brother's fiancee who might now much about what's going on than she cares to reveal. False Colours

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Well according toThe Georgette Heyer Theory of Regency Romance assuming a very many constants in people s beliefs and perceptions and assumptions Regency Romance assuming a very many constants in people s beliefs and perceptions and assumptions on absurd coincidences and the unfailing and obviously expected conclusion of a happily ever after False Colours is truly Georgette Heyer personifiedThough this one is not my favourite of the lot it has a few things I much admire Kit for instance with his ingenuity and tact is a superb character Secondly The Fancot Twins together do capture my fancy But one feeling what the other goes through is doing it much too brown But again as I said it is The Georgette Heyer Theory of Regency Romance and there ought to be the unbelievable and outrageous to make it an out and out endearing storyIt seems impossible to believe in many things happening in the story in today s times but taking things with a pinch of salt why not After all it is fiction and fiction is supposed to be just that FantasticKit is definitely One Well Thought After Character I Liked Him To Say well thought after character I liked him to say least He is intelligent witty and has a sense of humour all the things that are really appreciable Plus the love for his mother and twin is inda cute For all his simplicity you just can t ignore him He is worth a dozen EvelynsI read at many places about people s opinions regarding Lady Denville being really annoying but I for my part found her amazing I mean she is just so different She sure must be difficult to bear with in real life circumstances a challenge even but there is no denying her being uite adorable For all her carelessness she does love her sons And she can cook up ingenious plans read scarlet fever just to get her way And how she takes things lightly is what really surprises me for how can a person with tremendous debts ever feel so light n without a jot of discernible care I couldn t fathomCressy is not one of my favourite Georgette "heyer heroines i couldn t make up her "heroines I couldn t make up her well as I could say of Frederica or Sophy or Venetia or Kit from Cotillion Could be my mistake or fault at reading between the lines but being described as reserved in the beginning she is anything but that Please correct me if I am wrongBonamy Ripple was fun to read about What a couple he should form with Lady Denville The scene of his undoing was hilarious What a spot he is in I did like him a lotI also do like the twins chemistry and love for each other I am much inclined to accept the unbelievable gut feelings or whatever those may be that they feel for each other to be true because it gives the story the impetus necessary I liked the Dowager excessively and she was very true to such real life tormentors that do exist Also I liked the secondary characters of Fimber and ChallowOverall Georgette Heyer took good care to plan and plot the story amazingly just so that you are persuaded to believe in the unbelievable No one can match her wit and humour with the pen What I could actually want was an ending where everything was further elaborated and not just with Kit s plan for the same Also how Evelyn s pursuance of Miss Askham is taken care of could of course give us the happily ever after details of Evelyn. When the charming but irresponsible Lady Amabel Countess of Denville is left a young widow the problem of her mounting debts becomes acute So she is lucky to have such resourceful twin sons as Evelyn and Christopher Fancot to steer the family through a desperate intrigue to restore the Denvilles fortunes The danger is that at times the family's pressing financial needs are almost overshadowed by the even greater demands of young hearts But just when disaster seems certain their adorable Mama uite unpredictably saves the dayThe Honourable Christopher Kit Fancot on leave from the diplomatic service in the summer of 1817 is startled to find his entrancing but incorrigibly extravagant mother on the brink of ,

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