EBOOK or KINDLE (The Death of Ben Linder The Story of a North American in Sandinista Nicaragua) AUTHOR Joan Kruckewitt

The Death of Ben Linder The Story of a North American n Sandinista Nicaragua

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I don t hang on to a lot of books but I ve kept this one around
Since I Read It Than 
I read And the Envelope, Please... it than years ago Ben Linder s storys heartbreaking aggravating and yet Anything For His Son inspiring I wanted to read a bookn conjunction with a trip to Nicaragua but you don t have to have any connection to the country to find this a compelling story I read this book while living Anticipation in Nicaragua It was anncredibly ntense read for me bringing alive the history struggle passion and c This book caught my eye after I had bought the Criterion Collection s new DVD release of Walker the 1988 film that told the tale of William Walker Walker was an American adventurer who went to Nicaragua n the 1850s as a hired gun leading a small ragtag army but ended up becoming ts dictator for a time "the film came out while the reagan administration film came out while the reagan administration came out while the Reagan administration openly supporting the Contra rebels who were fighting to overthrow the revolutionary Sandinista government In a written diary that accompanied the film a crew member mentioned that during filming a young American had been killed by the Contras This ntrigued me an American had been killed by members of a group organized and funded by American tax dollars This American was Ben LinderI did some research and bought this book as a result It was a wholly engrossing read Joan Kruckewitt has weaved together a well researched yet touching account of someone I believe represents the best of America Ben Linder went abroad to a foreign country because he believed that the best way to help a country was to help build t nstead of contributing to a war which would lead to the opposite outcome I highly recommend this book though Annie and the Outlaw it discusses a period during the tail end of the Cold War. In 1987 the death of Ben Linder the first American killed by President Reagan's freedom fighters the US backed Nicaraguan Contrasgnited a firestorm of protest and debate In this landmark first biography of Linder ANNIE AND THE PRINCE investigative journalist Joan Kruckewitt tells his story In the summer of 1983 a 23 year old American named Ben Linder arrivedn Managua with a unicycle and a newly earne. .
It The Single Dad's Redemption is highly relevant today due to our currentnvolvement abroad n places like Ira and Afghanistan After finishing this book I came to like Ira and Afghanistan After finishing this book I came to conclusions first I want to make this nto a film one day and second to paraphrase the old saying your words get further laced with honey than vinegar Building a country seems to me a far better option than destroying t I absolutely loved this book I knew about the Contra war n Nicaragua n the 80s but I had never read "such an account before Following the story of the war from the "an account before Following the story of the war from the made t that much real It gave me a window When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son into the daily life of Nicaraguans andnternationalists alike during the war and their brave efforts to help people every single day I know Ben didn t want to be seen as a hero but he s definitely someone I can look up to Five out of five would read again I read this book while I was n Nicaragua and t really put a lot of things nto perspective for me along with the stories I would hear about the More All-of-a-Kind Family impact the war had during the 1980 s and presently The book does a very good job of making you feel like you are there during this period of Nicaraguan history throughts vivid descriptions An ncredible book Through an amazing amount of research personal nterviews and journals the author paints a vivid portrait of life n 80s nicaragua as well as the life of Ben Linder Linder a young American writes n his journals movingly and powerfully about the desire to help a country ravaged by US funded contras and the complexities of making life choices about work love and which fights to fight His life all too short comes alive n Kruckewitts excellent and very readable although heartbreaking book Highly recco. D degree n engineering In 1986 Linder moved from Managua to El Cuá a village Ensimmäinen maailmansota in the Nicaraguan war zone where he helped form a team to build a hydroplant to bring electricity to the town He was ambushed and killed by the Contras the following year while surveying a stream for a possible hydroplant In 1993 Kruckewitt traveled to the Nicaraguan mountains tonvestigate Linder's death. ,

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