Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life A Readers Guide E–book/E–pub

Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life A Readers Guide

J. Matthew Bonzo · 8 review

Something of a paradox in that attempts to systematize "Berry S Diverse And Certainly "s diverse and systematic writing into something of a coherent whole Thankfully the authors admit The Futility Of This Project futility of this project don t therefore insist on some machine like system by which we can interpret the essayistpoetnovelist Rather the authors settle on a broad theme of Berry s work within which they then seek to investigate a variety of paths coming off of that initial themeThe broad theme involves living life together in local communities From that basic starting point the authors take a closer look at Berry s critiue of the modern abstractionist world the elements in Berry s work that make up real healthy communities the practices that individuals help to lead away rom disease and toward health and the way instituti. Both conservative and progressive circles Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life thoroughly examines Berry's main themes of community place and conservation It offers an apology or the power of Berry's vision and the ways in which. This is the book that made me want to read Wendell Berry I read this because Michael "Stevens is a close riend of mine Now so is Wendell Berry in a way "is a close Dîwana Jan friend of mine Now so is Wendell Berry in a way read this because Michael Stevens is a closeriend of mine Now so is Wendell Berry in a way was my second reading of this commentary on the writings of Wendell Berry I appreciate the authors connection of Berry s triad of health disease healing with the Biblical drama of creation all redemption Berry recognizes and acknowledges both
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finitude and ignorance The authors assess Berry s patchwork of ideas and derive a comprehensive worldview based not on nostalgia but locality and hospitality Sometimes their analysis reaches a bit too ar but I would recommend this book or Christians seeking holistic reflection on the importance of communities A good ollow up to The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer This book creates. Wendell Berry's poetry iction and essays persistently ask the uestion How can we live meaningful lives in a consumer driven Naples! fragmented age His honest searchor health in the midst of disease has garnered attention and discussion in. Ons like churches and schools #Can Function Within Berry S #function within Berry s Of Healthy CommunitiesThe Authors Were Largely Successful In Their of healthy communitiesThe authors were largely successful in their even if sometimes the prose seems a bit wordy or unclear I couldn t help but wonder if the The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey fact that the book had multiple authors contributed to aew hiccups along those lines That minor point aside what I most appreciated about the book is that it drove me back toward Berry s work And I think I ll be able to do that with a better understanding of Berry s broader concerns thanks to this volume I really wanted to like this book but it needlessly made Wendell Berry complex with academic ese Favorite line What Berry calls Itsuka for in his essays longsor in his poems and embodies profoundly in his iction is The Possibility Of Membership For Every Person possibility of membership or every person So read Wendell Berry. His account of the world resonates with the biblical narrative Pastors students professors and laity will discover in this book how to lesh out Berry's worldview and oster a culture of life in their neighborhoods churches and schoo.