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Are they uite xpensive but I have to purchase an Omnibus that has over 50% material I already own in Archives if I want to continue those collections I always wanted to get in to Legion and finally did it with this book The stories were really fun ven if some *Of Them Were Not Well *them were not well out lol I liked that how politicians were all nothing but villains for legion lol I read some of the Great Darkness saga before and didn t like it that much and dropped it but veryone says The Great Darkness Saga is the best story of Legion so since i lik Though we are now into the Paul Levitz Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose era of the Legion it s still a mixed bag Other writers including Gerry Conway and Jim Shooter offer stories here and there concluding with several fill ins at thend of the volume resulting in pretty light continuity between the various one off tales In fact the plotting is so fragmentary that the main bit of continuity in this comic where Wildstar collapses after fighting the Composite Legionnaire in SLSH 234 isn t resolved until the second story of SLSH 235And we re still getting plenty of puzzle and twist stories like we saw arlier in the Legion s history What secret is the Legion keeping from Superboy What was their first mission Why are the Legion on trial Mind you we do get one mini pic the Millennium Massacre a 60 page story from the previously hard to get Collector s Edition 55 Of course it s a twist story too why has Earth history suddenly changed And the Ultra Boy story in SLSH 239 is a prelude to later things But these are still the xception Then there s SLSH 236 where the first story is co authored by Paul Levitz and Paul Kuppenburg and it feels unlike anything lse to date Legionnaires casually play about headuarters while others take vacation in foreign lands There s Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) even a proper role call too often missing from thisra Though it s still a one off story that closes all its plot threads by the Math Basics 6 end you can see the seeds of Levitz s later style which would mix personal and heroic stories into a seamless uilt of Legion life The other stories from 236 starting off with the personal lives of M0n El then of Rokk and Lydia share similar tropesven if they re not uite as obvious of predecessors to Levitz s later workAs a whole these are interesting stories Where to date the Legion archives have been largely interesting for their historic value this is the first to really show the seeds of greatness Call it 35 stars not 3 But it would reuire Levitz being given total control over the comic and the ability to tell open Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ended stories Which would only reuire a wait for the next volume Picking up where the Archives series left off Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes Volume One captures a moment in the franchise with a couple of key developmentsAfter rare space radiation fuses four members into a Composite Legionnaire that bedevils the team the young heroes deal with the need to perpetually keep the time traveling Superboy ignorant about key future information before he returns to his own century While Cosmic Boy s visit home is disturbed by an odd alien creating natural disasters on his world Mon El tangles with Khundian raiders on thedge of space and Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad decide that though it means they ll have to leave the Legion the time is right for them to get married The whole team turns out for the wedding which is marred by a time altering plot set in motion By One Of The one of the s biggest foes The Legion defends its benefactor RJ Brande against a violent interloper with an ax to grind Ultra Boy finds himself at odds with his teammates when a mysterious figure sets him up for a murder And finally Grimbor the Chainsman returns with a plot to take revenge on the LegionBy the mid 70s Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes had become one of DC s higher profile titles This phase was primarily written by legendary Legion scribe Paul Levitz with contributions from Gerry Conway and Jack C Harris among others Levitz did his best to balance the large cast with than twenty full time members and a large trove of supporting characters with varying degrees of success Some characters fared better Superboy Lightning Lad Saturn Girl Cosmic Boy Wildfire and Braniac 5 all managed prominent placement in stories tha. Xies But amid the celebration one guest's joy for the happy couple is mixed with apprehension something is wrong with the 30th century and only Superboy can see it To figure out what happened to the Legion's future Superboy and his friends must venture a thousand years into the past to 1978 Plus the .
I fondly remember picking up

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issues off newsstands I still have my copy of the tabloid that presented the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl too What I had forgotten about was how my guest artists appeared during this run mostly so Mike Grell could work on that tabloid So many Marvel artists like Walt Simonson Jim Starlin and take up pen to draw our favorite Legionnaires Interesting indeed Collection of Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes stories which originally appeared in comic books from the late 1970s to The First Ghost early 1980s and covered a period just after I stopped reading this particular series These stories lacked continuityxcitement and compelling storytelling specially when compared with Marvel s X Men series from around the same time which I just recently read Very disappointing read for me I really breezed through this one I do remember that giant sized Collector s Item C 55 none of the other stories here were fondly remembered by meThe art ranges from terrible to passable This is not Mike Grell s best work although the cover is pretty goodThe one story I read with concentration was Jim Starlin s contribution which involves Ultra Boy getting framed for murder and Chameleon Boy solving the caseI always kind of liked the Legion of Super Heroes The X Men clearly owed a lot to them but I will not be getting volume twoBy the way as it says on the back cover this collection takes up where the thirteen volumes of LSH leave off so it s like volume fourteen and the series is cruising toward cancellationThree stars is a generous ratingPS Cosmic Boy s costume looks ridiculous and some of the girls are wearing less than he is C mon people this is 2979 already Picking up after the last volume of the Legion Archives this new collection has the arlier Paul Levitz Legion stories There s some good stuff here particularly the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential engagement and wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl a short story dealing with Dawnstar s past and Cosmic Boy s planet and the beginnings of the Encylopedia Galactica A couple tales are written by Gerry Conway and Paul Kupperberb but Levitz is the star hereArt by Mike Grell and the sensual James Sherman who gave the Legion a sexiness lacking since Dave Cockrum s days Some of the art particularly the tabloid sizeddition of the wedding of LL and SG was ruined by the horrible Vince Colletta who was probably the worst inker at DC in those days He makes Grell s art almost unrecognizable These are some of *the first comics I bought as a kid and they re still fun to read This book is similar to *first comics I bought as a kid and they re still fun to read This book is similar to recent Jack Kirby hardcover collections with paper close to the original newsprint and therefore looking a lot like the originals The only thing missing here is an introduction of some sort to put the series in perspective of the DCU of its day I was very pleased when I heard that this volume was coming up and that it would pick up where the Legion of Super Heroes Archives finished So after pre ordering it a few months back I started a re read of those 12 Archives which was uite an njoyable task so that I would be at the same stage as this new volume came out I was also looking forward to this new volume as it co incides with when I was 1617 and thus has fond memories attached to when I first read some of these stories plus there were a couple of stories I had never read So yes I did njoy *this read and it goes on the shelf next to the LSH *read and it goes on the shelf next to the LSH And yes I do hope that they continue to produce volumesFirst I did notice that this new volume was not of the same uality as in paper binding reproduction as the Archives had been or at least so it seemed to me Perhaps this makes it a little cheaper so it isn t really a complaint of an observation Though I am puzzled why they just didn t continue with the Archives This new volume being volume 1 doesn t make a great deal of sense as it isn t really the start of a new Humanism era and in fact some of the sub plots from the last Archive are still being continuedHowever it is a good collection of stories and I hope those who are new to the Legion have means of reading the stories that came beforeI am also glad that they didn t go the way the Golden Age Omnibuses seem to be going as they nownter into material not covered in Archives Not only. From legendary writer Paul Levitz THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA and artists Mike Grell GREEN ARROW Warlord James Sherman and comes SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROESIt's the long awaited wedding of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad with a ceremony bringing together Legionnaires and friends from across gala.

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T offered some genuine character development A few characters shone in single issue spotlights that gave them a chance to spread their wings Others struggled for any page time at all Future fan favorite Dream Girl had a few blink and you missed it appearances while poor Tyroc already saddled with a problematic character concept somehow managed to be the only member left behind when Smokin' Hot everyonelse went off for a major confrontation That s the nature of a beast like Legion and if Levitz would Placing Memory excel at the tricky balancing act successfully in future years his batting average for this run was still pretty goodOne of the big takeaways from the collection was how successfully what had once been among the suare books in the comics world had successfullymbraced 70s modern The ra s fashions could be detected in the book s aesthetic and the youth culture vibe permeated the pages Levitz Mike Grell and company succeeded in transforming Superboy and the Legion into a compelling mix of science fiction fantasy and young adult soap operaThis was Grell s swan song as the book s regular artist Grell had solidified his reputation with a lengthy stint on the demanding book and departed just as he was about to launch into superstar status Sadly his pic finale was marred by the sludgy inks of the legendarily ham fisted Vince Coletta James Sherman Grell s official replacement contributed to several issues and at his best did some first rate fantasyaction work though like Grell inker selection was key to the success of Sherman s output Numerous well known creators including Jim Starlin Walt Simonson Howard Chaykin Bob McLeod Josef Rubinstein George Tuska and Mike Nasser also chipped in contributions demonstrating the juice of the franchise at the time that it attracted top talent including several future industry legendsThis isn t an ideal jumping on point for newcomers Existing fans however will be happy to have these stories in a convenient volume and hopefully DC will release the other late 70s issues of the franchise most not having previously appeared in a collected dition in the near future The Legion was my first comics love the book that got me into comics for good all the way back in 1980 I had never read the stories in this volume before which were published several years before my start Paul Levitz got his start on the Legion here and while you can see seeds of what his work on the book ventually blossomed into it is a different book at this point Still it s fun to see the Legion in action specially with a young Dawnstar just figuring things out The art is all over the place at least there s some Mike Grell but holds together reasonably well I m probably rating this higher than it deserves but I am a mark for the Legion and I m okay with that I have the next volume on my shelf waiting for me though I ll probably read a few things in between Long Live the Legion Outa space It s Phantom Girl declares one young by stander clearly overjoyed at being rescued by the teentwentysomething team sensation the Legion of Super Heroes I always loved the huge cast and special club vibe of the Legion of Super Heroes I always loved the huge cast and special club vibe of the They re like cosmos saving teen celebrities with great goofy names costumes and powers ach one uniue While My Soldier Serves enough for readers to have a handful of favorites And they seeminglyxist in a youthful bright future where differences are overlooked andor championed rather than stomped on by fear and discrimination Of course these 30th century tales are a product of their time so there s still some obvious 20th century flaws like the Chinese descended yellow barbarians occupying the moon or cool black Legionnaire Tyroc being the only character with no lines left out of very mission These stories are 70s soap opera than the arlier uirky 60s sci fi ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe era that I prefer andverything is uite dramatic if at times illogical All of the guys are covered head to foot while *The Soar Around *gals soar around solar system in bikinis suspenders At least there s Cosmic Boy s man corset putting some ual opportunity flesh on display Other than the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl the stories collected here are colorful but fairly forgettable With its wraparound cover and bright crisp coloring the book itself is beautiful if a little on the pricey side. Egion face off against the Worldsmith rescue their billionaire benefactor take over Superboy's brain and Continuing directly from the LEGION OF SUPER HEROES ARCHIVES this volume includes stories from SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #234 240 ALL NEW COLLECTORS' EDITION C 55 and DC SUPER STARS Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes Vol 1