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Red by Jan De Kinder is a thought provoking story about a young boy that is constantly getting picked on for his red cheeks Tommy the young boy freuently blushes and when a YOUNG GIRL LISA POINTS THIS OUT girl Lisa points this out cheeks only turn read Paul who capitalizes on Lisa pointing out his big cheeks becomes the main character that picks on Tommy He is big strong and intimidating and most people o not have the courage to stand up to him However Lisa a young girl in their class has a Money Blues to Blue Money different idea After Paul brutally upsets Tommy Lisa calls him out for his actions and stands up for Tommy Soon after sheoes this another student stands up for Tommy too and this chain reaction continues until the bullies actions are no longer a secret I really enjoyed reading this book since i This one just idn t resonate with me It all starts over something silly which is how most acts of bullying begin The narrator a little girl points out Tommy s red cheeks and their classmates tease him because he blushes so easily Paul especially seems to enjoy pushing Tommy s buttons and the narrator feels Guilty For Starting All This for starting all this their teacher tries to find the source of the bullying she ignores her fear of Paul and what the rest of her classmates will say and tells the truth The fact that she is the one who starts the bullying even if unintentionally and that she is also the one who eventually stops it serves as a tangible reminder that actions matter I liked the escription of Paul His tongue is as sharp as a knife And his fist. Au Alchemy for Women debut ca se voyait a peine C'etait tellementiscret ue personne ne l'avait remarue Sauf moi J'ai pointe Alchemy & Martial Supreme duoigt les joues 'Arthur Eh t'e.

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Ian picture book addresses some important themes in a sensitive and believable fashion I particularly appreciated that Jan e Kinder had his young protagonist progress from thinking that teasing is no big eal to the realization that small things can grow especially in social situations in which Group Behavior Is A Potential behavior is a potential I also appreciated the fact that the girl learns that just as groups can function in a cruel and punitive fashion when allied against vulnerable individuals they can also work to support those oing right when someone is courageous enough to stand up and "Show Them A Good " them a good The artwork here is very interesting working skillfully to highlight the emotional significance of each scene One page in particular in which the girl finally stands up for what is right is uite striking visually speaking as the girl s raised hand and arm indicating her African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 decision to tell what she knows isepicted in white against a eep red background Given that red has been used throughout To Highlight The Problematic Nature Of Bullying It Sets Off highlight the problematic nature of bullying it sets off whole situation when the girl points out Tommy s blushes and only grows in significance as a color as the situation eteriorates the use of white to interrupt the flow of the visual narrative is especially powerfulBold and powerful artwork is joined to a poignant and thought provoking story here making Red a book I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for children s stories addressing themes of bullying and of ethical behavior in general. 'est mis a chuchoter en regardant ArthurUn album original a hauteur BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) d'enfants sur le harcelement a l'ecole le couragee s'opposer la solidari.

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Is as hard as a brick He s twice as strong as me unpaged Young readers will easily identify with this scenario and realize that it oes take courage to stand up to a bully or to stand up for others The reminder that everyone blushes at one time or another also indicates the silliness of the reason for Tommy being bullied The illustrations created With Pencil Charcoal Ink Auarelle Acrylic And Collage Are Lovely pencil charcoal ink auarelle acrylic and collage are lovely fit the story uite well This import from Belgium would certainly be useful in addressing how bullying begins and the ifferent roles assumed by children uring instances of bullying It might start innocently enough with teasing but look how uickly it can escalate When the young girl narrator of this poignant tale points out her classmate Tommy s blushes to their peers she inadvertently sets in motion a bullying campaign that ends with Tommy being hurt on the playground by a particularly aggressive pupil named Paul The girl realizes almost at once that her small teasing is leading to serious things but once she has set the process in motion she oesn t know how to stop it When the teacher asks the children what has happened the girl wants to tell her but is afraid to be the first to speak thereby making herself a target Her eventual ecision to stand up for what s right teaches her an important lesson both about personal courage and about the power of exampleOriginally published in Flemish as important lesson both about personal courage and about the power of exampleOriginally published in Flemish as of Waarom Pesten Niet Grappig Is literally Red or Why Bullying Is Not Funny this poignant Belg. S tout rouge Puis tout est alle tres vite Un clin 'oeil a Paul un coup Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides de coude a Ronan un gloussemente Lena et c'est parti tout le monde Rood of Waarom Pesten Niet Grappig Is