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Bird Habitats in Britain yNe of the hardest domestic violence books I ve readet I kept putting it down and picking it back up due to the horrible things that Locke put Keya through Locke was a total asshole and had issues The ending made me so mad but I still loved the book lol I know I m gonna be in for a ride When I Check Out Part I check out Part of Locke and Keya s story I recommend this book if ou can read it without being triggered due to it being about domestic violence OK now this story was sad and good Also I Kept Reading And I kept reading and thinking in my head Keya is such a fool why won t she leave Locke Locke is a sadist psychopath and needed to be put down He was so abusive to Keya and it hard it hard to read at times Cause all it seemed he wanted to do was breed her beat her and abuse her Now when Joshu aka Sabotage came in I kinda started to like him just a lil bit but him was just as manipulating as Locke he didn t deserve Keya either I enjoyed reading this book because it brought up ugly subjects about domestic abuse and sexual abuse It was a good read. Ssion will Keya take a seat on those same couches she has her patients take comfort on Or will she finally get the courage enough to walk away. couches she has her patients take comfort on Or will she finally get the courage enough to walk away.

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Irl like she was just a piece of meat for his own Pleasure The Main Female The main female made me so mad She Had me in my feelingsGreat book If ou have ever been in an abusive relationship it may have الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you inour feelings but its worth pressing on Excellent read Oh my God This book was good I dont know how the author came up with that character Locke but baby that man is in a class of his own Talking about crazy ummm no deranged Keya was a sweet smart and beautiful girl but she let sex cloud her judgment and then to top off by sleeping with his friend This book was a trip I will forever read her work now WhewLocke is truly insaneI read this story in about an hour I just couldn t put it down While it was sad at times Keya is playing with fire I honestly thinks she needs her mental status checked Storyline with never a dull moment I see right now I m going to have to start on part 2 This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster The relationship between Don t at aka Locked and Keys was veryyyy toxic This story was probably Cord is not a huge enough red flag but what is is the physical mental and emotional abuse he puts her through Being in the mental health profe. ,

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CrazyThis story was crazy On one hand I felt bad for Keya and on the other hand it was like she was encouraging Locke behavior I can t call her stupid because who knows what Riders of the Sea you would do in the same situation but dang I m anxious to see what happens in part 2 WowI like Keya but Locke was doing a number on her I wouldn t wish what she went through on my worst enemy no matter how much I dislike them I just want to shoot Locke right between the eyes All in allou did a great job writing this banger keep up the great work Locke and KeyaFirst time reading this author It was a Emotional Read Because I Don T Do Domestic Abuse Books read because I don t do domestic abuse books I can t wait to see what happens next SmhI just don t know what to say about this couple Keya had me losing respect for her with some of the things she allowed to go on or happened to her The whole relationship seemed unhealthy Sabatoge he was mostly my favorite character I sort wanted everything to go in his favor Good book Stay or LeaveI liked this book The main male character treated his Highly educated Keya Petal’s life is turned upside down when she gets involved with handsome Locke His illegal activity and long criminal re. ,
Locke and Keya