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Beginning from Jerusalem Christianity in the Making vol 2Sus was the risen LordCritiues Dunn s historicism makes him keep a rationalist s distance from the spiritual and revelatory character of Christianity in explaining its historical origin However Dunn does not reject the biblical data as sources for his historical study origin However Dunn does not reject the biblical data as sources for his historical study is also sensitive to the fact that EPSanders thesis of covenantal nomism only represents the Palestinian Judaism and his use of the notion of Second Temple Judaism has multifaceted variety incorporating the

Jews and the diaspora Judaism does not attempt to give unified picture of the historical as N T Wright did Dunn s basic premise is that Christianity emerged from within the matrix of the long established Second Temple Judaism but he is also sensitive to the Hellenistic influences in the social and urban life of early Christianity I feel that Dunn as one of the third uesters is a moderate historicist and much careful in making high claims of the authentic historical reality His books are of good reference values for integrating current available studies. The character of the churches that he founded The third part traces the final days and literary legacies of the three principal figures of first generation Christianity Paul Peter and James the brother of Jesus Each section includes detailed interaction with the vast wealth of secondary literature on the many subjects covere. .
Dead his followers renewed their idea of messiahship into a exalted notion risen Lord but the formal references to Jesus deity were to await a later dateThe striking difference of the new Christian community as noted by Dunn was the vitality of the spiritual experience of the outpouring of God s Spirit upon them even to the non Jews Dunn s portrait of the development of the historical church is not radically different from the picture directly drawn from the data of Acts and other letters in the NT However Dunn Does However Dunn does many explanations of the historical details in light of the background of Second Temple Judaism For example Dunn notes that communal nature of the Messianic sect was not so unlike umran as to be unbelievable Dunn thinks that Saul of Tarsus probably did persecute the early churches with a Phineas like zeal in hope of purifying Israel suitable for national restoration His Damascus road event was both a conversion and a commission as he realized that the boundary markers of Israel could no longer be ethnic if Je. Ovement stemming from Jesus “beginning from Jerusalem” Dunn opens with a close analysis of what can be said of the earliest Jerusalem community the Hellenists the mission of Peter and the emergence of Paul Then he focuses solely on Paul―the chronology of His Life And Mission life and mission understanding of his call as apostle and.

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REVIEW AND CRITIUE Dunn James D G Beginning from Jerusalem Christianity in the Making 2 Grand Rapids Eerdmans 2009 After the first volume Jesus Remembered Dunn continues his project and uests for the historical church in the second volume of Christianity in the Making tracing what we can most likely know as historians from every conceivable source about the Christian church from the first Easter to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 synthesizing the earlier scholarly works at his best The key uestions in Dunn s uest are two fold how to bridge the gap between Jesus tradition and the new face of Christian Church And How Did Christianity As Church And how did Christianity as Jewish sect became a Gentile religion after Paul s missionary works In the end of his book Dunn offers an inconclusive outlook of his findings The degree of disjunction between the mission of Jesus and the post Easter gospel should not be exaggerated the Jesus tradition was presented as gospel Jesus as Messiah was an integral part of the Jesus tradition from the beginning Convinced that Jesus rose from the. The second volume in the magisterial Christianity in the Making trilogy Beginning from Jerusalem covers the early formation of the Christian faith from 30 to
CE After outlining the uest the historical church parallel to the uest for the historical Jesus and reviewing the sources James Dunn follows the course of the .