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At I like about *This Book Is Its Christian RomanticIts *book is its christian romanticIts a woman called Hanna Kristoferson and a man called Ethan Westerveld Hanna is going to go get her inheritance from her father figure Sam Westerveld When Hanna gets there she finds out that he left her half of his farm but she has to stay at the farm for six months to inherit itEthan is not happy with the way things turned out. The only father she'd ever known and his heartbreaking betrayal Yet according to the terms of his will she had to spend six months At Riverbend Or Forfeit The Riverbend or forfeit the Six months but. ,
Finally a FamilyWith the will The whole farm SHOULD HIS HANNA ISN T be his Hanna isn t she ll be able to last the months I enjoyed this novel which was provided good escape after a busy day At times the plot was funny at other times it was sad but it was always safe without violence and objectionable language I love a book with a sassy heroine who meets p with a guy who is strong enough to love her for who she is. Ting heads with too handsome Ethan in order to make a ick *Sale And A New *and a new far away She'd do it But Hannah didn't count on Ethan feeling like familyor that she'd want to stay forever. Hannah and Ethan are both *STUBBORN AND HAVE HAD THEIR SHARE OF HEART FAIL *and have had their share of heart fail these two come together and form a team Where is the inspiational healing Forgiveness good ick easy summer readi WOULD have liked if the author had gone into a bit detail as to why the mother might

done what she did BUT the character is dead already when the book starts a bit difficult to do i guess wh. Arrogant Ethan Westerveld could scream that from the barn roof if he wanted But half the place was now Hannah Kristoferson's Not that she wanted one inch of the farm that reminded her of.

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