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N asshole and the world is against me because everyone hates me in school A major problem I have with this authors work in general is that the characters are incredibly ne dimensional Hell I think it d be too complex for them to even have a favourite colour that s how much depth they have Like in All the Bright Places these characters are Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear only their physical traitsr illnesses and that is extremely harmful I know that these things can be all consuming but there s a HUGE difference between it being all consuming and it being your entire personality and storyIf YOU IGNORE ALL OF THE ABOVE PROBLEMS THIS BOOK ignore all The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults of the above problems this book still crappy It s just a badly written love story where 2 characters act like idiots and then fall in love despite there being no chemistry Also don t forget that Jack can t recognise anyone s face Ever BUT DON T WORRY BECAUSE AT LEAST HE CAN RECOGNISE LIBBY I mean isn t that just an amazing loophole I honestly am not entirely sure if that is a legit thing that could happen I tried googling it but I couldn t find anything decent about whether there are actually loopholes Never forget guys love can cure everything including mental illnessesbesity and MOST IMPORTANTLY RANDOM BRAIN ILLNESSES THAT MAKE YOU FORGET EVERYONES FACE Just fall in love and you re fixed These are not the type Gaudi of books we need inur lives and I would not recommend this book to anyone ah yes so here we are again the classic case The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 of i can appreciate this book for the story that it is but it definitely didnt live up to its potential and i wonder if thats mainly mywn fault and not the books all the bright places is Astrología para principiantes one my favourite novels ever its emotionally compelling lovingly tender and naturally raw everything this book is not so is it fair to judge a different book by the same author when you know they are capablef doing betteri mean i really like the idea Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of the story and how wholesome it could have been i think diverse representation is something that can always be appreciated but insteadf seeing libby as this strong woman i saw a whiny brat and the connection between her and jack didnt feel convincing to me it was just a lot No Puedo Perderte of superficial high school drama maybe im getting toold but i know jennifer niven is capable In Every Heartbeat of writing honest and relatable teen characters so im not sure why this particular story didnt uite meet the mark for me 3 stars Maybe no boy will love mer want to touch me ever even in a dark room even after an apocalypse when all

skinny girls have been wiped the earth by some horrible plague Maybe The Seraphim Code one day I can be thinner than I am now and have a boyfriend who loves me but I ll still be a liar I was going to give this book two stars because honestly it started well It was compelling and didn t seem asffensive as the blurb had been but the I think about it the that doesn t seem to be enough Sortemesse of an excuse for the book as a whole Yet another book that insensitively uses its characters to create an angsty romanceIf anything I feel secure in my assessmentf All the Bright Places after reading this book I got the impression in AtBP that the author was using suicide as a vehicle for romantic angst and I received a lot La fabbrica di cioccolato of backlash for writing that review But this just seems to confirm it I feel like Niven has given very little thought to what it means to portray anbese character and a character with a cognitive disorder I feel like little thought has been given to any readers who might relate to these characters I can t help but imagine the author sitting there and simply thinking how can I make this romance super angstyI don t necessarily care that Libby Strout Libby as in Lb and Strout as in Stout was called America s Fattest Teen Klara with A K or that a major plot point is a game called Fat Girl Rodeo These things are gross andffensive but showing the horrible effects Serving Sera of labels and cruel bullying does not seem like a bad thing to me No the bigger problem is that this book actually isn t about bullyingr fat shaming Samurai! or living with mental illness it s about high school love That s it The rest is just window dressingThe author throws together two teens who are solely characterized by their weight and prosopagnosia the inability to recognize faces and despite having zero chemistry they fall in lurrrve They are defined by these singular differences ie being the fat girl and being unable to recognize anyone nevernce feeling like human beingsI m sure some readers will see the decision to have such different protagonists as an indication La meglio gioventù of depth but I truly feel like this is a very shallow book Stereotypes and cliches abound Dress it up however you want but this book is about an unpopular girl who sees herself as unattractive and a popular good looking guy who comes to see how said girl is so much better than all those hot evil cheerleaders he s been dating His hot evil girlfriend constantly fat shames and bullies Libbybviously because we all know pretty popular girls are mean shallow and have no feelingsAlso and this is way ffensive. Ck é típico rapaz popular do liceu no entanto tem prosopagnosia e não consegue reconhecer caras uando Solea o destinos une a solidão ue cada um sente dá. 05052016 WE HAVE A COVER 3UPDATEMy reaction to everyone saying this book is By the Light of the Moon offensive At first I wasn t going to say anything but then the comments and review updatesn here and Twitter started to really hit a nerve with me So HERE WE GO To everyone saying that this booksynopsis is Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep offensive how about we stop and take a moment to consider the fact that A Maybe she didn t write the synopsis B Maybe it s how the character feels about herself C Maybe just maybe this is someone s story who wants to share it with everyoner D ALL OF THE ABOVE Everyone is so uick to point and blame Jennifer Niven for being Iconologia, Ovvero Immagini Di Tutte Le Cose Principali a Cui l'Umano Talento Ha Finto Un Corpo, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint) offensive for romanizing mental illness for not understanding fatness How about YOU consider the fact that YOU are taking everythingut f context r that YOU are making this into something it s not In no way shape Morte a credito or form is Jennifer Niven trying to discriminate against being fatr implying that your not human THIS IS HOW THE CHARACTER FEELS But you know what if you don t want to read this fine DON T READ IT But don t you dare make OS Graficos Do Ventilador: Identificando a Assincronia Paciente Ventilador E Otimizando as Definicoes others feel uncomfortabler put them down because they actually want to READ THE BOOK FIRST BEFORE JUDGING IT because WE actually have the decency to not be biased and go into a book with an Keely and Du open mind insteadf making assumptions I m done GUYS She has another book coming Mill Hill out EEEKKI have a feeling Holding Up the Universe will break my heart just like ATBP didO OMG NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW I NEED IT 3 Please Me waiting for October 4th 2016 TIME FOR THE ROAST I read All the Bright Places last year and ended up dnfing it because I had huge problems with basically every aspect Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost of it I m actually really proudf myself for finishing this even though I did skim read the last 25% This Poison Will Remain of it Honestly when this book first cameut I saw the authors name and instantly avoided this book However after seeing a lot Un eroe dei nostri tempi of people give it 5 stars despite allf the problematic aspects I had seen I decided to pick this book up for the roastHonestly you can read the blurb and be Geldsack offended I sure was The blurb is a joke just like the restf the book I m honestly so sick Rescued by a Horse: True Stories of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing of contemporaries in the present day that are just based around putting 2 characters in the worst possible situation and then forcing them to fall in love I say forcing because there is 0 chemistry between these characters I swear some authors just have a big long listf mental illnesses diseases The Secret of the Glass or unfortunate scenarios that they scroll down and eeny meeny miny moe whichnes they will choose Dead parent for you random illness for you a bit Discovery: Poetry and Art by Rick and Jan Sikes of anxietyn the side as well as extreme besity "and we ve got ur perfect story Everyone will definitely love it I strongly uestion "we ve got Lions and Tigers and Snares our perfect story Everyone will definitely love it I strongly uestion motives behind writing a novel such as thisneI m trying to decide whether I hate Libby r Jack I think it must be Libby because dammit she s annoying as all hell I actually sent my friends 14 different video rants and then another couple text rants about how annoying this bitch is In case you forgot I don t think you could possibly forget because she mentions it every single sentence Libby was nce the World s Fattest Teen and she s still Fox Play obese but she has lost a bitf weight My main problem with her is that she really does not want to be known as the fat girl any but she s CONSTANTLY talking about it Her entire inner monologue is just about her weight and Star Wars: Lando omfg it was so infuriating Also when she becomes friends with another fat girl she legit says she talks about her weight a lot You re telling me that this bitch who constantly talks about being fat is complaining that herther fat friend talks about her weight a lot What Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture on Earth is this bullshit Also let s not forget thatn her first day f school she walked in and said this to herself Somewhere in this school could be a boy I fall in love with One f these fine young men might be the Aria Appassionata one who at long last claims my heart and my body I am the Pauline Potterf Martin Van Buren High School I am going to sex the rest f this weight right ff me Let s also not forget that when she describes her bed she has to clarify that this is NOT the bed she had when she was trapped in her house #because she was so fat i lie n #she was so fat I lie n bed not the same bed I spent twenty four hours a day Betrayed, Betrothed and Bedded on back when I couldn t leave the house but a newne we bought after I lost some weight Jack was just a straight up annoying douche and the Anna Laetitia Barbauld Poems 1792 only thing I liked about this entire book is that he told his little brother that it skay if he takes a purse to school because he can do whatever he wants I appreciate that I think Jack says it best when he describes himself by saying he really he describes himself by saying he really like an asshole I agree Jack I agree But then a few chapters later he says that the song Sexy Back is something that should be played when he walks somewhere For the love Caught in the Net of God please shut up Jack Also everyther character in this story like in All the Bright Places Blue Road to Atlantis offers absolutely nothing to the storyline and theynly add to that awful stereotype that everyone in high school is Libby Bioetica Della Sessualita, Della Vita Nascente E Pediatrica outrora a rapariga mais gorda da América conseguiu finalmente ultrapassar desgosto causado pela morte da mãe e está pronta para voltar a viver Ja. To me than the blurb was Libby s journey to self love seems to entirely revolve around finding a guy who will actually like her I was hoping this would be addressed as the novel wore Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light on but the small rushed steps toward it at the end were dissatisfying Somewhere in this school could be a boy I fall in love with Onef these fine young men might be the Itinerari nel sacro. L'esperienza religiosa giapponese one who at long last claims my heart and my body I m looking at all the boys going by It could be that guyr maybe this ne Or she could learn to love herself without a guy Also what teenager says fine young menThe pacing also slows down as the story moves forward I remember feeling at ne point like the book should be coming to an end and yet there were almost another hundred pages to go You knew the characters had feelings for Bad Land one another you knew they were going to end up together but the narrative was dawdling Then there s my disbelief that Jack has managed to hide face blindness from his family for years That seems impossible to me but I guess this book never was about the realityf the issues it Lettere: 1942-1943 offered up And finally nauseating prose like this The way I feel when I m with her Like I just swallowed the sun and it s shootingut L'ipocrisia dell'Occidente. Il Califfo, il terrore e la storia of every poreAnd Libby s eyes They are like lying in the grass under the skyn a summer day You re blinded by the sun but you can feel the ground beneath you so as much as you think you could go flying The Fire of Origins off you know you won tThere s not a single guy in the world who could tell me I make them feel like they swallowed the sun and it s shootingut Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (Critical Heritage) of every pore without me bursting into hysterical laughter But let s be honest that s the leastf this book s problemsBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store You know I don t care what anyone thinks I just loved the hell Pasto nudo outf this book I happy cried so many times in this book And there will probably be some SPOILERS I don t know my feels right now are Escaping Me outf control This review is going to be all Goodbye Marianne over the place because I m crazy and that s just the way it is I love Libby so much In this book she has so much coura REREAD I fell in love with this book allllver again I adore Libby I adore what she stands for I love what this book stands for The hope it instills How personal it is to the author and how appreciative I am that she shared her story with us I m rooting for this book I m rooting for myself I m rooting for all the readers who have ever felt less than As Libby would say about herself I am magic and so as are you Initial reviewI m sure a lot The Maxx: Maxximized Vol. 3 of you will remember the tonf bac Edit Looks they updated the synopsis I hope this book is less ffensive
the synopsis Welcome to the in the year 2016 Where a simple book blurb broke the internet for a few days A teenage girl who was rescued from her house because her weight kept her a prisoner Then through in a statement about how she is returning to high school akathe real world after being homeschooled I KNOW Let s all run and ne star and bash the book Not And all you guys thought I was the biggest bully The Unscratchables on here didn t you Because I had fornce stopped to think about what the book meantand it made me drool all Therapy over myselfI didn t jumpn the bandwagon I wanted the book even Because I ve be This was eual parts special and frustrating for me But definitely emphasis The Hug on the special There were moments when my Vulcan soul FAILED ME COMPLETELY and I turned into a mushf suishy feels FEEEEEEEELS I think Jennifer Niven is a WIZARD OF FEELS STABBING and I love her for it Omg I did love this book I did But there were several things that made me pout in a puddle but I ll get to them in a moment PATIENCE GRASSHOPPERAlso this is not as devastating as All the Bright Places hahhaahha THANK YOU I DON T FEEL LIKE MY HEART JUST GOT RIPPED OUT But the whole time I was absolutely dreading the endingso I actually have all the thumping gasping feels anyway because I WAS SO WORRIED AhemI m having a crisis Nevermind meSo this story is about being seen basically It s eual parts about Libby who is known as the fattest teen in America being seen basically It s eual parts about Libby who is known as the fattest teen in America Jack who has prosopagnosia I reeeally loved the storyline It was so poignant and beautifully written Like hold my cupcake Bob I need to yell THE WRITING OF JENNIFER NIVEN IS SOMETHING GORGEOUS TO BE UPHELD ACROSS THE MOUNTAINS I love it It gets me in the feels and makes me want to do glorious things I loved the messages The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories of self worth and I loooved how everything tied togetherBrief List Of Other Things I Loved There are Supernatural references SO MANY SUPERNATURAL REFERENCES win There is SO MUCH DANCING T 4 stars Holding Up the Universe was an interesting and moving read with complex characters and a uniue storyline I listened the the audio versionf this book and Autostop con Buddha: Viaggio attraverso il Giappone once I hit play I didn t want to stop When I read All the Bright Places earlier this year I had the same feelingf being hooked I m happy to report the author was able to pull this Speak the Ocean off notnce but twice Our story centers around Libby Strout and Jack Masselin Lib. Lugar a sentimentos muito diferentes Uma história de superação e de um amor verdadeiro e invulgar ue nos devolve a esperança no mundo em nós e no utro.

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