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Oing to this book the ultimate 5 star accolade it really is *One Of The Best *of the best s books I ve ever read Auila by Andrew Norriss Interesting science fiction book interesting how the inuiry process really is blatantly presented in this book Boys skip out on a field trip and discover a skeleton and a spaceship in a cave Boys On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS learn how to fly around and work the spaceship Then boys find one thing they re interested in researching after another Teachers become concerned and curious about the boyschange in attitude towards reading andearning I enjoyed the book overall Wouldn t mind finding a spaceship to fly around in What a great story Witty engaging a story of true friendship Two boys make an amazing discovery on a school field trip It changes their A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) life in ways you wouldn t expect I had forgotten how good a story this is definitely recommend it Two boys finding a spaceship in the woods with which they can fly unseen to the most amazing places doesn t this soundike a fabulous story Yes and it gets even better as the boys start to uncover the mystery around this incredible flying machine I enjoyed the book a I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad lot even though I usually have a hard time with science fiction and already thought about a number of my students En you sit in it theseittle coloured ights come on and if you push one of the big blue oneS WHOOSH. Lovely book Solid G5 to G6 text That Is Engaging Thoughtful And Entertaining See is engaging thoughtful and entertaining See as a great book to get boys reading A nice book to read about accient UFO s combined with the future items It has a nice uniue universe and a Nice story The characters are nice and I ike how they added both stories of the protagonists and the antagonists That is what was uniue about it I m glad I could discus this book with class mates during iterature circles in English So glad they made seuel Yes The best books grow old gracefully Auila is one of them It sure is a hidden gem with a message to pass on to young readers I am glad to have found it Thank you Mr Norriss for the adventure Reading a Puffin Modern Classic is ike going back in time to be a kid again Tom and Geoff are two schoolboys who are always getting ow marks in their tests but when they find Auila everything changesIn this book Tom and Geoff find a secret machine called Auila which speaks Latin It can do everything including speaking to them They used it to get themselves out of the ditch they found it in by flying then they discovered a way to get it back home They found out that *it could not only do good things but it could also start fires and drag people *could not only do good things but it could also start fires and drag people objects towar. It's a spaceship from the past can it change the futureAuila has been found by boys bunking off a geo. Ds itThe boys get very interested in Auila and begin to put their hands up in essonsOne day in the playground Auila Auila and begin to put their hands up in essonsOne day in the playground Auila ost and starts going forward while the boys are in class and to rescue Auila they have to do maths to work out how fast it is going and whereI thought it had a good storyline I would recommend it to children my age Re read this after many years and am just as delighted with it the second time around Ver well written adventure story about two boys who find a strange alien flying machine Figuring out how everything works makes their teachers very worried indeed because these two boys never ask anything Ever Everything a children s story ought to be at east for boys Loved it Wonderful story Two boys united by friendship and a determination to pass through school entirely unnoticed discover a strange machine hidden in a cave and take it home Trying to figure out what it can do pretty well everything turns out to be the answer in the end causes them to blow their school anonymity as they start asking uestions shock horror and they even start to study independently Norriss writes with a delightfully ight touch and two heroes and the suspicious deputy headmistress are wonderful creationsAnd on further thought I m Graphy *field trip They have no idea where it came from or what it does But Geoff's *trip They have no idea where it came from or what it does But Geoff's that wh.

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Auila Author Andrew Norriss