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Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, eI was luckynough to read an arly version of this book and if you like YA high fantasy in the veins of Rae Carson then you will LOVE this bookRaisa is raised as a slave in the palace one of only two who are taught the language of the gods writing in order to tutor the prince and council him when he one day becomes king But Raisa doesn t plan for falling in love with council him when he one day becomes king But Raisa doesn t plan for falling in love with nor that he would return her love Or that the slave *Resistance Will Pressure Her To *will pressure her to them ven as it threatens the life and safety of both herself and the princeWhen it all comes to a head it seems only the gods will be able to save veryoneThis story is filled with romance and wonderful deeply realized characters Raisa is sympathetic and believable and Mati is swoon worthy and kind which I particularly love since I m kind of over the bad boy romance thing The language and religion is fully developed and it s clear MacMillan spent a lot of time and nergy getting it just right And the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential endingxplodes with action and drama and tension and moments that literally made me gasp in surprise Which is really the best thing I can ver hope for when reading a book Wow okay I adored this book It surprised me so much and so pleasantly I just finished and am still thrumming with the happy nergy of a truly satisfying Humanism ending The pacing was interesting to me the first half very much serves as anstablishing of the world the rules the characters the stakes and the conflict Which is to say that I was at first hooked based solely on the romance while Smokin' Hot everythinglse was being set into place Then as the action was building I felt a bit of a lull toward the middle but no sooner did I have that thought than Placing Memory everythingxploded into action and the last third to half was an absolute ROLLERCOASTER For me this transition from steady to break neck pacing worked perfectly because at that point I was SO invested in the characters that I felt very beat of their wild ride xactly as McMillan intended me to do While I read a ton of contemporary fantasy it s NOT UNCOMMON FOR ME TO STRUGGLE TO CONNECT WITH uncommon for me to struggle to connect with in high fantasy There are authors I think handle this brilliantly Bardugo Maas tc but a lot of times the unfamiliar world and the levated way of speaking can leave characters feeling cardboard or unrelatable but here I was so far from having that problem I ve seen some other reviews that called Raisa shallow but I honestly found her refreshingly complex and human She is very much torn between her love for one specific person and her knowledge of right and wrong Her struggle made me consider what I would do if I were forced between protecting the man I love and protecting a group of innocent people who I don t know I think if we re honest this is a muchore difficult decision than it should be and I loved that Raisa continuously struggled with it that she fought so hard to do what she needed to do And because I felt. En Wanton Nights el reino de ilara lascritura While My Soldier Serves es un don reservado a los nobles y prohibido para todos los demásspecialmente para los sclavos Únicamente a la tutora del príncipe y su aprendiza les stá permitido aprender la lengua. I knew her so much it just made her turmoil over whether she was trusting the wrong people that much palpable I found myself desperately hoping she was right afraid of the *HEARTBREAK SHE WOULD FACE IF SHE *she would face if she wrongThe ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe ending was so so surprising and I suspect it won t be forveryone but for me personally it was perfect It was big The Fiend Next Door epic magicalxciting and dark I highly recommend this book and if you start it and get to that lull I implore you to finish it because I think there s a good chance you ll be like me way than satisfied I was lucky nough to receive an ARC of this book Get ready for 2016 What a super story A brave heroine a caste system gods involved in humans lives what could you want A surprise nding that s what The intricate descriptions of the different writing systems made me sure that they truly பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் existed and that MacMillan was simply telling us about research she had done in some far off part of the world I loved our Raisa who is a scholar as opposed to a soldier and who does not wait for men to save her I loved the idea that there are Goddesses who look after writers We sure could use them I m in a strange little muddle at the moment because this book had so many aspects that made me grind my teeth but yet I STILL REALLY LIKED IT So who knows Maybe I m just cravingpic fantasy with good world building and this truly had that And also that cover C mon THAT COVER Plus it featured writing and I think that s awesome Because I uite like writing As you can note by my obsession with writing aaaall the reviewsANYWAYI really appreciated the world It s all gods and temples and writing is so so sacred that no one The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 else is allowed to do itxcept the king and the high people And the world felt really dusty almost like it had a GreekRoman vibe maybe I just nvisioned all the temples like Greek ones I DON T REALLY KNOW IF THAT S RIGHT OR NOT BUT THERE YOU HAVE IT And it s all masters vs slaves And the masters "were pretty brutal The story didn t get really graphic because a lot of the brutality "pretty brutal The story didn t get really graphic because a lot of the brutality off page But it still was a pretty vicious world and I a lover of darker fantasy APPRECIATED THATBut whenever you have a masters vs slaves situationomg I get so attached to the tragic abused rebels It s nearly a problem JonisTheDarlingGrapeLet s just pretend that the protagonist Raisa wasn t a little ball of deluded whining Because all the other characters were MY PRECIOUS BABY DARLINGS But seriously Raisa Her personality was whine and cheese I can t understand how she could be a slave for like 85% of her life and yet BE SO DARN NIAVE She s having a passionate fling with the prince THE PRINCE And then gets shocked when she realises he s betrothed to a princess I mean C mon Woman you need to grow a brain But I did appreciate that A Raisa was no special snowflake and B despite being a naive mulberry of delusion tears and freuent whine sessions she was kindhearted and that De los dioses para luego nseñarla al futuro reyTras ser seleccionada como aprendiza Raisa deberá ir con más cuidado y star más vigilante ue nunca sigue siendo una sclava y cualuier sombra de traición podría suponerle.

Summary Sword and Verse

Sword and VerseNice But the secondary characters LOVED THEM *SO MUCH Mati Is The King And *MUCH Mati is the king and s a bit of a sap but A CUTE SAP I really loved him And noooo triangle NONE WHATSOEVER WOOO Because I started to get scared when the leader of the rebels Jonis strutted into the scene with his little sneers and his scars and his adorableness But this is perfect because A it proved a protagonist can interact with a male and NOT FALL IN LOVE wow and B I can have Jonis 33 Least to say 90% of Travis everyone was tragic and I love tragic sneering metal rebel boys Not to mention the adorable little 5 year old Jera who s being trained as a Tutor and all the powerful women characters who just uietly were supremeAs for the plot Okay Confession it s like 78% kissing Which annoyed me Like after 100 pages I was getting nervous that there would be no plot BUT THERE WAS IT JUST WAS IN AMONGST THE KISSING So be ye warned very heavy focus on the romance And usually I would be stabbing myself in theye with the pretty coverbut I shipped the ship and I loved the world SO YAY FOR THAT AT LEASTThere is also stabbing and xplosions and plots and spying so that s all fun Good timesNot to mention LIBRARIES Although the library was like the secret kissing areaI mean Dude Go read a book where are your priorities here Reading will get you killed but whateverI also like how it honestly feels like a standalone Apparently there s a seuel in 2018 Whyyyyyy so far away But you could read this and totally be satisfied with it alone WHICH IS AWESOME We need fantasy books that stand relatively on their own Plus it had no info dumps but managed to build a compelling worldBLESSINGS ON THIS BOOKALL IN ALL I had a lot of fun reading this I honestly didn t xpect to love it due to reading a ton of negative reviews beforehand But I think having zilch AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 expectations really helped The romance was afjdksalfd adorable and I really rooted for Mati and Raisa to stop lying toach other and BE FANTASTIC The world was just dark The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? enough to keep my little heart beatingxcitedly And did I mention TRAGIC SCARRED SECONDARY CHARACTERS OF AWESOME Because those too DNF at 40%This book wasn t overwhelmingly romantic The main character wasn DNF at 40%This book wasn t overwhelmingly romantic The main character wasn overwhelmingly stupid I guess the word overwhelming is the key here because it s what this book wasn t It was completely underwhelming and mind numbingly boring and I think that s reason nough for my rating I didn t njoy it It was about a slave girl who s chosen for some reason to be a royal tutor and all of a sudden the prince falls in love with her Like wtf I don t The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online even know what happened All of a sudden around the 20% mark they started kissing leaving me scratching my head because damn thatscalated uicklyI mean if a minor resistance plot a dreamy romance and reading about learning to read and write floats your boat good for you But to me there are interesting things in life than this book Like watching my laundry dry. La muerteEnamorarse del príncipe no le facilitará las cosas Al contrario Todo termina de complicarse cuando la Resistencia se pone Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet en contacto conlla Raisa deberá 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) escogerntonces si traiciona a su pueblo o a su corazó.