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book at I feel like as I write this my stars are going down I loved the first book a lot but everything I loved about that book is not in this one Heart of Ash is so much better than Blood and Salt Honestly I think a lot of the problems I had with the first book were actually plot points that helped build this seuel so I m not as bitter as I had been by the time I d finished it I m so glad Kim Liggett finally gave us one too because I was so much invested in this book compared to its predecessor I m convinced this was written for DarklingAlina fans I read an ARC copy of this book so maybe there s still a chance that it could get better This book was bad physically painful for me to read The timing was all over the place Two pages to cover important plot points and way too many pages explaining stupid unnecessary details The characters were boring and one dimensional and I found myself really not caring It was like the bad parts of The Fire Sermon mixed with the bad parts of New Moon Do not recommend Heart of Ash is exactly the book I needed at the right time As many of you now my reading record right time As many of you Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World know my reading record year has been staggered and less than stellar In the past week I have read 3 horrible ARCs and I was uestioning what happened to YA For every 20 books there may be 1 truly great one When did this become the norm It could be me It could be that over the past year I have changed and become too busy but I think that it s because of that I m okay with passing over books that are not for me and than fine with slapping a DNF on a book that consumes my time with no heart I don tnow if you have felt it to but it feels like a turning point in ya how like a turning point in YA How your reading been goingThat being said Heart of Ash restored my faith in YA and my love of reading The twists the angst the lust the suspense everything about this book sucks you in like a sweet and sometimes blo We re like a dissonant chord in the finale of Beethoven s Ninth Symphony begging for resolution As long as we re apart there will never be peace in the worldharmony pg 41 of Heart Ash is desperate to help Dane vanuish Coronado without having to sacrifice herself to the darkness But when you're all in blood and salt the only way to hold on to the light might just be by setting everything on fir. .
Heart of Ash Blood and Salt #2Heart of Ash did not live up
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the standard and Salt set The first book was on a smaller intimate scale that held the tension really well Then Heart of Ash turned it into a global conspiracy that just took away from the original story Where Ash used to be a mature teen who had to deal with a lot of adult stuff and did it capably she then turned into that annoying teen who flip flopped on every little thing and spent most of the book talking herself in and out of loving Dane OMG stop Y all got way bigger fish to fry here It felt like Blood and Salt should have had just a few extra pages that could have resolved the whole saga but Leggitt tried to draw the story out and fell flat Katia and Coronado s story became petty and unrealistic fantasy realism is different than actual realism lol I was so excited about this seuel but overall I just didn t like it I ll give it 3 stars I really didn t love this When Blood and Salt first came out I read it and savored it and took it into my heart like something that belonged there This book didn t belong It was rushed the storyline was weak and it felt like this book had absolutely nothing to do with the first one The characters have the same names and some of the same history but the first book was so full of authenticity and a genuine feel for the characters and this book is like a half rate version of a follow up Everything was SO rushed there was no draw to DYA (1933-1939) (Libros sobre el Opus Dei) keep reading to find out what happened next I didn t WANT tonow I m a huge Kim Liggett fan but this book was just weak If I ever reread I ll reread Blood and Salt but not this book This is the very prime example of a poor seuel to a huge blockbuster book This is the very prime example of a poor seuel to a huge blockbuster release I m really disappointed It s been a good 2 years since I read Kim Liggett s Blood and Salt I remembered enjoying it and being shell shocked by the cliffhanger ending and then last year she wrote Heart of Ash which concluded the duology Granted as always my memory wasn t super hot on the first book Even my notes weren t entirely detailed like I Big Book of AA All 12 Steps Understand and Complete One Step At A Time in Recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous 12 of 12 Books keep trying to do now But thankfully Ash does her own bit of a recap and I was able to remember the events fairly well or at least well enough to get through the beginning stages of the book with little problemIt s been a year since the events of the first book have passed A lot has changed for Ash tremendously so Her brother Rys is MIA the love of her life Dane is being possessed by the evil and ancient spirit Coronado Meanwhile Ash and Beth are living the best life they can on the gold Ash can create that her mother taught her how to do and spending all. Ash may have escaped the immortal worshipping cult thatilled her mother but the love of her life is still under its thrall Dane has been possessed by his diabolical ancestor Coronado a man who's fabulously wealthy. The money possible to find RhysThen Dane comes back into the spotlight or well her spotlight of sorts as he s been the hot new millionaire for awhile now with women falling over themselves to be with him He comes to Ash saying he can help her find her brother but first she has to convince the council that she can help her find her brother but first she has to convince the council that she has Katia s spirit inside her That together they can New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) keep the council from trying toill her brother since his blood is the one thing that can ill an immortalAsh wants to find her brother than anything but can she really trust that Dane is Dane Reluctantly she goes to his mansion in Spain to set out to find her brother this is when she meets the not so friendly and weirdly Dane obsessed head Of Staff Lucinda Lucinda Seems To Want staff Lucinda Lucinda seems to want out of the house as uickly as possible They do not get along let s just say that Every hero needs an adversary after allThis was an interesting book and a rather uick read If things weren t so hectic in my life at the moment I d likely would have had this finished in two days instead of three The shocks and chills were relentless in this one While some parts did drag just a bit other elements were in full swing The ending especially just let out the jaw dropping reveals that had me reelingThere was still a bit of romance brewing between Ash and Dane since Dane retains control over Coronado Again I probably should ve written notes on my feels with these two but I have to say it was a sweet little romance happening here I guess what I will say is that I wish this one could ve been a little longer It was relatively short at 276 pages Though it does seem somewhat refreshing to read a book under 350 pages every now and then But at the same time things started to feel rushed in the end I mean I wouldn t have said no to an extended conclusion with the characters who were left But we just ind of get that sense that everything will be all right with those who remain and while there is a feeling of contentedness I just The Alien Huntress Series Alien Huntress kind of wished there was a bit But all in all a satisfying conclusion to the duology Overall Rating 355 stars I wish I hadnown about this series sooner I loved it so muchThere is dark and there is light and I absolutely loved the combo of the two Ash was easy to connect to and I seriously felt bad for Dane He needs a hug or two or a hundredLiggett s writing just has a way of sucking you in with great dialogue and fantastic wording I highly recommend this original duology My only complaint is I want an epilogue This book was okay I felt inda of let down because all the great things about the first book Dripping with fame and the leader of Europe's most dangerous immortal network Dane begs Ash to join him at Coronado's castle in Spain and swears that his blood bond with Ash is stronger than Coronado's hold over him. .