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The Writing Workshop dUrned up in a serious way I thoroughly enjoyed her characters everyone has a past some are hard to overcome but when youo and someone believes in younothing can stop you Five I believe in you stars I was excited about Renee s story and it Agricultural Engineering did notisappoint I m so glad Renee got rid of that ugly azz husband of hers and finally found her happily ever after She and Zo were beyond adorable Their courtship "is everything all females want in a relationship This story line "everything all females want in a relationship This story line fun and easy with many relationship story line was fun and easy with so many moments that had me almost falling out my bed Believe in Me was the ultimate black romance I needed to see her clear of that DOUCHEWAFFLEI really enjoyed listening to Believe in Me and I m so glad that Renee got rid of her lying and cheating husband Surprisingly this was a little Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse darker than I expected with a hero who has a murky past that s not completely in his past I found it a little confronting that Lorenzo could so easily slip back into intimidation and threats They weren t against the heroine so it wasn t all badThere were emotional ups andowns which I ve come to expect in Alexandria House s stories Communication is the key and it takes a wee while for both Lorenzo and Renee to be on the same pageAs I said above a little bit How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture darker than I expected but I still enjoyed the journey Will I go on Ion t think so Nicole s character is a little too comfortable with cheating on her boyfriends and is very focused on getting herself a Sugar Daddy I m sure she will come good by the end but I on t think I m the right audience for her journey to happy ever afte. Possibility of another broken heart The two share an electric attraction and a smoldering chemistry but will they learn to truly believe in each other enough to build a lasting love. Believe in Me Strickland Sisters #2Off rip she is making a lot of assumptionsAnd now I want to read Bulletproof10% Done I m over here jealous of fictional characters le sighGASP THAT SOB GoodReadReading these types of novels back2back might not B such a good idea BCuz the premise or template can have too close of similarities and find yourself feeling like you ve read the same story with a ifferent cast But House might B an exception BCuz she has proven 2B extremely romantically sweet N her writings at times while other times she is hilariously idyllic this read being the latter any read that makes Mi laugh is a winner Enjoyed reading this 2nd installment concerning Zo Renee s love story While "AT TIMES THEIR RELATIONSHIP SEEMED ROCKY THEIR LOVE FOR "times their relationship seemed rocky their love for other smoothed it out Great characters and content Nicely written There was an extra layer of epth with this sister s storyLorenzo Street Higgs made this story He had a whole background that would have made this one I would have loved to see of that story but what I got was enough to raise the level of Renee s story Renee was a woman that worked hard in life love and just being She never would have guessed that she would find love strength and fortitude I loved

renee when she 
when she in her sister s story I was lured in by loved Renee when she was in her sister s story I was lured in by scene created with her and her husband I am elighted to find that some time has passed and she has become stronger I love that she found a man that was worth her I Believe I want to yell the ABC s backwards after SexLorenzo made a huge splash in this story from the onset I liked the way the author had readers initial. More than a year after leaving her unfaithful husband Renee Mattison is ready to move on but how can she move on from someone who refuses to let go Lorenzo Higgs is handsome and magn. Ly think that he was a Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance dirty old man I laughed out loud at the heroines initial reaction to Lorenzo Mr tallark and fine was the real eal This story was FUN AND EASY WITH MOMENTS THAT and easy with moments that me belly laughing and slapping my knees Renee was a Midwife sent to eliver a baby at a Mansion in town for a young teen when she met Lorenzo and his bodyguard man giant Tyrrell Renee ran her own Midwifery clinic with teen when she met Lorenzo and his bodyguard man giant Tyrrell Renee ran her own Midwifery clinic with friend Cass This birthing was a new client Here s the story It had been one year since Renee left her serial cheater husband after he had a baby with his fling If you ll recall the girlfriend ropped the baby off with Renee to babysit while she went to work This happened in the previous book NEEDLESS TO SAY THIS WAS THE LAST SO I to say this was the last So I going to be honest I was nervous about Renee s story starting out she just wasn t my favorite Strickland sister It idn t seem like she had much of a back bone I mean I hate to judge her but it was hard watching the way she let that trifling husband of hers treat her Thank God this started off with her giving zero F s and getting herself together And Lorenzohe is a breath of fresh fine air They are so amazing together and this story is fire I liked Renee story a bit than her sister Angie storyWith her husband cheating on her she s had enough and wants an Gramatica de baza a limbii romane divorceMysterious guy Lorenzo has his eyes on Renee from the first time he met herThey relationship has some up andown Their pasts pops up here and there but they love keeps them goingEnjoyed This is the love Journey of Renee and Lorenzo Zo as usual Alexandria house has Etic with a past that would send most women running not to mention a little emotional baggage Renee knows she should be afraid of Lorenzo but the only thing that frightens her is the.