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I was assigned to read this a sociolinguistics class but s super interestingpeople who don t do the linguist thing would also be interested to read about the development of our language in the US Besides grappling with the estion what exactly is American English is a dialect or is it a language It covers aspects of Our Speech Such As Black speech such as Black Chicano English and Regional Accents and dialectsAND it does it in a way that is easy to read and fun This book is a great study on the language of Americans and how it changes in relation to the nation s history and cultural values It answered some Fortinbras at the Fishhouses uestions I had about the language such as why some American dialects are rhotic while others are not and broughtp some ideas that I hadn t thought about Most interesting was the section about how some non standard American dialects for example African American Vernacular English are treated by many as incorrect or lazy English and how that affects the people who grow p speaking those dialects Reading this has helped me to open my eyes ab. Is American English in decline Are regional dialects dying out Is there a difference between men and women in how they adapt to linguistic variationsThese estions and about our language catapulted Robert MacNeil and William adapt to linguistic variationsThese estions and about our language catapulted Robert MacNeil and William the authors with Robert McCrum of the language classic The Story of English across the country in search of the answers Do You Speak American is the tale of their discoveries which provocatively show how the standard for American English if a standard exists is changing ickly and dramatically On a journey that takes them from the Northeast through Appalachia and the Deep South and west to California the autho. ,

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Out how language should be treated and taught in America in a way that encourages people to learn how to communicate with the standard dialect which is to their own benefit and that of others without making them feel inferior for speaking differently at home A fun little look into American English and it s many dialects This book is great for those without much background in linguistics As I have noted before on occasion my native American accent is Western Pennsylvanian 1 one of the dialects spoken of is Western Pennsylvanian 1 one of the dialects spoken of this book There are some dialects and this is one of them that have a mixed sort of prestige Locally and I am a witness of this there is a great deal of pride in the distinctiveness of the accent of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas where creek is pronounced crick where people go to Ver sails but also Du kain where people appreciate Giant Iggle cheer on the Stillers and are fond of yinz as long as you are one of their kind This particular work is a are one of their kind This particular work is a work on the diversity of American dialects and the ways is a work on the diversity of American dialects and the ways which they are Rs observe everyday verbal interactions and in a host of interviews with native speakers glean the linguistic irks and traditions characteristic of each area While examining the histories and controversies surrounding both written and spoken American English they address anxieties and assumptions that when explored are highly emotional such as the growing influence of Spanish as a threat to American English and the special treatment of African American vernacular English And challenging the purists who think grammatical standards are in serious deterioration and that media saturation of our culture is homogenizing our speech they surp. Do You Speak American?Iewed by others There were times this BOOK WHERE CHEERED THE O I LOVED where I cheered the authors o I loved this book because it was full of so much fascinating information about the American English language The book provided an excellent overview with some depth as to what the major dialects are Southern Inland Midwestern Black Chicano etc how they have been shaped historically and how they continue to shape mainstream American English The book is well organized into chapters that flow and I think it does a nice job of showing both sides of each of the major debates about American language and dialects Overall I think this is a great mainstream book about the American English languageThis book does not go into as much depth as I would have liked but I don t think that was the intent of it In order to learn specifics about dialects and the constantly changing state of our language you probably need to turn to academicresearch focused resourcs It does however do a great job of introducing the basics and asks plenty of thought provoking estions. Rise Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie us withnpredictable responsesWith insight and wit MacNeil and Cran bring The Possible Police us a compelling book that is at once a celebration and a potent study of our singular languageEach wave of immigration has brought new words to enrich the American language Do you recognize the origin of 1 blunderbuss sleigh stoop coleslaw boss waffleOr2 dumb ouch shyster check kaput scram bummerOr3 phooey pastrami glitch kibbitz schnozzleOr4 broccoli espresso pizza pasta macaroni radioOr5 smithereens lollapalooza speakeasy hooliganOr6 vamoose chaps stampede mustang ranch corral1 Dutch 2 German 3 Yiddish 4 Italian 5 Irish 6 Spanish From the Hardcover editio.