(KINDLE) The Passionate Husband Modern Romance author Helen Brooks

Who predictably does something humongously unforgivable like swagger into the author s thought process while she is stewing over a fight with her own real mrHanyway so follows the supergrovel which seems to be the ongoing ideal HEA for best ratings and as a salve to the 5 starred scarred mind of a romance readerb an alpha H who cleverly mocks the h and gets away with a few home truths but gets his come uppance when the tstl h cutely walks into danger and makes the H run after herso for all his swearing she proves she is special character % % to him anywayc the nice beta H who wears his heart on his sleeve and has to repeatedly prove to the h that he is worthy while she decides whether he is a eeper or notIn this book the h is clearly in the wrong but its the H who says sorrya wasted session of mistaken man bashing when there are so many other deserving candidates some of whom I have dated for real I m just a disillusioned romance junkieI prefer my man bashing sessions to be in the form of chic lits chic flicks or during a happy hour girl talk meet upnot in my romance novels thank you This book was only mildly absorbing and only because you want to see how things are resolved for this estranged couple She accuses him of cheating the low down cheating lying philandering rat and he tells her that she needs to have faith in him and herself too Why is it easier to believe lies than the truth Have you ever asked yourself that Meaning regarding you and Tanya I suppose she said flatly He sat back in his seat studying her over the rim of his glass Has it never occurred you that you might be wrong about all this All problems are attributed to her #you that you might be about all this All problems are attributed to her self esteem and mommy desertion issues Of course there was a serpent in their happy Eden who caused trouble and helped render them apart by sowing doubts and distrustThe h is irritating for much of the book The usual HP ind who has to believe and be nice to everyone but the H Many times I wished he d just give up on her shrewish and self righteous self and get on with his life Even the purported ow sounded niceAnd the reason for the H s absence and distance for 18 months and now this present storming of the Castle Cold was also not explained convincingly Letters Who writes letterBut the book and the h took the turn for the better in the final throes I liked the resolution and finally they seemed like a couple who could have a heaAnd some lines were worth reading again I m trying to say no nicely She eyed him severely Try saying yes badly. Hat he wantsdoesn't he He's going to be her passionate husband prepare the perfect seduction scene turn on the charm and finally reclaim Marsha as his wifeor is he too confident by hal. Brother and her supposed friend the heroine absolutely distraught and miserable without each #Other Even When She #Even when she given another chance to come clean she still reaffirms her story about her brother being a philandering ass who cheated on his wife for the entire duration of their marriage Psychopath sister then is magnanimously forgiven by all including her own husband when she FINALLY confesses her misdeeds after a botched suicide attempt because she couldn t live with the guilt any yeah right It s just manipulation if you ask me and the story finishes with them all singing oombaya together at a family picnic as heroine readies herself to give birth to their first baby Helen Brooks is normally bloodthirsty when it comes to inflicting comeuppance on her villains who come between her hero and heroine so what happened here Her heroine here is also one of the worst This is definitely one turkey I won t ever be rereading Another marriage in trouble Marsha has left Taylor for infidelity and has filed for divorce Taylor comes back into her life after 18 months He does not a divorce He wants her to tell tell who told her about his so called indiscretions She refuses to tell him as he would be devastatedTaylor is a good guy He loves Marsha And he has always been faithful #to her even when they were separated Marsha has some issuesAll in all a good romance #her even when they were separated Marsha has some issuesAll in all a good romance 4 starsA great story although it frustrated me a bit Love the hero would love one as my husband Heroine a bit hard to like but I God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School kinda understood why she did what she did and felt what she felt It was a bit meh at first chapters as I was not intrigued by it but soon after it captivated me and held my interest until the end Cute ending with pregnant heroine and the delivery of their baby boy This started off good and angsty I thought it would be at least three or four stars But unfortunately I can only give it two This has to be one of the stupidest HP plots I ve ever read Seriously There were times that Iept hoping that the hero will just give her the divorce and move on This heroine was simply TSTL too many times for me Good I love marriage in trouble with built in hea clause in their post nup contract and I love the way helen brooks usually tackles this theme with her emotive writingbut not so in this booknot a review but a rantMy giant supposition This book is another example of an author taking out her real life frustrations on men and therefore miseries impish smile by penning a a gamma H with custom cruel tendencies. O fall for him all over again After all he cheated on herdidn't he But he is gorgeous too gorgeous by halfTaylor is determined to prove to Marsha he wants her back and he always gets

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The Passionate Husband Modern Romance