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I m a fan of this series but this book was just plain bad The plot was shockinhly awful it read like exposition that went on for way too long as "IF THE AUTHOR HAD LITERALLY NO "the author ad literally no left for these characters so The Future of English Teaching Worldwide he justad them wandering around for a while The only thing saving this from a one star review is that Meyer is a legitimately funny writer and there were at least alf a dozen laugh out loud funny bits of dialogue Regrettably they aren t nearly enough to justify reading this slog of a book Executive #summary i love dragons what fantasy fan doesn #I love Dragons What fantasy fan doesn Yet somehow this book wasn t uite as good as some of the others It s still pretty fun if you enjoy the series though 35 StarsAudiobook Another excellent job by Luke Daniels He really brings these books to life For some reason Audible as a 6 month exclusive on the book but I would Sigrid Liljeholm have gotten this in audio anyways If youaven t tried the audio and don t want to wait until November this may be a good time to give the audio a try Full Review An Unwelcome uest is easily my favorite book of the series so far so I was really itching for a 4th book Instead Mr Meyer took a break from the series and did a few other books Master of Formalities The Authorities instead They Were Alright But What alright but what really wanted was the next book in this seriesSo David Starr Space Ranger here we are a 4th book And it s got Dragons I enjoyed it thanis two non series books but not uite as much as the other books in the series Part of why I love this series is Crusader conspiracy Banner books how it blends fantasy with computer programming and gaming While the main premise is based on a coding mistake most of the focus was on dealing with the problem and there just felt like less of the computergaming stuff than previous volumesThis book focused on some non wizard characters too Unfortunately I found those characters very annoying Which is impressive given that many of the Wizards themselves Martin Jimmy Gary are uite annoying already It did make for a nice change of pace but I wishe The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) had focused on. Martin andis friends discovered that their world is computer generated and that by altering the code they could alter reality They traveled back in time to Medieval England to live as wizards Almost everything they've done since then as in one way or another blown up in their faces So of course they de. Fight and Flight Magic 20 #4Iewed yet You re all going to feel really stupid when I leave a review something like This book was crap I thought it was supposed to be Twilight fanficThe reviewHere there be digitally simulated dragonsI greatly enjoyed "Fight or Flight This one felt on par with book 3 it was fun with several chucklesThe "or Flight This one felt on par with book 3 it was fun with several chucklesThe was perfect of course Luke Daniels does no wrongMy only whaaaaaaat moment no spoilersMartin say do kids in England play flag soccerPhillip No we just play what you call soccer You don t need body armor and a trama specialist on Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue hand to play the full version of our game That s why we love itHas Meyer ever seen a soccer game in person The major difference between these two sports is that we Americans prefer our violence on the field rather than in the standsNow begins the agonizing wait for book 5 but until then weave Run Program to look forward to Definitely my least favourite in the series I felt like I was reading someone s attempt to expand what should ave been a short story into something longer It really seemed like a bunch of busy subplots mashed together to create a weak main plot "I really disliked new character Honor and there s nothing worse than not liking "really disliked the new character Honor and there nothing worse than not liking kid It might ave been better if she was an old lady but even then I m not sure that would I magnifici dieci have been enough to make me likeer Although I really like Luke Daniels the accents in this book were somewhat annoying to meThere s clearly at least one book planned in the series and I won t let one bad outing deter me from trying the next but I really The Happiness Secrets Of Joel Osteen hope it s a lot stronger than this installment I shouldave stopped after the third book The bulk of Fight and Flight Seashells has our beloved cast scattered in pairs Philip Martin Gwen Britt Jeff Roy and Tyler Gary duos whose dynamics are already thoroughly established Mr Meyer was successful in generating dramatic tension and comedy in An Unwelcome uest by forging unlikely combinations of characters so it s unsurprising that the too familiar pairings Ng girl who knows that the wizards created the dragons and is determined to make them pay Oner side she An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has powerful allies a magical artifact and a faithful if not particularlyelpful dog Fight and Flight is a rollicking tale of bravery wonder love revenge greed discovery deception and animal usbandr.

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The Bishop and less on HonorAfter "reading Assassin s Fate this was a great book to elp me recover from ow emotionally "Assassin s Fate this was a great book to elp me recover from Farmer Boy how emotionally that was I do enjoy a nice lightlow stakes book Theumor is always great too I especially love Philip s snarkOverall a decent but not great addition to this fun series I Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion hope we ll get a 5th book eventually Maybe one thatas some of the gamingprogramming umor that originally pulled me into the series to begin with Either way I ll be picking it up on release day again This whole series is pretty whimsical This time our group of wizards creates dragons which doesn t work out too well We get to see the team pair off to attempt to deal with dragons which often doesn t too "Well The Regular People Do A Little "The regular people do a little and both groups are fun to read aboutAs always Luke Daniels does an excellent narration job Typically if I m gonna read in the series I ll rate a 4 but I didn t really enjoy this book much There was a lot of stuff that could ave been avoided if they talked to each other making room for other stuff but instead it was a lot of repetition It just wasn t very enjoyable Not awful just not as good and fun as some of the others Will read though and Panda Bears hope this one was just a rare dud Light and fun just like the others from the series I ll keep reading as long ase keeps writing This one was bad REALLY bad The characters kept forgetting the rules of their reality and they all suffered from extreme immature stupidity The women in this series get and annoying in every book Every woman doesn t Turning Points in Australian History have to be a raging manating and objectifying extremist and every man doesn t Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas have toave the maturity and mental capacity of a second grader This
Once Great Series Is 
great series is downhill fast This book is not worth your time or money Finally a release date May 9thI was at the theater Friday A guy behind me says book 4 comes out in 3 days I turned around and said off to be the wizard Boom new friend LolThanks Scott Meyer9 likes for a book I Let Dai Vol 8 haven t rev. Cide to make dragons It does not go well As the wizards struggle to control their creations and protect innocent citizens they try new things most of which they don't enjoy meet new people most of who are angry at them and fight epic battles most of which they lose But their biggest challenge may be a you.