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Ld in intellectual darkness Billions die in crusades genocides inuisitions witch *and wholy wars1859 Darwin accidentally kills god1867 Marx tries to figure it *wholy wars1859 Darwin accidentally kills god1867 Marx tries figure it out by deconstructing and rationalizing systems of material production and governance Stalin gets ahold of it and around 20 million people end up dead 1886 Nietzsche tries to figure it all out by deconstructing and rationalizing systems of morality Hitler gets ahold of it and around 20 million people end up dead 1899 Freud tries to figure it all out by deconstructing and rationalizing systems of psychology Madison Avenue gets ahold of it and the rest of us end up dead starting with the frogs and polar bearsYet somehow we re still better off Nietzsche was the primary philosopher who inspired me to pursue the field Not that he offers a coherent belief system or ready to hand tools for ife or ready to hand tools for Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems life he does provide the type of critical perspective necessary to begin uestioning one sife His thought has so much become a part of my own that whenever I revisit his works I find aphorisms that mirror my own dispositions in ways I never realized had sunk in I feel as do many who have been inspired by him an emotional connection with his thought given which he holds a dear place for me All that is to say that I was both anxious and apprehensive to read a biography on his personThe task of writing about the Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework life of Nietzsche is not without its perils With a hankering after the irrational and revelry it is just as vital to capture the setting and atmosphere within which Nietzsche s thought developed so as to impress the mood that makes up such a part of Nietzsche s aesthetic Prideaux does a superb job in recreating the environment that so affected and afflicted this tormented thinker With Nietzsche s own penchant for colorful descriptions Prideaux works hard to maintain a similar flourish without becoming garish Nor can one write a biography of Nietzsche without addressing the philosophical thought that consumed him Prideaux adroitly weaves within the story of hisife not only Nietzsche s own thought but that of the Angels Whiskey likes of Empedocles Kant Schopenhauer and in a manner that seems natural and easy to digest However I uestion Prideaux s choice to give synopses of Nietzsche s books particularly those after his Untimely Meditations Nietzsche s works are far too broad and nuanced to neatly sum up in a couple of pages and I fear that these sections may mislead the reader into false starts and premature conclusions about his worksWhat I find most commendable about this biography is that Prideaux does not mythologize unsubstantiated events in Nietzsche sife not even those considered pivotal nor speculate about them other than where it is further noted by contemporaries making up the primary sources consulted For example the time in which it is supposed that Nietzsche may have contracted syphilis is passingly commented upon with only a slight reference to Mann s grander allusions to it in his novel Doctor Faustus Rather the book is well researched and is composed with descriptive care to fill in the setting The historical facts are treated Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities like a pre composedibretto needing only to be pieced together and then inlayed by the greater orchestral composition that is Prideaux s text I imagine that some may be critical of the divagations into other notable individual s ives such as Wagner and F rster but I found these to be sparse and refreshing Nietzsche ived during an exceptional time the Paris Commune the Franco Prussian War emergence of Symbolism etc and many of the individuals both greater and Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between lesser known he was personally acuainted with As such I take these additions to be an asset to the whole in their providing important context to Nietzsche s acuaintance and reciprocating influence Incipit Tragoedia When Zarathustra was thirty years old heeft his home and the Lake of Urmi and went into the mountains There he enjoyed his spirit and his solitude and for ten years did not weary of it But at The Day Christ Was Born last his heart changed begins aphorism 342 of The Gay Science The same could be said of that fateful day in Turin during the winter of 1889 Incipit Tragoedia when he finally went under and succumbed to the madness within which he would spend just over the next ten years His final decade ofife is heartbreaking to read about and Prideaux spares no punches in defending his 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set legacy with a detailed account of the misappropriations of his thought Some may be turned off by the pointed depiction of his sister Elisabeth s machinations but Nietzsche segacy had ruthlessly been controlled by her and to dire purposes for decades after his death Prideaux does an excellent job documenting and debunking many false impressions that have been attributed to Nietzsche over the years without however denying that his thought does The Seventh Witch lend itself to such interpretation and abuse In terms of scholarship and engagement of style Prideaux s portrait is masterfully executed and artfully composed to the aim of defending Nietzsche segacy as a philosopher of perhap. Tual and emotional ife with a novelist's insight and sensitivityShe also produces unforgettable portraits of the people who were most important to him including Richard and Cosima Wagner Lou Salom the femme fatale who broke his heart; and his sister Elizabeth a rabid German nationalist and anti Semite who manipulated his texts and turned the Nietzsche archive into a destination for Nazi ideologues I Am Dynamite is the essential biography for anyone seeking to understand history's most misunderstood philosoph. .
When asked for recommendations by those unversed in philosophy i most commonly recommend plato and nietzsche I most commonly recommend Plato and Nietzsche are enduringly popular Both are immediately accessible Though often misinterpreted both also describe the antipodes of Western philosophy the metaphysical and the anti metaphysical the classical religious and the modern secular idealsAs the Church has misappropriated Plato for its purposes so much of the abuse of Friedrich Nietzsche 1844 1900 stemmed from the decades of control of his estate by his racist sister Elisabeth 1846 1935 and her increasingly Nazi entourage This has been substantially rectified for American readers by the republication of his works unsullied by her self serving ministrations by such translators and biographers as W Kaufmann and *RJ Hollingdale Now with S Prideaux s current biography such reconstructions of this man attained a *Hollingdale with S Prideaux s current biography such reconstructions of this man have attained a completenessWhile Kaufmann the one most responsible for the reintroduction of Nietzsche to the English reading public produced a magisterial biography of the philosopher in 1950 rev 1968 his emphasis was on the evolution of Nietzsche s writing and ideas Prideaux s particular virtue is in having provided a very readable and fully fleshed portrait of the man and those closest to him She is particularly strong in providing a ucid exposition of his intellectual development in relation to his physical condition and erotic Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America life without thereby belittling either the man or his workWhere Prideaux is weak is in placing Nietzsche within his philosophical context neglecting I think his dependence via Schopenhauer and others on Kant But this is the objection of a philosophically inclined reader and hers is first and foremost a biography a very good one which should appeal to specialists and generalists alike A mostly captivating biography of a widely misunderstood man I ameft with the impression of a solitary The Pocket Wife lonely and confused soul wandering about moving from place to place in search of belonging and fleeing his oppressive mother and sister There are brief intervals of reciprocity with Wagner and Lou Salome but in the end he is a man very much alone Next time I pick up a book he wrote I will approach it with a deepened understanding of the origins of his ideas English I Am Dynamite A Life of NietzscheThis book is no doubt super interesting and written in an immersive manner but while I m happy I received an ARC it was in a format that can only be read via Adobe Digital Editions meaning on the screen and the book has 700 pages So I will buy the hardcover instead By skimming the pages to get an impression I saw that this text is certainly worthwhile Nietzsche is now preceded by his reputation to such a monstrous extent that it takes a bit of an effort to overcome all the received A bookike this needs to be composed The Color of Our Sky like music All the elements must be gently pulled in so the main themes can shine through Prideaux accomplishes this with such great finesse Essentially this book has 3 main threads that she stays true to for the entire biography Chronology of Nietzsche s Life filled with colourful detailsAn Intellectual History of his Philosophical Development flooded with bookish detailsHistorical Context as it Relates to Nietzsche with the goal of setting the record straightWe can see Nietzsche develop from his early 20 s True to any young man this section of the book is the mostively and fastest to read The early pages are packed with books he read what he thought of them his keen friendship with Wagner his musical ifeNext the biography moves into his middle years where the intellectual development slows down but his private ife certainly picks up He s essentially come into his own for what he believes in The rest reads Obsession like a well not a gossipy newspaper column He s still a great thinker Prideaux s writing still sings perhaps he s simply a man who fell inove And if this biography reads as beautifully as fiction our villain is clearly moving onto the chessboardThis final section is where I was rendered on the floor in emotional turmoil Again Prideaux s writing keeps the complex periods of history clear easy to read Which only emphasizes the tragedy of thoughts gone wrong These were an emotionally crippling couple of pages with exuisitely concise summaries of Nietzsche s final self published works She includes spoilers on these few pages if you consider Cabaret: A Roman Riddle linesike Descartes I Think Therefore I Am to be a spoilerThe final pages include Aphorisms as a great tribute Near year by year Chronology from 1844 1935Endnotes citing the sources ittle to no commentaryA pretty fun sounding Bibliography for book nerdsI d recommend this to fans of Nietzsche his naysayers most of all She reduces him back the mere man he wanted to be removing the egend that his sister painstakingly tried to build up As a result perhaps Nietzsche can finally become impish smile you have to read this book his works to find out My 1st Impressions Video filmed before I read this final review it gives a very brief update to the 1st Impre. A groundbreaking new biography of philosophy's greatest iconoclast Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most enigmatic figures in philosophy and his concepts the bermensch the will to power slave morality have fundamentally reshaped our understanding of the human condition But what do most people really know of Nietzsche beyond the mustache the scowl and the ingering association with nihilism and fascism Where do we place a thinker who was eually beloved by Albert Camus Ayn Rand Martin Buber and Adolf HitlerNie. Ssions ess information than this written review I am frightened Nietzsche had written by the thought of what unualified and unsuitable people may invoke my authority one day Nietzsche had written by the thought of what unualified and unsuitable people may invoke my authority one day that is the torment of every great teacher of mankind he knows that given the circumstances and the accidents he can become a disaster as well as a blessing to mankind 374 5Ironically Nietzsche wrote these words in a All Roads Lead Home letter to his sister Elizabeth who as Prideaux painfully shows abused her brother and his thought than anyone else associating it with Nazi ideology in a manner that echoes to this day Hopefully Prideaux s biography *will dispel theast ingering notions that Nietzsche was an anti *dispel the ast ingering notions that Nietzsche was an anti proto Nazi already intrepidly addressed by Walter Kaufmann before her The biography was compelling and surprisingly sad Poor misunderstood fated Nietzsche Prideaux does a brilliant job of vividly portraying his ife throughout the story and it does read The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis like a story you feel as if you re right there alongside Nietzsche thinking along with him and sharing his troubles I wrote aonger piece about biographizing Nietzsche which if you re interested you can find right here on my website I had not read a full biography of Nietzsche before I had tried to work through some of his major works in college and knew of the odd course that his writings had taken after his death but ack any sense of a ife trajectory That always struck me as odd for a philosopheressayist who has proven to be so influential Sue Prideaux has written a readable and engaging biography of Nietzsche that has helped to fill these holes for meHaving said this I do not know that I am much clearer about actually getting Nietzsche The book clearly communicates the role of his thought in identifying how modernism has weakened the ability of religion and philosophy to provide meaning and value for people provided that the evelling tendencies of modern thought are followed through consistently and honestly That was already fairly clear to me Prideaux s account highlights the problem that such a philosophy presents how does one find meaning in a world with no certainty and no principles a philosophy of perhaps That this would pose tensions for individuals trying to justify a place in the world is clear and the path that Nietzsche steered through the neighborhoods of madness is not surprising It was a basic part of his own story ineThere are a few aspects to Nietzsche s story as told here that were striking to meFirst what an odd intellectual environment he worked in He gets a professorship in philology without completing any degree because of two influential mentors Then he begins to move in completely different directions away from philology and towards philosophy such that students stop signing up for his courses He then eventually eaves the university and wanders around Central Europe going to scenic areas writing books that nobody read and whose format was understandable as driven by his health than by any content He did not attain much success at all in his ifetime I have trouble getting my head around just how different this intellectual world is from anything today especially in big time philosophySecond you have to ove family right How the influence of his mother and especially his sister was associated with Nietzsche s work is hard to comprehend especially on substantive issues that affected how his work has been viewed since his death antisemitism It is hard to see how his egacy could have not been confused given the particularities of his estate and its managersThird the imitations of 19th century medicine are striking and one wonders what was really going on both in terms of his inherited physical disorders and the bizarre treatments he received The ink between the socialcultural and physical aspects of insanity are strikingFourth he received virtually no recognition during his ifetime when he would have been sane enough to recognize it Add to that the shift in intellectual ife at the turn of the century and it seems ike a bad joke on the part of the gods at Nietzsche s expense Throw in WW1 and the Nazis and the story only gets stranger The strange relationship with Wagner and his mistress is part of this and a separate strange part of the cultural storyFinally the book makes me want to tour Switzerland and northern Italy I had actually visited Basel and Lucerne prior to reading the book and now want to go backThis was a fun book to read even while trying to sort through Nietzsche s aphorisms The author explains the origins of ZarathustraWhy did Nietzsche choose Zarathustra Zarathustra also called Zoroaster was a Persian prophet who probably ived some time between the twelfth and sixth centuries before Christ Zarathustra presented a key to the problem of evil that could never be answered by Judaism Christianity or Islam whose all powerful gods were all good In Zoroastrianism the god of ight is in constant conflict with the god of da Modernity s TimelinePre Modernity Abrahamic religions envelop the western wor. Tzsche wrote that all philosophy is autobiographical and in this vividly compelling myth shattering biography Sue Prideaux brings readers into the world of this brilliant eccentric and deeply troubled man illuminating the events and people that shaped his ife and work From his placid devoutly Christian upbringing overshadowed by the mysterious death of his father through his teaching career onely philosophizing on high mountains and heart breaking descent into madness Prideaux documents Nietzsche's intellec. .

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