[Flame and Ember Regency Love #1] E–pub ñ M.A. Nichols

Flame and Ember Regency Love #1Ll kinds of time with her to ignoring her and making her feel like crap He then had the audacity to get mad when she finally stood up for herself to everyone including him I have a hard time believing that he was that naive and dare I say stupid A person would have to be pretty blind to not see what everyone else was seeingYes I get that he was a flawed character but his actions went a little too far in my opinion And honestly I do not think that he deserved Mina Maybe if we had less of the drawn out visit from his dreaded evil family and of him actually doing anything and everything to win Mina back I would have a different and everything to win Mina back I would have a different of him But alas the book just ended and he didn t grovel enough for me Haha Now don t get me wrong I did not dislike the book I actually enjoyed it and it was because of Mina She s not your typical heroine and while the odds where constantly stacked against her she always managed to come out on top She has got to be the sweetest most loving and caring individual ever After going through everything she did in her life she had every ight to be bitter and hateful but she wasn t not even a little bit She was an amazing heroine and the eason why I kept eading the book until the very end And she ll be the eason why I The Witch who was a princess read the next book in the series Maybe Simon will be amazing and win me back over to his sid CHAPTERS 1 THROUGH 29Heroine to hero I love youMother in law to heroine You cowOW to heroine If that s your man if that s your man if that s your man he wasn t laaaaaast nightHero to heroine Go away I love the OWCHAPTER 30Hero to OW You know youe a bit of a skank after allHero to mother I won t invite you to my home IF YOU DON T AT LEAST PRETEND TO RESPECT you don t at least pretend to espect wifeCHAPTER 31Hero to anyone who ll listen I haz sad nowCHAPTER 32Hero to heroine I don t know where to begin with all the apoloHeroine I WILL COME BACK TO YOUFIN I had a hard time with this story though parts of it were engaging enough Mina for example pull. Onger an option for a man whose heart is irrevocably brokenMina Ashbrook longs to marry for love but knows she’s too old too plump and too plain to catch a gentleman’s eye And a marriage of convenience is better than being a spinster sister living off her brother’s charity Simon may not love her now I don t know how I came about this book but I am so glad I did This is a new to me author and I eally enjoyed the story This is a marriage of convenience and that is one of my favorite tropes The characters are so likeable and you just oot them on to find love and happiness This is the first in a series and I look forward to Jeden výdych koňa reading the next installment This was engagingly written and I couldn t help butoot for the heroine of this story However the hero left much to be desired Unfortunately there s no nice way to say this he was an idiot His inability to fully Eleanor, Quiet No More realize his own feelings for the heroine was understandable and I would have been able to tolerate it had it not lasted past the 80% mark The fact that his wife the heroine was proved on than one occasion to be an excellent judge of character while he was not should have clued him in earlier on to what waseally going on in his home And while I eally enjoyed the chapter where the heroine basically says that she s done being a doormat and tells her husband every true thing she d been storing up inside I wished that it had happened earlier on There was also definitely not enough groveling and I wish that the author had given us of the MCs HEA An epilogue would not have gone unappreciatedOverall despite the anger inducing angst I eally enjoyed this author s writing style and found it a pleasure to What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game read I also appreciated how clean this was and how the hero waseally decent and faithful albeit clueless man 35 StarsI have to admit that I m having a hard time deciding how To Rate This Book While rate this book While absolutely adored Mina and her strength I honestly didn t care for Simon all that much Even though he was adored Mina and her strength I honestly didn t care for Simon all that much Even though he was with another woman I did like him for the first part of the book His Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) relationship with Mina was starting to move from friends to something But then his family showed up and it went downhill from there I honestly can t see how he could go from pretty much adoring her and spending A heartbroken man a frustrated spinster and a marriage of convenience that proves uite inconvenientSimon Kingsley is in desperate need of a wife After years of searching he finally found love Unfortunately she wed another and now it’s time to settle for someone with whom he can share his life Love is no