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Originally posted here at Random Musings of a BibliophileI feel there is a lack of good uality MG historical fiction that is fun and adventurous where the point isn t to teach a history lesson but to ust have a story that sweeps you up in its magic and action The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands fills this needChristopher Rowe is an apothecary s apprentice in post Restoration London He works hard but he has a kind master who teaches him well and allows him enough free time for adventures that often end in mischief and trouble He can t complain about his life All of that starts to fall apart when a series of murders occur in their small corner of London Murders that seem to be targeting apothecaries When Christopher s master becomes the next victim Christopher s entire future is left unsure Worse he finds himself a suspect As time is running out Christopher races to find the true murder and finds himself caught in a web of politic intrigue and ancient intriguesChristopher is a hero whose story it is easy to get swept up in When the reader meets him he is trying to convince his best friend Thomas it would be a good use of their time to build a cannon I really enjoyed the bond between Christopher and Thomas and how they their time to build a cannon I really enjoyed the bond between Christopher and Thomas and how they very much like typical kids their age They have the responsibilities of their time and social situation that influences their life but they are happy active inuisitive kids looking for ways to lighten the intensity of their days Modern kids will be able to find much to identify with thereThe mystery aspect of the story is well done I felt like the discoveries Christopher made were realistic enough to not stretch incredulity but made for an adventurous read at the same time What he was able to do and accomplish fit his character well too He is a bright boy and do and accomplish fit his character well too He is a bright boy and fueled by a desire to regain control of his future It is the world s best motivatorThis is a book that is heavy with male characters There are girls in the story who are helpful and if there is going to be a seuel I would love to see some of them have a bigger role and imp. Een historisch 84, Charing Cross Road jeugdboek vol spannende puzzels ingewikkelde codes en een vleugje magie De sleutel van SleedoornKrachtige brouwsels en een mysterieuze sekteLonden 1665 De 14arige Christopher is in de leer bij meester apotheker Sleedoorn die hem leert codes te ontcijferen puzzels op te lossen en met simpele ingrediënten krachtige brouwsels te maken.

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Ortance However given the world in which Christopher was moving and working the roles the girls moving and working the roles the girls made senseAs I read I was ust so excited to be reading a fun historical mystery where that was the "whole point So refreshing It is never the tool that decides It s the hands and the heart of the "point So refreshing It is never the tool that decides It s the hands and the heart of the who wields it As always my reviews are based off of my true and honest opinion and I do my best to keep all reviews spoiler free Christopher Rowe is an apprentice to the apothecary Benedict Blackthorn He s learning not only how to create recipes but how to make and decipher codes However before he knows it Christopher Rowes life comes crashing down and now its in danger as well Together Christopher and his good and loyal friend Tom must figure out a secret worth killing forI absolutely loved this book It was almost impossible to put down It reminded me a lot of National Treasure with its codes and puzzles not to mention being chased and by both the good and bad guys Parts of it made me cry and feel for Christopher It also reminded me of adventurehidden objects games that I enjoy playing from time to time because Christopher needs to use his knowledge of codes and puzzles plus be resourceful with the items he has on andor around him I fell in love with the characters and the plot It was easy to follow and immerse myself in This book is a first to a series and without a cliffhanger and most things wrapped up I m not sure what to expect in the next book which leaves any number of wonderful possibilities This is lined up to be Simon and Schuster s big Middle Grade title for the fall GOOD CHOICE SS Set among the apothecaries and secret alchemists of London in 1665 this book is a perfect MG page turner with codes to crack and secret doors to open and vast conspiracies to foil oh my There is high adventure some moving moments and a truly satisfying number of explosions When I do bookstore events I usually hang out in the kids and teens sections trying to match readers with books Tip to other authors this is better than sitting behind a table upfront while pe. Hij heeft nog een boel te leren als de stad wordt opgeschrikt door een serie moorden Christopher ontdekt dat een mysterieuze sekte het niet alleen op zijn meester heeft voorzien maar een gevaar vormt voor de hele mensheid Als Sleedoorn wordt aangevallen heeft hij nog net genoeg tijd om Christopher op pad te sturen met een cryptische boodschap Samen. The Blackthorn KeyOple try to avoid eye contact Blackthorn Key will be my new go to for all those who loved Percy Jackson or Artemis Fowl It s that kind of book and ust that good Video Review Brilliant Utterly brilliant I won an advanced reader s copy book from a GR giveaway and I am so happy I did This book is set to release on September 3rd 2015 which is when you should buy and read it To be blunt it s amazing and uite honestly one of my new favorite middle grades London 1665 A world of wigged gentlemen drunkard peasants middle grades London 1665 A world of wigged gentlemen drunkard peasants orphaned children Christopher Rowe is an orphan at Cripplegate Orphanage when he impresses an elite member of the apothecaries guild and is then taken in as an apprentice to Master Apothecary Benedict Blackthorn Christopher learns all kinds of remedies potions and lethal poisons in his master s care skills that will save his life than a few times Whispers of murder are spreading through the streets and London s apothecaries seem to be The Cult of The Archangel s target Christopher is set on a perilous ourney involving conspiracies codes secret alchemists puzzles and pigeons Who doesn t like pigeons Kevin Sands writing is superb This book is written in 1st person which to me can sometimes sound amateur if not done right but Sands does it right The mix of real history and events is blended well and keeps it interesting however I m very surprised there was no mention of the plague that hit London in 1665 That sort of feels like a missed opportunity but nevertheless the history that was given was welcome Edit The plague is mentioned by the end of the book I completely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about apothecaries alchemists potions poisons and anyone else who likes middle grade I look forward to see what Kevin Sands publishes in the future This is a fantastic fast paced historical mystery and I honestly did not want to put it down Aimed at middle graders but definitely one that any reader could enjoy The Blackthorn Key is the complete package mysterious puzzles and codes thrilling and suspenseful action history and science Met zijn beste vriend Tom moet Christopher het raadsel zien te ontcijferen Kevin SandsDe sleutel van Sleedoorn is een razend spannend verhaal vol vriendschap humor mysterie en gevaar De auteur Kevin Sands werkt als natuurkundig onderzoeker en docent aan de universiteit van Toronto De sleutel van Sleedoorn is zijn debuut en wordt in 13 talen vertaal. .