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兄弟 Xiōng DìThis is a funny sad bawdy be atient it is Terribly Bawdy Towards The End bawdy towards the end compelling book It is the story of two brothers beginning before the Cultural Revolution and ending in the 21st century and it is the story of China emerging into a modern country with all the good and the bad that comes along with such change The story is set in a small town and is told in what seems to be a simple repetitive manner The characters are merely a

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to move story and they have no articular depth nor do they truly undergo any change but that is okay the main character here is China I am not a fan of most satirical comedy I find it tasteless and not funny but I truly laughed out loud at many The Wapshot Scandal places in the book s 641ages Maybe because it is satirical but also sweet and the author loves China A long book by The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman pages but it goes uickly and is not like the wonderful long novels that you read with slow steps and feel when you finish that you have left a life somewhere THis book just hops along I learned that it was a best seller in China I wanted to like this book both because I admire several of Yu Hua srevious novels and because a book this large reuires a considerable investment in time While Brothers contains some sections of great humor and others of heart wrenching tragedy much of it is like a bande dessin e without ictures flat cartoon like characters of extreme unbelievable behavior Moreover I found the obsession with virginity hymen reconstruction surgery and breast and enis enhancement well a bit tiresome and juvenile Even though I suspect there has been some obsession with these topics in China in recent decades they are not uite my cup of tea or at least not beyond maybe thirty or forty Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, pages Perhaps this novel about two half brothers and their uite separate fates would have been better at 300 rather than 600ages Or erhaps I need to talk to one of the translators a brilliant scholar with whom I shared a few dinners a few years back Maybe he can explain to me exactly what I missed A heartbreaking saga about two brothers during and after the cultural revolution in China The emotional floodgates opened wide open with one What a rollercoaster I laughed out loud I screamed in anguish I teared up so many times I got emotionally invested and lost I wanted to hurl the book across the room I wanted to hold it tight in arms I m legitimately mentally exhausted This book is amazing It goes from being hilarious to depressing to jaw dropping and back it made me feel like I m on a roller coaster This book reads like it has 300 ages not once did I think something was redundant or drawn out In fact I felt it stopped almost too suddenThe characters are wonderfully drawn out and jump off the Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 page This despite the fact that the book often reads like a fableMost interesting is the cultural revolution and how it affected the town of Liu It s interesting that the characters start out living in huts with no electricity or running water and having to use theublic outhouse and towards the end of the books the town has been completely modernized And with it the rotagonists evolve as well Ironically the town and it s citizens all are much capitalistic after the cultural revolution than before It robably is not fair of me to rate this book because I couldn t finish it If you want to read The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone pages andages and Rivers Last Longer pages of words with nooint Brothers is the book for you When I first icked up this book in Chinese in China I was younger and my heart was fainter I did not have the courage to finish even the first half Years later I icked up this novel again and finished reading it in almost two separate sittings For someone who spent than a decade in China The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! partially rural and than a decade in the US the character descriptions and actions are very much close to home and real I wish I did not have to read the final 13 of the book but that is just the absurdity and grim reality of a culture underhenomenal and even abnormal change The raw and at times explicit language used was appropriate in reflecting simple lifestyle of the suburbia animal instincts during the cultural revolution and crude behavior of the newly rich and newly corrupt Like every other eriod of rapid change some flourish some falter and others erish Overall the book is heavy with lots of comic relief and heart warming moments One common thread was how eaceful and even blissful death becomes in the face of life without dignity and hope eople find solace and hope in death kind of reminds me of scenes from Wuthering Heights If one can no longer imbue life with The Wedding Redux purpose one can only seek to fi. A bestseller in China recently short listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and a winner of France’s Prix Courrier International Brothers is an epic and wildly unhinged black comedy of modern Chinese society running amokHere is China as we’ve never seen it in a sweeping Rabelaisiananorama of forty years of rough and rumble Chinese history that has already scandalized millions of readers in the author’s homeland Yu Hua award winning author of To Live gives us a surreal tale of two brothers riding the dizzy. Ll death with meaningOne of my favorite excerpts from the Book Which I M Going To Translate Below It Brought which I m going to translate below It brought back to my childhood when I too smelled admired and sometimes licked the recious snack swallowed my saliva before wrapping it up and utting it back without even a nibble Why is your mouth making nose soundsSong Gang chuckled I didn t eat it I m just smellingLi Baldy asked Why don t you eat it Song Gang swallowed his saliva I can t eat it it s for you smelling is enough for me I wept many times throughout the book *But Not As Wholeheartedly * not as wholeheartedly I did when reading Yu Hua s To Live Towards the beginning I was still crying about the innocence of children Towards the middle my tears carried the weight of helplessness towards Fate In the end I felt as if I was weeping for an entire lost generation This book is one unforgettable journey To begin with a oorly devised haiku review Yu s roller coaster Is careless with emotionsLike a bad girlfriendI m not really sure what to make of Brothers I liked it that much is certainThe story is expansive and the characters indelible The insight into the development of Chinese culture over the last four decades was enlightening The episodes related were heartfelt both funny and tragic And sometimes even both simultaneously I was involved for the book s entirety which was not insubstantialThe Bootie and the Beast problem I guess is twofold 1 I can t tell if the writing was simplistic and somewhat stilted by design or by translation and 2 the extremism of Yu s emotional roller coaster reminds one of the formulaic approach of self important tear jerkers that mob the cineplex every Fall So far as the writing goes it was a curiosity than a bother If the style was due to translator inadeuacy then I suppose I should feel a little ripped off not getting anything close to the full expression of the author s intended work but if the style was the author s choice and the translators indeed faithfully transmitted Yu s text into the book I read then I find the choice fascinating If the text was truly intended to be as simplistic as it was thenerhaps the semantic and grammatical choices fit the story Liu Town where the rincipal action occurs is certainly rovincial and a lace in which education is of the smallest of concerns It then makes a kind of sense that the narrative should echo the voice of the story s inhabitantsEmotionally Brothers may be one of the saddest funny books I ve ever read I laughed a lot mostly due to the ridiculousness of the town s many inhabitants and most especially because of the roclamations of the The Art of Mary Beth Edelson principal brother Baldy Li Still the story carries than its share of tragedies And these aren t just garden variety tragedies either Brothers can be brutal as it destroys lives without tact or conscience Perhaps this too is a reflection of the world in which our the brothers dwell an echo of the terror both loud and uiet that the last half century of China s history and culture have wrought in the lives of its citizens In any case I don t know if I ve ever felt mournful while reading a novel Which of course makes me suspect it Brothers develops alongside the lives of two step brothers orroperly brothers from about 1960 onward These brothers weather the terrible years of the Cultural Revolution and the mortal fear Chairman Mao s movement instilled in the nation They struggle through the years following and look for opportunities in the capitalistic China that would grow out of the revolutionary era Their differing temperaments and hilosophies of life offer breadth to the tale allowing readers to completely apprehend China and its culture Yu focuses much of his effort exploring the depths of human folly and the sewer stain of humanity s soul only occasionally revealing the urity of true love and camaraderie throughout And of course those moments shine all the brightly due their depraved surroundings I don t know exactly what Yu thinks of the human being but I suspect that he doesn t think much of it though he seems willing to be surprised by its moments of joy and beauty High comedy high tragedy Urban sprawl The Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain preparation of a city for the National Virgin Beauty Competition otherwise known as the Hymen Olympics not dissimilar to thereparation of Beijing for the 2008 Olympics Scoundrel turned tycoon Baldy Li spectacle turned loving wife turned nymphomaniac turned madam Lin Hong and then the faithful terminally unlucky and often athetic Song Gang The real romance in this novel is the stormy relationship between stepbrothers Baldy Li and Song Gang The center of the love triangle is not ultimately Lin Hong. Ing roller coaster of life in a newly capitalist world As comically mismatched teenagers Baldy Li a sex obsessed ne’er do well and Song Gang his bookish sensitive stepbrother vow that they will always be brothers a bond they will struggle to maintain over the years as they weather the ups and downs of rivalry in love and making and losing millions in the new China Their tribulations lay out across a richly opulated backdrop that is every bit as vibrant the rapidly changing village of Liu Town full of such live. .
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But Song Gang who is torn between the two for much of the storyThe deaths of Baldy Li s mother and Song Gang s father set the stage much of the storyThe deaths of Baldy Li s mother and Song Gang s father set the stage the of the storyThe deaths of Baldy Li s mother and Song Gang s father set the stage for the of the story On her deathbed Baldy Li s mother tells Song Gang that he must always take care of his younger brother and he romises that he will give the last grain of rice in his bowl to Baldy Li He only breaks this romise once when he Marries Lin Hong Whom Baldy Lin Hong whom Baldy has humiliated and stalked for years despite her lack of interestAlso of interest the theme of impotence The brazen Baldy Li undergoes a vasectomy after learning that his beloved Lin Hong whom he spent years humiliating after eeping her backside in a 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 public bathroom has married the uiet sensitive Song Gang Song Gang himself is impotent never giving his wife a baby or as we later find out much sex at all His impotence is not just sexual but universal he is unable to assert himself in relationships and unable torovide for himself or his wifeMoreover Song Gang is a gender ambiguous character often than not landing in feminine territory We watch him assemble strands of flowers to sell in a basket to Liu Town women and even undergo breast augmentation surgery to help sell Wandering Zhao s Boobs cream For several chapters he walks around town with D cup breasts and has moderate success selling the Killer Games product It isatently absurd We the readers are embarrassed for him not to mention irritated that he is so submissive to his wayward business artner Zhao that he would mutilate himself this wayThis story chalks much up to fate emphasizing several times If you are fated to have only fifteen ounces of rice in this life then even if you go away to seek your fortune you still won t end up a with full ound So erhaps Song Gang s tragic fate est crit dans les toiles as the French would say my choice of expression here will make sense when you read the last age of the book Or Cocksure perhaps he is simply tooassive too self sacrificing to mirror Baldy Li s rampant material successes I m a classic book reader i like to experiment a little on japanese chinese and korean authors so far I have read murakami but I like this book better I call this an idiotic book light and comical to the Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, point that you would rather not sleep so you can finish the book The author is a two thumbs up for me No real spoilers below I left all the surprisearts outBaldi Li never met his father who died on the day he was born drowned in a cesspit of the Porto Bello Gold public toilets where he waseeping at the women next door When his mother married Song Fangping Song Gang who was eight one year older than Baldy Li became his brotherWhen the Cultural revolution started Baldy Li s mother was in hospital in Shanghai and life was very hard as Song Fangping was a school teacher and therefore a class enemy He was humiliated and beaten and then imprisoned This left Song Gang and Baldi Li to fend for themselves Picked on by others it was a hard life and the brothers had to look out for each otherIn the book we follow their lives from childhood to old age in the resent day written 2006 We are introduced to the main characters of Liu Town where they live and follow the ath of China from before the Cultural Revolution through those times to the modern day capitalist focused China we know nowThe book is well written and well translated and ably mimics the writing style of traditional Chinese novels but with a modern twist Interestingly the tone changes freuently from its very funny The Three Lives of Sonata James parts to the desperately sadarts where families and dreams are crushed Others have uestioned the simplicity of the narrative whether this was Mein Erster Mörder purposeful My view from reading it was it was certainlyurposeful to mimic the small town language of the narratorI enjoyed the use of uotations from Mao s Red Book from The Art of War and from others and no doubt many from Chinese works I missed Narrated by an unknown towns erson we are offered glimpses of the future with the story then filling in the details of how they got there Usually this involves some steps backward before moving forwardsOther details about the writing it is loaded with swearing and uite crude at times with lenty of focus on sex so if that sort of thing is off Kaki vojaki: roman v rimah in slikah putting for you don t bother starting the 600ages There is certainly an element of the absurd but what can I say other than it workedAs I mentioned above it has its moments some of them very sad distressing and aggravating such as the weak thinking of the Red Guards beating eople to death in such cowardly ways But the book is redominantly clever and funny albeit fairly basic humourVery good 5 stars. Ly characters as the self important Poet Zhao the craven dentist Yanker Yu the virginal town beauty turned madam Lin Hong and the simpering vendor Popsicle WangWith sly and biting humor combined with an insightful and compassionate eye for the lives of ordinary eople Yu Hua shows how the madness of the Cultural Revolution has transformed into the eually rabid madness of extreme materialism Both tragic and absurd by turns Brothers is a monumental spectacle and a fascinating vision of an extraordinary lace and tim.