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SO WOW WAS I RIGHT OR WAS I RIGHT Heron breathesMe preCiOuS sMoL cHiLd I MuST pRoTeCC I made the mistake of reading the last few chapters AKA the final battle and the aftermath at work AND I AM NOT OKAY I couldn t outwardly express my feelings guys THIS BOOK HAD ME LIKE Full review to come How id I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS COVER REVEALI need this book nooooooooooooow A fantastic end to an amazing trilogy I never expected to fall in love with this story these characters and this world as much as I Understanding Shutter Speed did Of all the YA fantasy series I ve read over the past year this is the finale I looked forward to the most and itefinitely The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse deliveredLaura Sebastian continues to use this story to explore thought provoking topics echoed throughout the trilogy including morality in times of war and the idea that no person can be categorized simply as good or evil Theo is my resilient fierce ueen who reclaims her power and finds her voice with the help of the most lovable entourage you could ask for in a supporting YA cast Magic sword fights romanceeep friendships cliffhangers a complex villain a heroine that makes you want to cheer out loud this trilogy has it all By no means was this book perfect as some of the plot in Ember ueen was predictable and there were a couple of smaller loose ends I would ve liked to have seen tied up however these elements were easy to overlook with what this book accomplished regarding characters worldbuilding story stakes and justpretty much everything I will miss Theo and her crew but it comforts me to know I can always go back and reread her story in the hopes of learning something new and falling in love with the series every time This book was SO DAMN SLOW I Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature didn t think I ever get to the big battle And once I The Writing Workshop did I kept falling asleepuring it Took me three Agricultural Engineering days just to read the ending That s how blah it wasI read this series strictly for Soren Art and Heron They are the only reason this bookidn t get 1 starueen Theo and her weird relationship with Blaise was annoying the entire series and continued to be so through this There it is That s the series No need for you #To Read It Now #read it now none of the other loose endscharacter arcs will be tied up Isn t that neato I know I m endscharacter arcs will be tied up Isn t that neato I know I m soooOOOoooOOOoooOOOOOO pleased Great use of my time BravoFucking fuck Loved this series I can t wait to see what Laura Sebastian has next This throne is mine and mine alone and I am no longer afraid of itOMG I can t believe I finished these series It is so pure and magical and I Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse definitely know that I ll read them again and again Many Thanks Laura Sebastian I had a wonderful journe. No one understands the Kaiserin isetermined to burn own anyone and everything in her way The Kaiserin’s strange power is growing stronger and with Prinz Søren as her hostage there is at stake than ever Theo must learn to embrace her own power if she has any hope of standing against the girl she once called her heart’s sister.

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Ember ueenI ied the ueen of Peace and peace An Alien Heat died with meBut you are the ueen of Flame and Fury and you will set the world on fireWhat a SATISFYING end to the series It s so criminally underrated and for the life of me I can t understand why Iteserves to sit among the ranks of the Remnant Chronicles and the Winner s Curse trilogy in terms of brilliant YA political fantasy trilogiesAnd for all the reviews
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complained of the pacingdid read the same book It seemed to be rather similar to the pacing in both Ash Princess and Lady Smoke so nothing out of the ordinary If there s going to be political intrigue it s natural to have a balance between action and politics battles and betrayals And personally those are my favourite types of fantasies to readTheo was her badarse strategic self willing to The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society do anything for her country and her people no matter if she had to sacrifice her own happiness to get it I m also pleased that with the exception of one character all of my babies made it out alive So often authors kill off secondary characters senselessly when there are other completely obvious solutions I was sad that S ren was aude in Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance distress as usual for a chunk of the book but he ultimately rejoined the fray and the whole band got back together I love when my favourite characters all work together rather than authors separating them for the majority the novel Part of the reason we love these characters are for their relationships and banter WITH EACH OTHER so I prefer them together rather than apart and Laura Sebastianefinitely Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings did that here So whyidn t I rate this 5 stars This trilogy as a whole is a solid 4 star readmainly because while it s extremely well written and compulsively readableit also oesn t bring anything new to the genre per se It s enjoyable but not necessarily innovative It s page turning yet simultaneously predictable That s not to say #I idn t love it but it still needed that extra something to a get a five star #didn t love it but it still needed that extra something to a get a five star from me which it Gramatica de baza a limbii romane didn teliverRegardless I still consider this as one of my favourite YA trilogies and I m so thankful to the author that she came through in the end and gave me everything that I wanted with this finale If you haven t read it yet I highly recommend that you Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature do so soon D I can t wait for Laura Sebastian s next series Update Lowered a star because if I hold no good feelings towards this book then why is it 2 I barely have any 1 books so I m working on correcting my rating systemWas Iisappointed I College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting don t know Iidn t really have any expectations Ah well everyone knows the third book is never as good as the first 2 I finally got th. The thrilling conclusion to an epic fantasy about a throne cruelly stolen and a girl who must fight to take it back for her peoplePrincess Theodosia was a prisoner in her own country for a ecade Renamed the Ash Princess she endured relentless abuse and ridicule from the Kaiser and his court But though she wore a crown of ashes ther. Is over with and now I can read Chain of Gold I ied the ueen of Peace and peace ied with me my mother told me But you are the ueen of Flame and Fury and you will set their world #On FireWhat Can I Say I Feel #fireWhat can I say I feel this is just the average YA fantasy trope heavy next book in a series that starts off brilliantand just kind of goes own Ember ueen strongly resembles the seuel to Snow Like Ashes Ice Like Fire but I gave that a three because the ending redeemed it I got no redemption from this book no matter what the reviews saidThis book is as Grassroots Leviathan dull as it gets There was no plot Okay well maybe there was but it was kinda boring kinda interesting at the same time Laura Sebastian could haveone something with this book but instead it felt like she was just writing to meet a Voices and Veils deadline because there wasn t any intrigue any plot twists anything And the romance wHaTwHat HaPpeNeDWhat I was looking sooo forward to a reunion of my OTP Soren and Theo DWhat I got I shipped Blaise and Theo instead because Soren and Theo fell flatBlaise The Blaise I used to hate with all my heart because Soren the crown prince was obviously a lot better and awwww Soren and Theo was so cute in the other books Well that wentown the Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises drainYeah and speaking about BlaiseLAURA SEBASTIAN YOU DID HIM DIRTY UNFORGIVABLE ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVABLE Theo treated him likeirt Hellloooo You re supposed to be his best friend and actually love him Where 57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School d the romance go UGH He was so irrevelant in this and set aside by Theo and I m sorry but Blaise was like the only good thing about this book and even that was ruined So yeahmy OTP Soren and Theoissolved into nothing for me because of this YAY And my new ship Blaise and Theo went nowhereBut Love in Bloom don t let this review put you off Ash Princess and Lady Smoke because they really are great fantasy novels juston t bother with this one It s not worth the time unless you re like me and have to know what happens because this is mildly interesting African Native Literature: Or, Proverbs, Tales, Fables and Historical Fragments in the Kanuri or Bornu Language don t get me wrong If you caneal with only that Even then though It fell flat and there are a lot better YA fantasy novels you can spend your time reading Actual rating 35 stars This one was my least favorite of the series It wasn t a bad ending or a bad book but I felt it was a little lackluster for a series finale Theo got on my nerves a lot because she just felt like she was trying so hard to be a martyr or just like she blamed herself so much that it got really annoying i just felt it got really annoying I just felt little let own I guess I will say that these covers are so gorgeous 10 says this is gonna be called Fire ueen or something similar Okay so EMBER IS CLOSE TO FIRE. E is fire in Theo’s blood As the rightful heir to the Astrean crown it runs in her veins And if she learned nothing else from her mother she learned that a ueen never cowers Now free with a misfit army of rebels to back her Theo must liberate her enslaved people and face a terrifying new enemy the new Kaiserin Imbued with a magic. ,