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Scussions on ueer China BOOK IS BASED ON HIS "book is based on his dissertation had done exhaustive ethnographic research before he wrote The He had done exhaustive ethnographic research before he wrote The offers an example of how non native English language speakers can write well Cheers Bao. Al movements in contemporary China where ideological negotiations between socialism and neoliberalism are constantly played out in the ormation of public cultures and intimate spheres In doing so it critically assesses the role of Marxism and China's socialist legacies in shaping sexual identity ueer popular culture and political activism Although the irst of its kind rom a cultural studies perspective this interdisciplinary study speaks to scholars working in disparate Liar fields including anthropology sociology media studiesilm studies political theory and Asian Studi. These chapters in the uture Wish this was

my own collection and library Wish this was in my own collection and not a library Bao s language is both sincere and humorous The structure of the book is clear Bao also engaged into some of the most important scholarly di. Es leading ueer ilmmaker Cui Zi'en life and works and personal diaries written by gay men receiving conversion therapies It also presents rich ethnographic data gained Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are fromieldwork conducted in Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou's urban gay communities and documents ueer public cultural events such as the Shanghai LGBT Pride the Beijing ueer Film Festival the China ueer Film Festival Tour as well as a clash between cruising gay men and the police over the use of public space in the People's Park GuangzhouThis book offers a ueer Marxist analysis of sexual identity and soci. ,
Amazing insight and many important ideas This shifted my worldview Bao s writing Has Strong Voice Which strong voice which to This definitely shifted my Bao s writing has strong voice which managed to my attention even when things got a little theory heavy I will definitely be revisiting some of. This very timely well written and insightful exploration of gay identity and ueer activism in the People's Republic of China today is than a study of 'ueer China' through the lens of male homosexuality; it also examines identity power and governmentality in contemporary China as shaped by China's historical conditions and contemporary situations This book offers in depth analysis of recent ueer history and contemporary cultural texts including the processes by which ueer theory and activism was introduced and received in the PRC the transformation of Shanghai's ueer spac.

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Queer Comrades