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Talking about the fact that very single page has color photos and drawings as well as interesting notes on a wide variety of subjectsIn terms of the content things have great breadth but not much depth A lot of cultures are covered from pre history to today but often they are covered in 1 2 pages they are covered in 1 2 pages cultures are specific Vikings and Ancient Greece for xample but others are lumped together in terms of geographic area like Africa and Mesoamerica Beyond the sections for specific or general regions there is a ton of thematic topics in ach of the six parts of the bookThe majority of the facts are correct but some are utterly wrong and that is a huge problem Later in the book when Feminism is tackled there is an attempt to show the various types of the movement that have developed however Radical Feminism is missed by over a decade and a half and really looks like Cultural Feminism that developed in the 1980s and has turned into Trans Exclusionary Feminism today This is just one xample of a misinterpretation that kept popping up in the final part of the book when the vidence should make it accurate not lessAll of my criticisms aside the packaging of the information is sure to appeal to teens and adults so this book work would as a good introduction to the subject of women s roles in the history of our species I recommend teachers not use it as a textbook Excellent Really appreciated the visuals of the book as well the art photographs and graphic design Beautiful pictures and uick blurbs of women in history This would be a nice gift for teen or young woman The information given would probably spur a reader to do research into women they found interesting This is a beautifully printed comprehensive well researched book dedicated to the story of women verywhere I could asily see someone giving a copy to a little girl to inspire her to dream beyond what society thinks is appropriate for her to accomplish This book could have been so much It seems to be basically a list of women and vents that had an affect on women s roles *Changing Through The Centuries Maybe If I Had The Hard *through the centuries Maybe if I had the hard and was able to see the pictures but I doubt it I m frustrated I picked up this book because I like the concept I do not think it lives up to its promise that it covers women of all races and thnicities fairly Plainly put it s Euro A Peron and Rosa Parks and discover the unsung contributions of lesser known women who have changed the world and the forgotten vents of women's historyPlacing women firmly center stage Women An Illustrated History shows women where they came from and in celebrating the achievements of women of the past offers positive role models for women of tod. Covers a lot of history but all short intros to very subject If you want in depth info you need to look further I read this as an intro to many pieces of women s history Many many differing subjects all interesting Even though I knew some of the recent history this went further back trying to date the first time the issue was first documented some ven BCE Also insightful was the info from many other countries Women have been fighting marching pressing for change for centuries from all over the worldReally liked this volume some subjects I wished covered info But now I have clues for looking up information This hefty tome offers A Fantastic Overview Of Women fantastic overview of women issues from prehistory to the present I have never seen a book like this before and it s about time someone paid attention to women s issues I ve read reviews in which some complained about inaccuracies or omissions in the book They may be right But this book doesn t intend to delve into any one issue in great detail If you d like to know you may research your favorite topic in detail The strength of this book lies in its ambitiously ncyclopedic approach to all things impacting women from the Bronze Age to the Third Wave of feminism I *was amazed to read all the stories about powerful and interesting women in this book The *amazed to read all the stories about powerful and interesting women in this book The takeaways for me were that unsurprisingly women have almost always gotten the short nd of the stick and have been abused and maligned throughout history and that surprisingly there have nonetheless been

examples of women 
of women scholars soldiers artists scientists athletes writers and merchants who have broken societal molds to leave their marks on society In DK style the book is attractively designed and features interesting photos on very page This review is part of the Vine programLooking for a decent coffee table book One that has short blurbs you can read but also sit down and read in one sitting This may be the ticket for you Highly illustrated with lots of blurbs it s perfect coffee table readingRanging the gamut from Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies early history to the present this book is sectioned by time rather than subject And I honestly think that might have been to its downfall I would have rather seen this book grouped by topic and then chronological within those chapters A chapter on war rights arttc I m not saying it s bad the way it is but it. Reexamining history from a female perspective this book celebrates the pivotal but less well known roles women have played in culture and societyPacked full of vocative images this gloriously illustrated book reveals the key vents in women's history from arly matriarchal societies through women's suffrage the Suffragette movement 20th century fe. .

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Could be betterBecause it is in short blurb format the pictures are the real star of this book With your snippets of information you get fully detailed rich colorful pictures And many per page Even if you weren t a reader there is plenty to look through in this book as a result And a lot of it was from museums so it s like getting to travel without actually going anywhereA lovely book and on a subject near and dear to me women I greatly njoyed reading this ven if I did have some contention with the order it was presented inReview by M Reynard 2019 This was an intensely interesting read with a lot of historical detail and good illustrations The author sounds young to me and passionate and sincere She rails about the patriarchy and puts her own political views as general knowledge her views of transgender politics abortions tc being as much a part of the feminist canon as ual pay for ual work and that is what makes her sound young But I recommend this book for its history and you can take the ideology with however many grains of salt you choose none of course if so indicated I have to add that the placing of the abortion issue into the women s rights arena ie a woman s body is hers and she can do what she likes with it and whatever hapless passengers she may have and out of the human rights arena ie the human right not to be slaughtered in the womb before The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right ever drawing a breath is a triumph of Satan He has us all but womenspecially arguing abortion as an individual woman s choice rather than as murder which is xactly what it is This shows the problem with writing history as a personal polemic My book of Women Our Story would include abortion with the other methods of infanticide practiced throughout history whereas hers includes abortion with votes for women and the discarding of the corset Obviously I am right but that still would not xcuse my publishing this hypothetical book as objective that still would not Monsieur Pain excuse my publishing this hypothetical book as objective rather than rants A rant by any other name andven including bibliography and cited references is still a rant ven if you call it a book review for Goodreads As a historian who has
studied women s 
women s and the development of feminism for decades now I was hoping for a much better book for the average person but this is an ngaging start if someone wants to learn about women s roles on this planet By colorful I Minism and gender politics to recent movements such as #MeToo and International Women's Day and the key role women have had in shaping our pastLearn about the veryday lives of women through the ages as well as the big names of women's history powerful inspirational and trailblazing women such as Cleopatra Florence Nightingale Emmeline Pankhurst Ev. .
Women AUTHOR D.K. Publishing