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Then Osborne Said to Rozier with CDThis is a The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry pretty good history of the Nebraska Football team from the start of Bob Devaney s tenure in the early 1960 s until the end of the Tom Osborne era in the late 90 s Interestingly enough the author is a life long Missouri Tigers fan so I was impressed with his detailed knowledge of Nebraska s history He did focus uite a bit of time on the Nebraska Missouri rivalry but still an eual amount of time was given to Oklahoma Many first hand interviews with thelayers and coaches from the different eras were included I D Recommend This d recommend this "ANY NEBRASKA FOOTBALL FAN MY THOUGHTS " Nebraska football fan My thoughts Then Osborne Said to Rozier The author is Steve Richardson and the genre is historical nonfiction The main StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story people you will hear a lot fromabout are Tom Osborne Bob Devaney Solich and many B s Tight ends and coaches One of my favorite stories from this book isrobably the Solich years because it was around the time I was born and it talked about the walk on system that we still have today It also talks about the good seasons they had und. Written for every sports fan who follows the Cornhuskers this account goes behind the scenes to It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life peek into therivate world of the layers coaches Er his coaching but you will have to read the book to see if they make it to some national championships or not Well now I should talk a little about Osborne Solichand Bob Now these guys treated the The Lady and the Lionheart players and staff like family they encourage themush them to get better and better like they are their arents now I call that a good coach When the walk on s came on the team they were not treated like eople that didn t belong there they were treated just like the rest of the team Now the best art of Nebraska football has always been the linemen The reason I say this is because IN THE BOOK IT SAYS THAT THE NFL HAS the book it says that the NFL has drafted linemen from there and that has been the strong suit for Nebraska Now I have had coaches like this in fact just last year the coaches for my all star team for baseball made me feel just like this In this time it was summer so it was hot out and some days it was humid but it was worth it for the great game of baseballNow my thoughts about this book was I wish that it didn t have so many dat. Nd decision makers all while eavesdropping on their ersonal conversations From the Nebraska locker room to the sidelines and inside the huddle the.

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Es like years and "months Like having a couple is fine but have 2 every sentence it seemed is a bit " Like having a couple is fine but have 2 every sentence it seemed is a bit don t you think Now lets get on to something a bit happy and ositive the stories in this book are great it tells about the hardships and losses they had to go through to get to a national title and bowl games The games they lost they said were a learning experience for the team and it showed them what they have to improve on Now they said that they had the best linemen in the country I really kinda think This Is Not True this is not true are only getting a couple sides of the story and not anyone else s don t you think it is important that we find out what other coaches said All in all I think this book was a success because it gave us stories from multiple timelines and eras we got to hear from then one of the coaches also we got to understand what it was like for a walk on and a layer and how it feels to lose I hope this review intestines A (kinda) Country Christmas people into wanting to read this book because I highly recommend Book includes stories about Bill Callahan Bob Devaney and Johnny Rogers among others allowing readers to relive the highlights and the celebration.