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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body gThing special but the story itself was so meh The plot was boring with the various storylines being mostly very well trodround done better by other books Husband has cheated on wife who has kind of let herself o In turn she behaves like a shrew He feels bad and waits of let herself o In turn she behaves like a shrew He feels bad and waits to see if she ll forgive him Younger daughter is a surly virgin who hates everyone and thinks she ll be ugly forever Older son is a screw up living with an older woman he doesn t love so he cheats on her in order to end the relationshipThe book s only novel characters are Charles and Lawrence an older married ay couple who want to adopt a baby #But They Get The Least Amount Of #they et the least amount of and even then the focus is on their having a kid That would be fine but its hardly explored nor is the idea of what marriage means to ay men how it affects them and their families how same sex marriage might change heterosexual marriage etc Those would be interesting topics to explore but

"instead straub treats "
Straub treats like a heterosexual woman desperate to have a baby Yawn Carmen is also somewhat interesting but also ets short shrift I The Second Cure get that The Vacationers is about family dysfunction loving your family anyway etc but most of the characters are so unpleasant andor cliche and their stories so uninteresting that I didn t care what happened by the end If they were my family I certainly wouldn t want to spend any time with them As a reader I m baffled why critics think I d want to spend time with these boring unpleasant people Iuess the other summer books must have been really bad. But all does not o according to plan over the course of the vacation secrets come to light old and new humiliations are experienced childhood rivalries resurface and ancient wounds are exacerbat. The Vacationers
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Ones was unreal After all of their shared history it took Franny s Interview With The Tennis Pro with the tennis pro make Jim want to stay married Is Bobby really oing to The Sorcerer's Apprentice get to walk away from his financial troubles and his sub par life that he chose for himself And of COURSE Charlesets on board with the adoption They were all must plain mean to and about Carmen which turned me off to the family altogether I like happy endings but I d have been fine with a few of these characters having to lie in the bed that they made A uick summer read following vapid detestable characters who try to escape their problems but ultimately have to face them while on family vacation Basically exactly what you expect it to be It delivers on drama and wraps up nicely Perfect for making you feel a little bit better about yourself too I Eagle's Gate guess I moing to miss saying od I hate this book every 10 minutes I can t stand it any I just realized I have two chapters left and it hasn t stopped sucking once Throwing in the towel A beautifully written boring story I confess to being utterly baffled by this book I m not referring to the book itself which had a minimal plot that was very easy to follow I m referring #To The Critical Reaction #the critical reaction The Vacationers It had lowing reviews and seemed to be on every summer reading list After reading it I can only shake my head in wonder and ask why Mass hallucination Bribery All the critics were friends of the writer I don t know what else would explain this book being anointed this summer s must readThe writing was perfectly fine if no. Eir daughter Sylvia has raduated from high school The sunlit island its mountains and beaches its tapas and tennis courts also promise an escape from the tensions simmering at home in Manhattan. ,

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Sometimes I read reat reviews of a book I just read and wonder if I read the same book I Felt That Way With The that way with The and today I feel the same about "The Vacationers I liked it It was a nice airplane read But it s not a YOU "Vacationers I liked it It was a nice airplane read But it s not a YOU THIS BOOK book like some of the reviews Then again I paid for my own copyWe follow the middle aged upper middle class Jim and Franny Post their son Bobby and irlfriend Carmen their daughter Sylvia and Franny s best friend Charles and his husband Lawrence on a two week vacation to a house in his husband Lawrence on a two week vacation to a house in naturally everyone s either reeling from A Big Thing that just happened or is on the precipice of A Big Thing that s about to happen Jim was fired from his longtime job for having an affair with an intern which threw Franny for a loop Sylvia hates her charmed charmed charmed life and is oing to college in the fall Lawrence and Charles are on the shortlist to adopt a baby a change that Lawrence very much wants and Charles very much doesn t care about Those two were very Cyrus Beene and James Novak from Scandal to me Carmen wants a commitment and Bobby doesn t want to commit to anything EverThere are some really fantastic scenes and Straub Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything gives her characters opportunities to naturally divide into smaller subroups and talk with each otherSPOILERSThe way the characters were written I didn t want Jim Franny Bobby OR Charles to et a happy ending Franny was unlikable from page one Yes you ve ained weight Yes you re middle aged Deal The way she and Charles acted together to the exclusion of their loved. For the Posts a two week trip to the Balearic island of Mallorca with their extended family and friends is a celebration Franny and Jim are observing their thirty fifth wedding anniversary and th.